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Best Jaimala Songs

Best jaimala songs

Indian marriages are completed after the exchange of garlands (jaimala) in the helm of wedding rituals. Sacred enchantments are made by the priest in front of the altar. It is a significant moment for the couple as from here on, the bride   accepts the groom as her husband. The circle represents the infinite loop in their union, without any beginning or end. Jaimalas implies the same emotion as the exchange of wedding rings.

This is the best time to set the mood accordingly. There are special Jaimala songs that have been composed in Bollywood to compliment the setting. We have also come up with awesome list Jaimala songs to help you pay a flattering tribute to the couple. Enjoy!

  • Taare Hain Baraati (Film- Virasat)
  • Wah Wah Ram JI (Film- Hum Aapke hain Kaun)
  • Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge (Film- Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge)

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