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14 Types of Drunk People You’ll See at a Stag Party or Bachelorette Party

Indian Bachelorette Party

When you here the term Bachelorette Party, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? All the fun you have and the bad handover you get the next day, right? When there’s an open bar at the reception and the party begins and ends with drinks being relatively sober is almost next to […]

Facts Behind The Hindu Wedding Customs

Hindu weddings are known for its prom and gander. In Hindus there are many cultures with different traditions on the whole. In India wedding is treated as the most special occasion marking the union of two souls for a lifetime. Every customs and rituals in a wedding has its own story and belief behind it […]

Strange and Weird Wedding Traditions Around The World

No matter how diversified the human society is, marriage is a common tradition that is followed by all. However, there are many rituals that need to be followed when the couple decides to live their lives together as one. But, there are many peculiar traditions around the world that actually makes you wonder if these […]

Indian Arranged Marriage: Prospective question to Ask a Girl in the First Meeting

Prospective question to Ask a Girl in the First Meeting

Marriage is a wonderful feeling. And this feeling is further multiplied in India when a guy needs to meet a girl from the perspective of getting married. Of course! It is a difficult task. Therefore it is nest to get thumbs up on what you should not ask a girl. It will be the last […]

Indian Arranged marriages: Questions to never ask in the first Meeting

Question For Arranged Marriages

The tradition of arranged marriages is still quite popular in India, though it is not at all easy to start with. First meetings are mostly about awkward smiles, awkward expressions and awkward silences. These meeting are very tiring and difficult to over come. You get all nervous and are never sure of what to say, […]

Enchanting Rituals of a Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Sangeet

Traditional Indian weddings are a grand affair and involves lavish preparations. The number of people attending a wedding could be anywhere between 500 – 1000. Here, the sanctitude of the ceremony is preserved through numerous traditional rituals and is accompanied by lots of entertainment, fun, colorful dresses, jewelry, lip-smacking foods, music and dance. One can […]

Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremonies

Indian weddings are a colourful and vibrant mélange of a number of customs and events. If you take into consideration the various different cultures and religions in the country, you will find a variety of pre-weddings functions and celebrations that span over days, apart from the more serious ring exchange ceremony and the exchanging of […]

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