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Kalash Wedding Symbols

Find with us the Hindu mythological symbol Kalash to be printed on the cover or amongst the wordings of wedding invitation card.

Different designs and samples are shown below for you to choose from and start your wedding with the auspicious green signal.

Kalash Wedding Card Symbols Sample

Kalash Wedding Symbols 1

Kalash Wedding Symbols 2

Kalash Wedding Symbols 3 Kalash Wedding Symbols 4
Kalash Symbols-01
Kalash Symbols-02
Kalash Symbols-03
Kalash Symbols-04
Kalash Wedding Symbols 5 Kalash Wedding Symbols 6 Kalash Wedding Symbols 7 Kalash Wedding Symbols 8
Kalash Symbols-05
Kalash Symbols-06
Kalash Symbols-07
Kalash Symbols-08
 Kalash Wedding Symbols 9 kalash-wedding-symbol-10  Kalash Wedding Symbols 11  Kalash Wedding Symbols 12
Kalash Symbols-09
Kalash Symbols-10
Kalash Symbols-11
Kalash Symbols-12

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  • Shiksha Jain says:

    good information about Indian wedding cards ,the cards which make the family and brings enjoyment in our life which is done by a wedding invitation.thanks for the post

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