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10 Foods You Should Avoid Before Wedding

Going on a diet, hitting the gym and having lots of fluids is the basic to-do diet list of the brides and grooms to be as they prepare to tie the knot. They need to be at their best on the big event and look just fab – no matches what-so-ever.

But only a few can strictly follow a proper diet before their wedding due to the instincts bothering us all. Most of us do not understand the fact that you do not need to go on a crash diet or become a gym freak to burn those extra calories. Include healthy and nutritious foods, low in fat and filled with proteins and nutrients in your diet and see the difference. Green vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts can help you lose weight, keep you fit and get your younger looking skin. But there is certain disastrous food which is a big no no before your wedding. So, eating ice cream and chocolates to brighten up your dull and tired mood won’t be a heads up before wedding.

Look perfectly shaped in your wedding trousseau by checking out and following the list of foods that you should avoid before your wedding

Junk Food, not at all a Good Idea

Junk Food

Strictly stay away from burgers and French fries and all sorts of junk. They have high calorie content and lead to weight gain.

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Avoid Dairy Products at All

Avoid Dairy Products

Milk and cheese can be difficult to digest and cause bloating due to gas. Cheese and yogurt too lead to weight gain. If you really love dairy products go for skimmed milk and low fat cheese.

No to Sodas, Yes to Juice

No to Sodas

Did shopping made you thirsty and you want something chilled to drink? Go for smoothies or juice. They are both healthy and filling.

Caffeine, Avoid Though Refreshing


Caffeine decreases water retention in the body. Therefore avoid any sort of caffeinated drinks before the wedding. Instead drink lots of water and healthy juices.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners

Are you a fan of love candies and chewing gums? Its time you switch to fruits and other organic health goodies. They will damage your teeth otherwise.

Beans, Not a Good Idea

Beans, Not a Good Idea

Beans are healthy but they lead to gas and bloating problems. Therefore, try to move away from them before the wedding. The type of sugar it contains is difficult to digest.

Salt, Not a Preservative for you wedding

Stop sprinkling salt

Stop sprinkling salt over food. It increases blood pressure and lead to dehydration.

Pasta, Leave the Yummy Taste Bud Away


Pasta is Yummy but starchy. It will cause bloating and gas. Also stay away from starchy foods like pasta, rice and potatoes too.

Champagne, No Partying Before the Final Party


Limit the consumption of champagne as any carbonated drink will disrupt your digestive system and lead to gas.

Desserts, Save it for the Wedding Day


I understand the most of us are a huge fan of puddings and pies. But since they are artificial sweeteners I am afraid, I have to say no to it as well.

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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