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10 Ideas to Celebrate Kids Birthday Party on a Budget

Kids are always excited when it comes to their birthday. They look forward for presents, cake, friends and a wonderful celebration time as it is their day!!! Throwing a birthday party is not always an expensive affair with budgeted birthday party ideas for kids at home. To keep it easy on your pocket, here are some of the most wonderful and interesting ideas to help you throw a kids birthday party on a budget. Use these unique ideas to become a perfect birthday planner and have budgeted yet perfect party arranged for your little one. With various birthday party budget templates, you can actually go with fun-filled ideas.

This post brings to you cheap and easy birthday party ideas that are simply awesome to make it your toddler’s birthday a memorable event…

1. Balloons Birthday Party

Balloons Birthday PartyOne of the best birthday party decoration ideas is to have is balloon. You can pick one color or go with a combination of colors to come up with interesting and easily affordable decorations that are always loved for kids. Whether it is an indoor party place or an outdoor location, balloons go well with all places.

2. Animal Theme Party

Animal Theme Party for kidsStuffed bears, bunnies and all other animals make a wonderful birthday party theme without hurting your pocket. You can have a budgeted birthday party food menu with fruit salads and juices on the list along with some finger food to make your party a hit with kids.

3. Cartoon Theme Birthday Party

Cartoon Theme Birthday PartyCartoons and kids are inseparable. This is a creative and cheap kids birthday party ideas at home as well as outside. With children dressed like their favorite, it is like having your own Disney world at the party. Colorful and cute cut outs of cartoons can be used for birthday party decorations.

4. Colorful Powder Splash Party

Colorful Powder Splash PartyFor a fun-filled celebration idea in your backyard, you can have colorful powders heaped for kids to play with them and enjoy. You really don’t need to spend anything much and have an amazing time with children throwing colored powder at each other. Though it is a little messy but kids enjoy for sure.

5. Backyard Carnival Party

Backyard Carnival PartyIf you have not been able to find a cheap birthday party place near your house then you can use your backyard as the party venue. Set it up with various games to keep them engaged. Create a carnival feel by setting up stalls for the games that you have planned.

6. Picnic Birthday Party

Kids Picnic Birthday PartyYou can take little guests out to some garden as birthday party place for toddlers. Instead of decorations, focus on food and games. With juices, sandwiches, wafers, hotdogs and other easy to make snacks on the menu, get some reasonable party supplies to keep the arrangements low key yet amazing. Do think of some good games to surprise the guests.

7. Colorful Craft Party

Colorful Craft Party for babyIf you are planning a birthday party for a little girl then get craft theme is an interesting idea. Get some craft goodies and let the kids engage in creating different crafts. Go for some unfinished goods like t-shirts, photo frames, wooden trinket boxes, unpainted pottery, bags etc and let them decorate these things and take them along.

8. Treasure Hunt Birthday Bash

Treasure Hunt Birthday BashHide small little gifts in different corners of the party place. Create some clues and let the treasure hunt begin. Kids are going to find this theme super exciting as they get to follow the clues and reach the treasure. Use your creativity to come up with interesting clues and make sure you wrap these gifts uniquely.

9. Chef Theme Birthday

Chef Theme Birthday party kids

Bring on some veggies and fruits and give your guests aprons and chef caps to begin the party. Let children make salads, sandwiches and have a birthday party of their kind. Let them enjoy making fire free foods just by assembling different things. Make sure you assist them as and when they need your help.

10. Make Your Own Chocolate Party

Make Your Own Chocolate PartyMolten chocolates with different moulds are a wonderful surprise for children. Let them be creative and let them use their skills to create chocolates using different moulds, nuts etc. This is another budgeted party idea which will be loved by the little chocolate lovers.

With such amazingly creative and unique budgeted party ideas, you don’t need to worry what to do on your baby’s special day. Use these ideas your way and make it a memorable day for your darling sweetheart.

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