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10 most important things to know before buying a perfect engagement ring

buying a perfect engagement ring

Planning on popping the question? Then you must be looking for ways to find that perfect engagement ring that will show how much you love your partner. An engagement ring is a long term investment, not just in money terms, but also because every time you will glance at it, it will remind you of the love you share with your partner. Planning ahead is always better than regretting later on.

Here are the most important tips for finding a perfect engagement ring for your beloved.

1. Estimate your budget:  it is often said that an engagement ring will eat up two months worth salary. Planning ahead on budget helps in knowing your price range and is also helpful to the jeweler. Knowing your affordability in advance helps you not to feel cheated afterward, or regret. But always keep in mind that the budget may go up, be prepared for it.

2. Choose a good jewelry store: choose a store which has all the certificates. Try to avoid chain stores. You can ask for recommendations from friends and family. The jeweler should be able to customize your preferences if need arises. Also the store must be friendly and comfortable as choosing an engagement ring is a stressful task.

3. Discuss with others: you may want to know other people’s experiences. Search online or discuss with your married friends and family persons. You can even take someone with you when you go shopping. Discussing will give you ideas and make you more prepared.

4. Pay attention to her jewelry choice: listen carefully whenever she/he discusses jewelry or try to gauge your beloved’s tastes and references through actions and getup. Discuss jewelry, especially rings just casually with her. Know her size beforehand. Either you can take your partner to along with you to shop for the ring, or if you are planning on surprising, then take into confidence her mother or best friend. Remember, it’s not you who would have to wear the ring every day, it’s your partner.

5. 4 Cs and then the 5th one:  studying ahead about the ring you are going to buy helps you in choose the best ring. The most important chapters of a ring guide are 4 Cs- cut, carat, clarity, and color of the stone. Add to it a 5th C- cost. Choosing a ring which is not purely diamond and platinum but can easily pass for one for years to come can be a good option for your budget. Who cares if the solitaire is 18 carat or not, a cubic zirconia is cheaper as well as looks exactly the same. You may want to consider these options before buying the ring. Cut of diamond can enhance its sparkle and beauty. Clearer the diamond, higher will be the price. Know the scales which are used to measure clarity and color of a gemstone to gauge its accurate price.

6. Research thoroughly: know all about metals, gemstones and setting beforehand. Cost of metals, whether platinum or gold, solitaire of some other, and setting of stone on band will guide you a lot when you will go to the store and will have numerous choices in front of you. A thin band around the stone may give the illusion of it being bigger, or a combination of metals and style can increase durability of the ring.

7. Practicality and durability: practicality and durability are most important things to make the ring last lifelong or even be converted into heirloom, to be passed on generation to generation. Know beforehand, what type of ring will suit her the most and retain its shape and size ever after years of wear and terr. If your partner loves outdoor activities, a lower gemstone setting is preferred, or if she is fashionable, then finds the latest trends. Platinum is more durable than gold, or for more durability, get an alloy of titanium and white gold for the band.

8. Purchase before proposal: you may not be able to get the ring immediately. Or you may opt for a customized ring. Plan the date of proposal well in advance, so that you may have the ring ready on time. Notify you jeweler about the expected date and collect the ring just before proposing so that you don’t have to worry about keeping it safe.

9. Get it insured: the ring should be bought with an eye for trading it up in future, so that you may not be at loss when in future your spouse changes his/her ring for a grander one. Also protect yourself against theft, get the ring insured. You are spending hard earned money on it, it’s worth it. Even if you have to pay your premium, so what! You have invested time and money for the ring. Get consultation for good insurance company. Have it numbered so that it will not get exchanged when out for polishing.

10. Get in writing: ask for all the certificates and warranties. The make, style, cut and cost should be with you in writing. A gemologist’s certification helps in long-term investment in the ring.

Now you are fully prepared to get the engagement ring. Decide upon the setting and go, pop the question. All the best wishes for you, good luck!

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