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10 Questions to Ask When Ordering Your Wedding Cards

Have you always fantasized about theme based wedding? If yes, the better question will be to ask the wedding card company if they can use colors or graphics as per the theme of your wedding. Do they offer custom invitations? And what about template styles? Do they charge for samples of existing invitation style or a custom design? If yes, how much? Are there any new styles, trends and color combinations you would love to stop by? Which are the most popular ones? How about the quality of the handmade or artisanal paper they offer?

Ordering Your Wedding Cards

The kind of answer you get to these questions will give you an idea on how creative and up-to-the-minute your invitation professional is. Again, while ordering online always understand that the color resolution may vary drastically from computers to computers. Therefore, to land on the exact color, ask for a sample to be snail mailed to you before the major order.

Below are the 10 most important questions you should ask when ordering your wedding cards:

1. What is the overall turnaround from print approval to receiving your invitations?

2. Do they have rush-order available? If yes, how much do they charge extra? If you are planning on ordering online, ask about the shipping methods available and their costs.  Invitations should be sent out 6-9 weeks prior to your wedding.

3. If the invitation involves multiple pieces, can they assemble them? What will be the additional charges and how will it affect the delivery date?

4. Do they offer invitation addressing labels? If so, how much do they charge?

5. Do they have professional in house design staff?

6. How long will it take to get hold of your first proof?

7. If you need to make changes, how long will it take to modify?

8. How many changes can you make to the text before you need to pay extra?

9. Will they help you with the wording on the invitation and reply card?

10. Can you assemble, tie and/or glue the pieces in order to save money?

Printing is usually less expensive if outsourced. The probable benefit of in-house printing is that it is delivered with quicker turnaround time. Also order for 10-20 extra wedding invitations with envelopes, in case you have some last minute guests to add up in your list.

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