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10 tips make your Fiance enthusiast about your Wedding

What I appreciate in my wife is that she not only manages to lure me into getting the required household stuff but also uplifts my mood for the same. You all know how difficult it is to shop for women and men hardly do that. All you need is to play a little smart to make us work especially when there is a boys reunion to attend or during “Sachin batting in England”

shopping for boys

Boys and Shopping

During our wedding, fortunately my wife finished off her lehenga shopping within 1-2 weeks. I am sure you must be wondering HOW! And with half a day of shopping exposure I do not get much to mock her on wedding shopping. Well, this is what we are. I have come up with 10 tips to make men a part of your wedding planning that too with full on enthusiasm. Have a look:

1. Men do not like doing girl-ey stuff: I am not being chauvinist and only just stating a fact. You will feel a lot better once you accept this fact. Do not complaint much. When your partner will see the entire burden falling on your shoulder, he will come to you all by himself.

2. Plan well in advance: Tally your plans according to his convenient time and availability. If needed reschedule your calendar too. Try to frame your question right. He will never be able to completely deny for that matter.

Advance Plan

Advance Plan

3. Be selective: You do not need him all the time. Therefore, save his presence for crucial times. Men are very good observers, so the next time you ask him to come with you, he will understand that the job is important and he will make no complaints.

4. Stay focused: Whenever, you go out shopping with him, prepare a list before hand on the shops you plan on visiting and what you plan on buying. Men do not like wasting time on malls for shopping and will come up with an excuse the next time you want him to go shopping with you. .

5. Men are not your driver: If you are too tired to drive or to travel alone book a cab. Do not substitute your partner for your driver. Don’t expect him to cancel his plans just because you need a driver. He will never like this gesture.

6. Club it all: Do not plan your wedding as something as he will have to ride pass through. Make it interesting for him.

7. Take a friend along: If you have a mutual friend, probably a male friend, take him along as well so that he does not get bored. Use this as a trump card.

Shopping With Girlfriend

Shopping With Girlfriend

8. Consider his opinion: Majority of girls does not abide by the opinion of their partner in shopping and as such the guy feels less valued. I did not mean that you need to buy whatever he says, but at least consider his opinion as well. This will make him more interested in lending you a hand in shopping.

9. Sound like a cost controller: It does give heart attacks to pay the bills no matter how rich your partner is. I am sure he must have skipped a few heartbeats merely by listening to the wedding planning. Know how to manipulate the truth.

10. TRICK him: Trick your guy to speak his heart out and use it as a shield against him. Like each lock has its own key, you will have to find out what will make your man speak. Well, a known devil is better than an unknown angel!

If you use the above tricks smartly – one at a time, I am sure he will be accompanying you in most of your shopping sprees. Whatever less is left to you, can be done with your father/mother/mother-in-law/brother/sister. Spare the poor soul completely on those days. Happy Shopping!!

These are some of the foolproof plan that will sure to be effective for wedding shopping with your partner. And wherever will be left can be done with your father/mother/mother-in-law/brother/sister etc. Happy Shopping!

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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