Day: June 3, 2013

Indian Wedding Dresses

Kurta Pajama- Rated the Most Comfortable Designer Formal Wear for Men

Speaking of traditional outfit among Indians, Kurta pajama leads the way. Its popularity and appeal from time immemorial  is due to its high edge comfort and effortlessness in wearing. Kurta pajama is known for its conventional look i.e. •    A slightly loose fitting•    Knee length shirt•    Full sleeved•    A little embroidery on the neck. As for […]

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catering services India
Wedding Food Guide

Looking for cheap Indian catering services

Catering is the most important service of any event.  Flaws are not easily accepted in this field. Over the years Indians has been in the good book for catering service in any occasion across the world. An events comprises of several minute details which must be taken care of. Thus it is impossible to make […]

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