Day: October 12, 2013

wedding Foos
Wedding Food Guide

10 Foods You Should Avoid Before Wedding

Going on a diet, hitting the gym and having lots of fluids is the basic to-do diet list of the brides and grooms to be as they prepare to tie the knot. They need to be at their best on the big event and look just fab – no matches what-so-ever. But only a few […]

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Look Beautiful On Your Wedding Day
Indian Wedding Planning

How To Look Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

A bride-to-be gets a special kind of glow that matches none on her wedding day. Since it is the biggest day of her life, it got to be special. She strives to make the best out of everything on the day as it is the greatest transitional period of her life. She deserves to look […]

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Expensive Wedding Gowns Celebrity
Indian Wedding Dresses

8 Expensive Wedding Gowns Worn by Celebrities

If you have the money, I am sure you will never settle for less. Expensive wedding gowns are a fashion trend these days. Almost all people in a wedding gossip about the cost of the wedding gown or simple about its designer label. Check out our Hollywood celebs, their gowns literally cost a fortune. Let […]

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Avoid Wedding Disasters
Indian Wedding Planning

How To Avoid Wedding Disasters

Bad luck does not come knocking at your door. They are always unpleasant surprises. At times things can turn out against favor at your wedding. Like you can not control the weather or skin breakouts like pimples a day or two before the wedding So, what is the harm in being extra careful? If any […]

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dark circles tips
Health and Beauty

How to Reduce Dark Circles Before Wedding

Start taking care of your skin right after your marriage gets fixed for the radiant glow on your wedding day. Start applying numerous face packs with healthy fruits extracts and fluids like green tea inclusions. But many get under eye dark circles and unfortunately can not be cured without trying out a few remedies. Do […]

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Best Wedding Venues
Destination Wedding

Best Wedding Venues In The World

Deciding on the wedding venue is the most difficult task for every to-be brides and grooms. There are a number of venues around the world ideal for walking down the aisle or to prepare a mandap. But, there are only a handful of places with romantic and serene beauty to have your dream wedding. As […]

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Questions To Ask Before Marriage
Indian Wedding Planning

Questions To Ask Before You Get Marriage

Marriage is the biggest event that will happen to you and will change the course of your life forever. It is a big leap to a completely different world. If you are panning on getting married sooner, hold on! Rethink on your decision once again Are you ready for the big commitment? Are you ready […]

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Wedding Traditions

Strange and Weird Wedding Traditions Around The World

No matter how diversified the human society is, marriage is a common tradition that is followed by all. However, there are many rituals that need to be followed when the couple decides to live their lives together as one. But, there are many peculiar traditions around the world that actually makes you wonder if these […]

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Indian Wedding Mantras

Significance of Indian Wedding Mantras

Marriages do not just happen on pen and paper in India. It is celebrated with prompt and gander with many rich rituals and traditions. The couple is bound in holy matrimony with Indian wedding mantras each with a significance of its own. In the age of registered marriages, Hindu weddings are still made open centered […]

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Tips to Deal with a Selfish Wife
Relationship Problems

How to deal with a selfish Wife

Marriage is not always about enjoying on the bed of roses. Happy and ideal marriage is a myth. If you are not perfect, you can not expect your spouse to be mistake free. But, there is a difference between making mistake and being selfish and mean. And if your spouse starts showing such symptoms, your […]

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