Facts Behind The Hindu Wedding Customs

Hindu weddings are known for its prom and gander. In Hindus there are many cultures with different traditions on the whole. In India wedding is treated as the most special occasion marking the union of two souls for a lifetime. Every customs and rituals in a wedding has its own story and belief behind it […]

What Men Should Talk About on Wedding Night?

Indian Wedding Night

Wedding jitters spares none as it all about lifetime commitment. The fear is more in arranged marriages in India. You become tensed about the new life changing responsibilities you will have to take up and hence feel like running away from the marriage. Once you are done with the whole wedding day, your mind is […]

Inviting Your Ex Boyfriend To Your Wedding

Ex Boyfriend Wedding

No one wants to talk about the past, not at least on their wedding day. It is very difficult to get over a break up and move on. Some are able to and some are not. But, it always feels good to make your ex-boyfriend jealous, right? If is believed that there is nothing better […]

Things You Should Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Just because it is your wedding day, does not mean you are allowed to do whatever you want. There are a behavioral patterns and etiquette for the bride and groom to follow on their wedding day. As you will be constantly under limelight you need to maintain the dignity and decency. We have come up […]

How to Get Over Pre-Wedding Jitters

Pre-Wedding Jitters Tips

Pre-wedding jitters are common myths to laugh off rather they need to be attended to seriously. Come out of the fantasy that weddings get called off because the bride or the groom gets cold feet about getting married only in movies. It happens in real life too. Scientists have come up with many psychological explanations […]

10 tips make your Fiance enthusiast about your Wedding

shopping for boys

What I appreciate in my wife is that she not only manages to lure me into getting the required household stuff but also uplifts my mood for the same. You all know how difficult it is to shop for women and men hardly do that. All you need is to play a little smart to […]

Best Bridal Outfits For Your Wedding Day

Best Indian Bridal Outfits

Wedding day has no matches to any other day in your life. The bridal lehenga or saree you plan on wearing on the special day is definitely priceless. This is the reason why you need to select your bridal lehenga with utmost precision. It will be a part of your precious history in the future. […]