Day: October 18, 2013

Wedding Sarees Shop in Mumbai
Indian Wedding Dresses

Best Wedding Sarees Shop in Mumbai

All the ladies out there, don’t you think that pre-stitched sari is a wonderful drape of obvious reasons? But if you belong to the purist category and love to drape and pleat rather than slip in and out, I have two things line up for you. First of all, ask your mother to give you […]

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Best Gold Jewelry Brands In India
Indian Wedding Jewellery

Top 5 Gold Jewelry Brands In India

India and Gold jewelry is something inseparable from each other. Indians considers gold to be a sacred element. It has much religious significance linked to it. Thus gold jewelries in India have a special place in the hearts of the people. Jewelry brands are a very new concept in India because earlier Indian were used […]

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