Tips on Choosing the Best Indian Wedding Dress for Brides

Indian Wedding Dress

An Indian wedding is a grand affair. Indians have many rituals to follow and as such wedding are given prime importance in this nation. It is always celebrated with prom and gander amidst family and friends. There are different preparations for different functions in a marriage. This is another reason why Indian weddings are greatly […]

Tips on Surviving a Bad Marriage

Bad Marriage Tips

Do you feel like the spark on your marriage life is fading away gradually? Do you have nightmares of losing your partner forever? Marriage is unison of two souls and hence it is never too late to fix any issue. At times you may have a few hiccups in your marital life. But that does […]

Indian Wedding Jewelry for Brides in India

Indian Wedding Jewelry for Brides

Jewelry is an indispensable part of Indian lifestyle and Indian weddings. They even have cultural though process added to it. Indian wedding jewelry is considered as an asset which is passed on from generation to generation. Indian jewelry is known to have a strong historical background which traces back to 5000 years in the past. […]

How to Determine If Your Boyfriend Will Be A Good Husband

Boyfriend Will Be A Good Husband

Marriage is for life and not a temporary fashion. Getting married is the most vital turnover of your life and hence you need to think and act carefully. Choosing the right person is imperative. It is always okay to have a lot of boyfriends as there can not be any harm in casual relationships. But, […]

How to Dating A Workaholic Man

workaholic man Tips

Workaholic men are not much of a turn on to ladies as they are normally not the kind of person a woman looks for while dating. But you never know what fate has in store for you and you might just land on a workaholic man. But, do not worry. You can work it out […]

5 Best Indian Bridal Entrance Songs

Best Indian Bridal Entrance Songs

Bollywood has a lot to inspire in Indian shaadis and no wedding is complete without the music that runs as a back drop of every ritual in the wedding. It is therefore, very important to land on the right kind of music for the right occasion. I recently attended a wedding and during Bridal Entrance […]