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5 biggest food mistakes on your Wedding Day in India

You definitely get to be all nervous and jittery on your wedding day! But what might be the worst nightmare in such a scenario? Falling sick, having a bloated stomach, feeling nauseous or drained of energy. Try to compromise on your food habits to avoid any of these. It is the most special day of your life. Why will you suffer any health complication just because of something you ate? Mentioned below is a list of food that you strictly need to avoid in the Indian climatic condition to keep distance from uninvited health problems.

So ‘no’ to Caffeine

Caffeine many a times causes acne breakouts. Again, excess of intakes leads to dehydration. Come’ on, you will never want to faint on the stage or want a pimple popping on your face because you were not picky about your coffee! If you really crave for a drink, consider swapping your cup of cappuccino with herbal tea or natural fruit juices. And if it impossible without your morning coffee, have the decaffeinated one.

Milk and dairy products – not a good idea


Do not trust on health food like milk and other dairy products in India. It may turn out to be a menace at times. Milk is not easily digestible. The slow digestion may lead to gastric problems and bloating. Other dairy products like cheese and paneer can also irritate the stomach and intestines. Make sure to strictly avoid them on your wedding day.

Good bye ‘Starchy food’


Food with starch content causes indigestion, gas and may even lead to vomiting. So, why take a chance? Stay away from food like potatoes, rice, white bread, and pasta if you are in India. If it is impossible to eliminate bread from your breakfast, switch to brown bread. Whole-wheat pasta is a better option for breakfast.

Yum and harmful Spicy food


Do not fall for spicy food even though it tastes great. It can cause indigestion, trigger an upset stomach and lead to bad breath as well. Worst of all, spicy food increases the body heat and make you sweat more. You will never want to spoil your makeup on your big day. Try to avoid spicy food not just on your wedding day but a month prior to it.

Ditch Alcohol


You may find alcohol intriguing to calm your senses and overcome pre-wedding jitters. But, no! It leads to headache, bad breath, dehydration and the worst – hangover instead. Save a toast for your wedding night and therefore avoid it during the day.

Bade good bye to these food and present yourself in the most elegant look on your big day!

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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