No relationship is mistake free. In the start of any relationship we tend to be extra careful as we want things to work out. However, due to human instincts there are times when we make mistakes even after being extra cautious.

Some mistakes can make a relationship while some might break one. Mistakes are like two sides of the coin, either good or bad. For example, moving in together can either make your relationship foster with love or spoil it as a whole. There are many turning points a relationship which can prove to be good or bad for you. You therefore need to be on the safe side always.

Sometimes only a small moment decide the fate of your relationship. Below are few of the commonly made mistakes that break up relationships. Check these out.

Worst and Deadly Mistakes that  Breaks a Relationship

Break up a Relationship
Break UP a Relationship

The First Kiss: The first kiss is very important to hold on a relationship. A bad kiss will definitely spoil and gradually break the relationship. Hence it matters a lot. Therefore be prepared before getting close to the lips.

Sleeping Together: It is probably one of the best moments a couple expects in a relationship. However, mistakes like farting or blabbering while sleeping can rot your relationship and lead to break up.

The ‘X’ Talk: Try to postpone the discussions on sex as much as you can if you are still not comfortable. Because at times certain moment appears where you can develop your relationship or spoil it completely. I would advice you to be honest in these talks and stop worrying about the outcome.

Moving In: Live in relationships are gaining popularity in India and many couple are seen opting for it. You get to stay with each other and know things better. But note that there is a complete down side too. It can totally spoil your relationship if taken in hurry. First of all let your relationship mature and then only consider moving in.

Ex Texts from Nowhere: You might not like to discuss about your past with your partner. But, if by mistake your ex messages you from nowhere and your partner reads it, it can break your relationship without any prior warning.

Therefore try to avoid these few mistakes to save your relationship.

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