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Best Wedding Gift Ideas

The wedding season is on. And you probably have been invited to a dozen of them. The first thought that pops right away when you are handed a card is,” What should I get the couple?”  While many store staff tries their best to help you come out of this dilemma, for some reasons you do not find them to be helping enough. One moment you may consider gifting them the towel set they registered for but the next moment you find the ice cream maker quite appealing.

Best wedding gifts ideas

Even the internet is full of gift ideas for you. But you get more confused as to keep on clicking next. There are tons of ideas on what you should not get to a newlywed, but you seem lost when you want ideas on what to gift.

To help you of this trouble, we have come with a list of best wedding gift ideas for family, friends and colleagues.

Custom Gift

Custom make anything with the couple on it. They would love this gesture and keep the gift with them forever.


Since the couple spend a fortune on the wedding, the idea of gifting cash is superb. Plus, if you are not sure of what to buy, the couple can do the shopping on their own.

Toaster and Electric Kettle

They are breakfast simplifying items. It is always nice to gift items they will use every day.  This way you too will be happy when they serve you from the same Electric Kettle post marriage.

A Wedding

Undoubatedly, the best gift of all! Pay for the wedding. This is normally gifted by the parents and the couples cannot help but lust for it.

Handmade Quilts

Couple handmade quilts are awesome gifts to commemorate the wedding of the couple. They are warm and extra ordinary yet useful gift items.

Indoor Griddle and Monogrammed Wine Glasses

If the couple is fond of drinking and barbequing, this combination is sure to bring smiles on their faces. Great gift to celebrate the weekend.

Laundry Supplies

A basket of laundry supplies with laminated list how to use them is unique and useful too. Neither beautiful nor romantic but priceless I must say.


Gift them with couple luggage bags to carry their stuffs when they are off for honey moon. Useful tangible gift they would love to have.

If still confused

Gift cards are a great option to go for if you are still not able to decide on the gift. Get a gift card from the store the couple is registered to and gift it. This way they will be able to buy what they want and you will be happy too as they could buy it because of you.

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