Truth Behind Being Born a Manglik

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Pooja

Did your panditji ‘horoscope-ically’ declare you a Manglik? I am sure most of you did not even know the term Manglik before Aishwarya Rai’s marriage. The tabloids and channels were full of this back then.  Aishwarya symbolically married a peepal tree, before tying the knot with Abhishek to nullify the bad luck of being Manglik. […]

Reasons to Match Kundali Before Marriage in India

Match Kundali before Marriage

Indian marries strongly on the basis of Kundali Milan or horoscope matching. Amidst Hindus, it is considered the most crucial step before the final commitment to the prospective spouse. With modernization, many do not believe in this horoscope matching ritual. What-so-ever, a large section of Indians still get their daughter or son married only after […]

Significance of Indian Wedding Mantras

Indian Wedding Mantras

Marriages do not just happen on pen and paper in India. It is celebrated with prompt and gander with many rich rituals and traditions. The couple is bound in holy matrimony with Indian wedding mantras each with a significance of its own. In the age of registered marriages, Hindu weddings are still made open centered […]