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Fancy Designer Indian Wedding Cards Goes Global

Indian weddings are known as the Big Fat Wedding for a reason. Every ceremony is grand with the perfect blend in tradition, dipped in ethnicity. The country’s wedding market is estimated to be worth Rs. 1,500 billion (about$30 billion) with about 10-15 per cent growth every year. Therefore, marriage invites are becoming glitzy and exclusive affair. They may be Swarovski studded or could match the bride’s trousseau too.

NRIs are the major target of this market. For example, the lavish wedding of the Britain-based Indian steel billionaire Lakshmi Mittal’s daughter in 2004 was estimated to be a 30-million pound affair.

Fancy Designer Indian Wedding cards

Gourav Rakshit, the business head of opines, “It’s been studied that NRIs based in the US, Britain, Canada, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand want their marriages to be complete Indian affairs and this desire propels them to visit India for the selection of cards, jewelry and venues.” Exotic invitation cards are also gaining popularity today.

 “People from around the globe are splurging on wedding cards like never before… This has added to the growth of designers, manufacturers and paper importers. Since cost and variety have gone up, there is no end to innovation,” says CEO of Kapco Press, Neeraj Kapoor, who has been active for 26 years now.

“People no longer want simple designs. More designers are entering. Prices have skyrocketed. Everyone, including the NRI, asks for the fanciest and most exclusive design even if it’s not worth the amount spent. Some even say Indian designs are simply outstanding and can’t be found anywhere else,” Kapoor adds.

Other classy designs include designs like oversized envelope with Lord Ganesha’s picture drawn on it to those exquisitely worded invitation.

Wedding card designer Raj Kapoor from brand Kaypee says,” Innovation is the key and keeping this in mind, ethnic designs have made a comeback. Also, personalized and handmade cards are a big trend nowadays as many people feel these add an emotional touch to the occasion.”

He adds, “There are people who ask for multi-folded cards which can be made to order, while others ask for scrolled out cards with matter printed on it.”

Shalini Punj owner of Vivaahsutra another prominent wedding card company in the country says, “The price of wedding invitation cards depends on the material used. A simple wedding card starts at Rs. 30 per piece and it goes into lakhs for the Swarovski embellished multi-folded cards with box attached to it.”

 “Vertical, horizontal and multi-colored stripes are termed as one of the most sought-after trends this season. Also, embellishing the invitation with small rhinestones, pearl-toned beads or Swarovski crystals makes a low-key invitation style fashionable. The list is endless,” says card designer Piyali Rana.

Cheap Creative Wedding Cards in Delhi

If is okay if you do not want to spend much on high-end designer cards. Shopkeepers in the capital city of India are ever ready to provide affordable options, especially in the Chawri Bazar of old Delhi. They have a wide range of options to offer, from paper to color to size to everything you can think of.

Indian wedding cards mostly reflect designs outlining Hindu gods and goddesses. Even if those are still popular, pocket-friendly cards have gone through various changes with satin and silk fabrics replacing paper in shades of color. Customers have become more creative today and so are the card designing shops.

Vipin Bharti, the owner of Card Gallery in Chawri Bazar sells as low as Rs.1 per card. They stock expensive ones too that range from Rs.200 to Rs.500. His company changes designs twice a year.

“We change designs after every six months. Sometimes, we use craft paper with digital printing or design it in a book form with pictures of Lord Krishna and Radha,” Bharti said.

Again a few entrepreneurs renew their stock in August. “We get a lot of customers in October, so we like to get new designs before that. The summer season is not that good in terms of business; so we avoid new ones during May or June. Apart from paper, we also use silk or satin to make cards,” states Sunil Khandelwal of New Age Cards.

Cheap Creative Wedding Cards

Color has a huge impact on Indian culture. While black is barred, pinks, reds, yellows and blues are loved by many. Design also changes depending on gender and theme.

“When the bride’s side gets the cards made, they are usually in rani pink. Chocolate brown and golden appeals to both genders. People also like to get separate cards designed for ceremonies like the ladies sangeet and the cocktail – cards showing women dancing and wine bottles are some of the designs we offer for such ceremonies,” Khandelwal adds.

“Sometimes, brides want cards that match their lehengas and the decor of the venue. Once, someone wanted a lotus theme. We created a box in the shape of the flower. The card inside it looked like a leaf,” says Arvind Bhargava, owner of Sundram Cards.

As far as various cultures are concerned, colors and designs remain same but the symbol of the god changes.

“Hindus mostly go for Radha-Krishna designs, the Waheguru symbol is popular among Sikhs, Christians like church or couple-themed designs,” Bhargava elaborated.

The trend of using Hindi fonts is fast catching up. “If someone is following a traditional theme, Hindi fonts are generally used. It’s no longer just on the basis of literacy levels,” Bhargava adds.

Bhargava also designs special cards for the in-laws on demand. “The ones that we make are either silver-coated that cost Rs.4,500 or real silver which is more expensive,” he says. “The latter ranges between Rs.15,000 and Rs.18,000.”

“Boxes are in. Along with the cards, we fit a silver or gold bowl in the box. The cost depends on the size of the bowl and rates of the metal,” he further adds. These boxes contain dry fruits or chocolates along with the card. It will cost around Rs.200 per card.

Top 5 Best Wedding Cards Stores or Market in India

If you are not too good of a graphic artist or do not have an intimate knowledge of letterpress and foil stamp printing processes and limitations and you are out there in the market searching for the best wedding invitation store to design your luxury wedding invitations, let me get you straight, it will prove to be a daunting job for you. Therefore, to make your task a bit easier, has come up with a list of the top 5 luxury wedding invitation stores in the Indian market. We will help you filter the vast online space for that one perfect place with all the perfect design, communication, customer service and printing skills necessary for your wedding invitation card.

Your wedding invitations might be a box or scroll wedding cards or wood craft cards. But the bottom line is you it must have the feeling of invitation and not just the look alone. Therefore always try to customize your wedding card adding new and antique printing and finishing methods. If you want your card to look elegantly simple use a large formal size letterpress invitation with matching letterpress RSVP, reception card and envelopes, all designed around a clean balanced typography. You can always match it with ribbons, ties, envelope liners, inner and outer envelopes, calligraphy, matching postage stamps, die cut shapes for the invitation and envelopes, pocket folds and custom designed laser cut cards.

Below are the top 5 best wedding cards stores or market in India

1. Ravish Kapoor, Innovative Innovations

Ravish Kapoor from New Delhi is a prominent designer of Invitations from India. They have clients from all over the world. He is often referred to as the ‘elegance’ and ‘style’ king in the market. He designs all kinds of cards – from weddings to anniversaries, baby showers to birthdays, and inaugurations to parties to innovative-designed personalized cards for the perfect touch of warmth and style to spice up any occasion.

If you do not mind spending some Rs 495 for having an invitation card designed, Ravish Kapoor is undoubtedly the best in the market. His client list includes some of the stalwarts in the industry like actors Shilpa Shetty, Karisma Kapoor and Shamita Shetty along with fashion designer Ashish Soni and lots more.

2. Chawri Bazar in Delhi

Chawri Bazar is another big name in the wholesale market of wedding cards and paper products. This first wholesale market of Old Delhi lies to the west of Jama Masjid and was established way back in 1840. They have everything you can think of, from beautiful wedding cards to attractive wallpapers to warm greetings in any type of papers required. You name it and they have it. Yes the process is exhausting, you will you be gifted with a day to remember your lifetime.

You can reach there by taking the street just near the middle projection of Jama Masjid’s western (rear) wall. You can also go via Chawri Bazar underground station of the Delhi Metro.

3. Beyon Design from Marine Lines (Mumbai)

Beyon Design from Marine Lines is very classy and innovative designers from Mumbai. They are famous for their strong sense of clean design and punctual service offered in printing your once in a lifetime wedding card. They know exactly how to maintain the balance between being creative and addressing the various business needs of the clients. They are a small group but their work never compromises on professionalism. They are in the market since 2006.

4. Chira Bazar

Chira Bazar is expensive but you totally get back your money worth. It has the old-world charm with the warm tender mix of different communities with two Agiaries, Thakurdwar, Sri Ram Mandir and the Goan Institute Building. Nestled between these landmarks is the wedding card market at Chira Bazaar. The lane too compliments the surrounding environment. The bazaar is a mix of old and new card printers apart from numerous paper and cardboard stores.

It is probably the oldest store in the lane of Jayantilal Jain’s Rolex Cards. It was incepted by his father Mishrimalji Jain in 1966. The business is now handed to the third generation of the Jains family.

5. Online Wedding Card Stores in India

Not only brick and mortal store, today a lot of wedding card stores has come up in the online world. With the boom in this area, most of the wedding invitation website comes on a monthly basis.

10 Questions to Ask When Ordering Your Wedding Cards

Have you always fantasized about theme based wedding? If yes, the better question will be to ask the wedding card company if they can use colors or graphics as per the theme of your wedding. Do they offer custom invitations? And what about template styles? Do they charge for samples of existing invitation style or a custom design? If yes, how much? Are there any new styles, trends and color combinations you would love to stop by? Which are the most popular ones? How about the quality of the handmade or artisanal paper they offer?

Ordering Your Wedding Cards

The kind of answer you get to these questions will give you an idea on how creative and up-to-the-minute your invitation professional is. Again, while ordering online always understand that the color resolution may vary drastically from computers to computers. Therefore, to land on the exact color, ask for a sample to be snail mailed to you before the major order.

Below are the 10 most important questions you should ask when ordering your wedding cards:

1. What is the overall turnaround from print approval to receiving your invitations?

2. Do they have rush-order available? If yes, how much do they charge extra? If you are planning on ordering online, ask about the shipping methods available and their costs.  Invitations should be sent out 6-9 weeks prior to your wedding.

3. If the invitation involves multiple pieces, can they assemble them? What will be the additional charges and how will it affect the delivery date?

4. Do they offer invitation addressing labels? If so, how much do they charge?

5. Do they have professional in house design staff?

6. How long will it take to get hold of your first proof?

7. If you need to make changes, how long will it take to modify?

8. How many changes can you make to the text before you need to pay extra?

9. Will they help you with the wording on the invitation and reply card?

10. Can you assemble, tie and/or glue the pieces in order to save money?

Printing is usually less expensive if outsourced. The probable benefit of in-house printing is that it is delivered with quicker turnaround time. Also order for 10-20 extra wedding invitations with envelopes, in case you have some last minute guests to add up in your list.

Indian Wedding Invitation Stationery

Indian wedding stationery too does not lag behind in looking as lively as Indian weddings itself. They are actually an indispensable part of the wedding. Indian weddings have no comparison to any western marriage. For Indians, every minute details count. Guests are invited by sending out colorful and expensive wedding cards with timings and venue of the marriage. What is common in every marriage card is a little Lord Ganesha’s picture on top of it. Lord Ganesha in India is considered as the Lord of auspicious occasion.

The range of wedding cards varies according to the quality and design to be used. The cost also depends on the paper used, the range of colors, special colors, customized designs, innovative envelopes, invitation gifts, and the number of inserts. In India, even the envelop need to look enchanting and therefore is custom prepared keeping in mind the quality and theme of the card.

Indian Wedding Invitation Stationery

Since we all know by know that a typical Indian wedding has a bundle of functions to prepare for. Most start a week days prior to the actual wedding and end a bit late too. Therefore, wedding invitation is very important to inform the guests about the date and timings for the various functions. Again, if you want filter the guests for each function, insertions will help you for the same. Other wedding stationery also includes table plan cards, RSVP cards, and mehendi cards.

India is a land of diversity with secularism running throughout the country. A standard Indian wedding card can be given a personal touch according to one’s religion. Today, innovative colors and designs have come up only to complement each religion in a unique manner.

Again, celebrity endorsed wedding invitation cards are in high demand too due to the over influence of Bollywood in the lives of the people. People get celebrities to invite guests on their behalf by writing invitations on the cards. But, celebs do charge hefty and therefore this practice is restricted to the upper echelons of the society only.

There is also another wedding invitation card where the elites accompany a gift with them for the guests. The gift can be a champagne bottle, fruit and nut box, perfume, flowers, or chocolates. In this case the cost depends on the gift chosen. And how can we forget about the physical delivery of the card that also needs add on.

I will have to emphasize on the fact that India is a developing nation and the people are becoming richer with each passing day with the lift in economy. Therefore, the future of the Indian wedding invitation stationery industry is sure to have a bright future.

Top 10 Funny Indian Wedding Cards

Invitation card is the first encounter your guests have to your wedding. It is therefore made very thoughtfully with class and elegance. But all of them fall in the common type. If you plan on making the most memorable invites try making them laugh at the sight of the card. It will remain in their collection forever.

Today there are many witty, tongue-in-cheek card collection available in the market for you to choose from or at least get an idea that will guide you into making your wedding card.

I therefore have come up with a collection of the top 10 funny, weird and outrageous wedding invites from our Indian folks. Seeing these cards you are sure to rethink on the traditional ganesha motifes and palm leaves cards. Have a look!

1. Dairy Milk Chocolate Wedding Card

Dairy Milk Wedding Card

Seeing this card the only think that will come to your mind is that someone must have taken the kuch meetha ho jaaye jingle too seriously. And the fun part is the ingredients. Do not miss on that.

2. FIFA World Cup Wedding Invite

Funny Football Wedding Invite

India is a cricket crazy nation but this invite reminds us that there are crazy football freaks too. This one even had the terms & conditions part!

3. Zoo Zoo inspired Wedding Invitation Card

ZooZoo Wedding Invitation Card

Who does not love the Zoo Zoos – wonderful creation of Vodafone? Have a look at the Why section and yes! The website section which reads Hilarious!

4. Funny Cartoon Wedding invitation

Funny Indian Wedding Cards

Now this one is directly out from the Archies gallery.

5. Hollywood Poster Wedding Invitation Card

Hollywood Poster Wedding Card

This will remind you of old time Hollywood flick. I know what comes to your mind – Marilyn Monroe and her blowing skirt, right?

6. f**k you wedding invitation card

wedding invitation card

F**K you wedding invitation! You can make some of those to whom you do not want to invite to your wedding.

6. Mario Wedding Invitation Card

Mario Wedding Invitation Card

This is a brilliant idea for extraordinary game freaks. Let Mario rescue his little princess trapped in the castle.

7. Coffee Dates Wedding Card

Coffee Dates Wedding CardThe people from Bangalore, India are too much into coffee I guess. Really a lot can happen over a coffee!

8. Zombies inspired wedding invitation Card

Zombies wedding invitation Card

I love this card. Even the sight of this makes me laugh out loud. The guys seem too determined to get married. Happy Wedding!

9. Wanted Poster Wedding Invitation

Wanted Poster Wedding Invitation

Now I have respect for its creator who has done complete justice to the card. Look at the criminal profile for instance.

10. Cordial Invite Card

Look at the wordings. It speaks exactly what the affair is going to be. Wow!

If you can think of any of such weird and funny wedding cards you have seen in India, please leave us your comments below. We would love to add them to our list.

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Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

Indian weddings are known to be ostentatious ceremonies with color and splendor marking a very special day in the lives of the couple. The wedding preparations start with the invitation card and choosing a card is not as easy considering the variety card makers have in store.

Indian wedding cards can be simple and articulate cards in the form of greeting cards with gods adorning the first page followed by the marriage date and venue details. Wedding invitations are indicative of the style and the grandeur that can be expected of the wedding. A quality invitation card is replete with rhinestones and gold print are a sign of what you are most likely to expect during the wedding. Ostentatious weddings also ensure a gift along with every invitation card for the invitee.

The design and overall look and feel of the wedding card also changes with the type of wedding i.e. Hindu Wedding Cards, Christian Wedding Cards, Muslim Wedding Cards, or Sikh Wedding Cards. Indian wedding cards are further categorized into North Indian and South Indian wedding cards to reflect the differing geographic tastes in color and design.

Indian Wedding Cards Designs

One also has the choice in terms of shopping for the invitation cards. There are specific areas that are marked in Indian market that specialize in the sale of wedding cards or one can call the local dealer to check the options available with him. Online shopping is another easy alternative considering you can choose your invitation and also get approval instantly from others with regard to your choice despite distances.

Weddings have brought about the rise of an entire industry that works towards making the wedding a glamorous affair. From historic venues, global menus, event management to celebrity performances the Indian weddings are now even sought after by other nationals. The Indian invitation card is therefore very much in the race to attract not only Indians but other nationals as well to send Indian color, decor and splendor laden invitations to their invitees.

Unconventional Indian Wedding Invitations

Move away from the traditional Indian invitations and opt for something more fun by adding a modern twist to your wedding invite. Indian weddings are full of color and bling and there are plenty of elements which you can draw inspiration from for your wedding card design. Traditional cards are very common and have been popular in India for a long time. Typical Indian wedding cards always have a deity on it and most often it is a depiction of Lord Ganesh or sometimes a picture of Radha Krishna. Having a motif of a deity on your wedding card is considered to be auspicious in India. If you are using a picture of any particular God on your invite, select an exquisite picture and add some embellishments to it spice up the card. You could even create rich effects by exploring with different style of printing. Gold foiling or embossing create a lovely finish.

indian wedding invitations designs

A simple card with the right choice of paper, colors and font can look very chic. The color palettes which surely compliment Indian weddings are bright and colorful or rich and deep hues. The bright and colorful is more for a fun or casual wedding while the rich and deeper hues would work very well for a royal place wedding. You could even match your wedding card colors and motifs to your wedding trousseau. This is a great way to tie in the various elements of your wedding together. A lot of brides these days draw inspiration from the wedding outfit for their motif on the wedding card. It could perhaps even be a lace, zari appliqué or beaded motif.

Having Indian motifs on a very modern card is a lovely blend of styles if you are looking to strike the right balance by not being too western or Indian. A hint of Indian element will always add to it. There is no end to how innovative you can get. Hand painted wedding cards are quite uncommon and look lovely! You could even choose to go for a personalized design like a caricature of your fiance and you on your wedding invite instead of a generic Indian motif.

There is no limit to creativity with Indian wedding cards. From Swarovski studded to die cut, from simple paper invite to an elaborate box invite the options are just endless. You can experiment with sizes, papers, printing techniques and lots more. Whatever you do, make sure your card is in sync with your wedding theme as it’s the first impression you will make on your guests.