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Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian Bridal Wear‎

Latest Trends in Bridal Wear this wedding season

Wedding gives all of us an opportunity to go on shopping spree and buy to our hearts desire, a wedding dress being in the centre of all buying sprees. The perfect dress will make you stand [...]

Indian Bridal Wear Designers

The Top 5 Most Popular Indian Wedding Dress Designers

Your wedding day is the most cherished day of your life. No other day can be as huge as this day. Every girl prepares herself from the day she understands the meaning of marriage. It becomes [...]

South Indian Wedding

Traditional South Indian Wedding

Where is the Matchmaker? Indians are fond of weddings. It is during this life changing event alone when new connections are made and families come together and celebrate the event as one big event. In India [...]

Indian Wedding Ghagra Cholis

Importance of Red Color in Indian Wedding Ghagra Cholis

Wedding is a brand new step to a completely different life, different from the one you are presently living. For Indians, especially for the bride’s sides it is very huge. Almost every family starts planning and [...]

Indian Bride's Emergency Kit

Emergency Bridal Kit Check List for Indian Brides

I know you must be preparing for your special day months before right after you have taken the decision to get married. After spending a million bucks on your wedding, you at no cost will say [...]

Indian Wedding Dress

Tips on Choosing the Best Indian Wedding Dress for Brides

An Indian wedding is a grand affair. Indians have many rituals to follow and as such wedding are given prime importance in this nation. It is always celebrated with prom and gander amidst family and friends. [...]

Indian Wedding Lehenga

Creative Ways To Re-Use Your Wedding Lehenga

Your bridal lehenga can be a gateway to a totally sizzling item number of any occasion. All you need is a little bit of creativity for some awesome makeover. Treat your gorgeous piece of art at [...]

Wedding Sarees in Delhi

Best Wedding Sarees & Suits in Delhi

Delhi is the hub of brides-to-be shop for wedding sarees and suits. There are tons of places in Delhi that sells Wedding sarees and suits at the most appropriate prices. Again, if you are an NRI, [...]

Shopping In Jaipur

Wedding Shopping In Jaipur

The Pink City of India, Jaipur is a treasure trove for shoppers and when it comes to Ethnic Bridal wear Sarees they are marketed in every nook and corner of the city. Jaipur is considered as [...]

Wedding Saree Shops in Jaipur

Best Wedding Saree Shops in Jaipur

1. Textorium, a Store-house of Elegance Textorium has been offering a wide range of sarees with highly created matching blouse with hand-painting, embroideries in timeless motives and exotic appliqués. It awesome and elegant saree collection includes [...]