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Latest Trends in Bridal Wear this wedding season

Wedding gives all of us an opportunity to go on shopping spree and buy to our hearts desire, a wedding dress being in the centre of all buying sprees. The perfect dress will make you stand out among hundreds and will give you confidence to carry yourself. But how to decide what to buy? Knowing about latest trends in fashion industry helps you to what’s hot and what’s not. A wedding dress with all the fashion highlights increases your celebration tenfold. The latest trends include ethnic touch with blend of western taste.

One of the most important things to know is bright colors is in. plethora of colors made an Indian wedding complete. Neon pink, florescent yellow, orange, peacock blue and parrot green are to name a few. Also experiment is the new fashion. Experiment with everything, colors, sequin, accessories and style to make your own statement and stand out in crowd.

Follow the latest and most popular bridal wear trends in India mentioned below.

Lehenga Choli

Bridal Lehenga CholiGo for the heavy lehengas. The may be too heavy, but then you can master there carriage in few practice sessions. Buy high, comfortable heels to carry the heavy lehenga. Heavily pleated lehengas with full skirts are all the rage this season. Match it up with sizzling cholis and contrast dupatta to get the hang of the trend. Backless blouses and corset shaped choli with heavy tussles will add to the beauty. From traditional work, intricate gotta patti and zari work are back in trend. You can also wear silk lehenga which are in fashion from bollywood films.


Bridal Wedding SareeSaree is the most frequently worn dress buy Indian brides. While heavy brocade and embidered saree are always in, todays fashion dictate that brides opt for lighter and modern sarees. The entire outfit as a whole can be of matching colours or contrasting. Team your heavily bordered saree with sizzling backless blouses, tussles and puff sleeves to get a brand new image.

Lehenga Saree

Bridal Lehenga SareeAnother option is lehenga saree which is actually a half saree which gives a look of lehenga. It can be two shaded teamed with contrasting blouse. It comes with a lengthy flared outfit with a zip at the side. The half-lehenga style saree is comfortable and do not require much time in dressing up as it is with sarees.

Formal Gown & Indo-Western

Bridal Formal Gown Inspired from western weddings, nowadays Indian weddings are teamed with input from west. Wedding gowns have replaced traditional sarees. The latest trends in gowns are heavily embroidered jackets with gowns, half saree-gown, saree belts which give sarees look like gowns.

Salwaar Kameez

Bridal Salwaar KameezSalwar Kameez, Patiala, Trouser Kameez, Anarkali, Angrakha and A-line are a few styles available to choose from. Embroidery is much more elegant now also. Super shiny embroidery has been traded out for more elegant fabric and thread work. Gone are the days when more is better… lesser work looks more elegant and trendy.

List of latest trends in choosing best Wedding dresses for Indian Brides.

The Top 5 Most Popular Indian Wedding Dress Designers

Your wedding day is the most cherished day of your life. No other day can be as huge as this day. Every girl prepares herself from the day she understands the meaning of marriage. It becomes a dream of her lifetime which she cannot let go at any cost. And wedding fashion designers have a very important role to play in this regard.

Bridal wear designers of this generation have made this affair even grander. They have literally changed the face of wedding wears especially in a country like India.

Today, we have come up with the top 5 all time favorite Bridal Designers in India. Have a look and plan your choice accordingly.

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

The designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla has been ruling the bridal fashion market for more than over 26 years now. Pure Indian comfort is their trademark. They are also known for their awesome karigars and zardozi work on their delicate fabric. They were the pioneers who introduce chikan work in bridal dresses. Bollywood celebs like the Bachchans and Dimple Kapadia cannot stop praising their work.

They are based in Mumbai, Delhi and London.

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra Designer

Manish Malhotra is entire bollywood’s most favorite designer. His beautiful embroidery work and flowing silhouettes is crafted in such a way that it suits all body types. He loves to play with colors. His heavy lace work is acclaimed worldwide.

Celebs like Kareena Kapoor, Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are a few of his regulars.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar Dress DesignerRitu Kumar is known for the sophistication and euphoria she brings to bridal wear. Her work reflects the amalgamation of contemporary and age-old Indian craftsmanship. She uses rich fabrics like crepe, georgette, silk etc. with elaborate designs and embellishments. She has always remained the undefeated queen of the Indian bridal industry.

She ruled the Rajasthan Fashion Week where she could mesmerize the spectators with her free-flowing ethnic silhouettes like anarkalis, bridal saris and lehengas.

Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla Fashion designerNational Film Awards winner Neeta Lulla is another prominent fashion designer of India. Who can ever forget her best work in Jodha Akbar? Her versatile excellence in this field has made her apple of the eye of the bollywood industry. Her collection of cocktail gowns, anarkalis, saris and bridal lehengas in soft fabrics such as silk, crepe, chiffon and georgette added up to your sophisticated look on your wedding day.

Actresses like Aishawarya Rai and Esha Deol ad their wedding dresses designed by her.

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani designerTarun Tahiliani is known for his superb blend of elaborate textile, meticulous tailor-made designs and refined luxury with historical richness and contemporary chic when it comes to bridal wear. He has the ability to bring out international appeal for his Desi creations.  This globally acclaimed bridal designer has gowns, saris and lehengas in his collection. His creations normally remains dipped in color and ethnicity.

Shilpa Shetty had her entire bridal trousseau along with wedding saree designed by Tarun Tahiliani himself.

Traditional South Indian Wedding

Where is the Matchmaker?

Indians are fond of weddings. It is during this life changing event alone when new connections are made and families come together and celebrate the event as one big event. In India there are matchmakers in the elders of every community who bring in marriage proposals to the bride’s family. I am taking about the arranged marriage system. They give a bio data of the prospective groom and his family. It also includes the horoscope of the groom. Astrology has a big influence in the Indian society. And as such an astrologer is consulted to match the horoscopes of both bride and groom. Only if it is a perfect match, a formal meeting is arranged to see the bride in her parental home. The groom visits with his family to see the bride and decides whether or not to accept the proposal. Well, with the passage of time the prospective groom is also allowed to have a few words with the bride before he gives his consent. If both of them agree, the marriage is fixed. A date is set aside for the big day.

South Indian Wedding

This is the process that goes behind an arranged marriage in India.

Preparation for the Wedding Day

The engagement ritual is performed with a few relatives. Both the families exchange fruits, betel leaves, coconuts, jasmine flowers, sweets etc. The bride is also gifted a silk saree which she has to wear on the same day and join the rest for a small meal.

After the commencement of the formal engagement, wedding invites are selected and both the families give out the invites individually. They are invited to an elaborate two day marriage function with festivities and pujas being performed the night before. In the southern part of India, invitations are handed out personally by the family. Some communities do not allow the engaged couple to see each other till the wedding day. However, it is not longer followed today. They have become liberal and allowed to speak to each other and even let to go out.


Kanjeevaram is the place in south India where rich silk sarees are traditionally hand woven by skilled weavers. Every bride takes a trip to this place before marriage. Sarees with rich gold zari are draped over the prospective bride to match the color on her so that she looks her best. Apart from the wedding saree, different ceremony demands a different saree for the bride and is therefore bought accordingly. Some are to be gifted to close family members too. Matching silk blouses are then stitched with perfect fit.

South Indian weddings Jewelry

Jewelries have a special place in South Indian weddings. Several sets of gold jewelry are bought for each ceremony. If one can afford diamond, it is bought too. The perfect jewelry set consists of bangles, necklace, ring and a pair of earrings.

The caterers, florists, musicians are tested and booked in advanced. The menu for the rehearsal dinner will be different from the elaborate marriage feast during ‘muhurtham’.

The Marriage

The actual marriage is termed as Muhurtham. The groom ties a mangalasutra (a gold pendant threaded onto a thick turmeric thread) around the neck of the bride with the Hindu priest seated in front of a fire in the flower bedecked mandap and chanting mantras. Family and friends shower them with rice mixed with turmeric which signifies blessing the couple in Hindus. A traditional live music to herald the event known as Nadaswaram is followed to signify the tying of the mangalasutra.

The marriage feast is also of a unique kind in the south. Variety of eatables is traditionally prepared for the marriage. It includes three to four varieties of sweets along with deliciously prepared rice items such as pulav, puliyogare (tamarind rice), pooris, chutneys, vegetable paliyas, pappads, vadas, kootus, curd rice, pickles, etc. It is served on a large plantain leaf and here is the fun part, everyone eats with their hand. A designer packet containing a large coconut, betel leaves and nuts are handed over to elders as a sign of respect.


Various games are played between the bride and groom as they exchange garlands. They are also made to sit on the large swing as the women and children sing along.


Reception is a grand affair too. The mandap is converted into a stage where the groom and bride are seated. Gifts are given to welcome them to the married live and photographs and videos are recorded to capture the auspicious day. Food is usually an elaborate buffet with sweets and savories along with dosas and rice baths.

The bride is welcomed into her new home the next day. A measuring jar filled with raw rice is kept on the threshold of the main door and the bride is asked to kick it slowly with her right foot and then enter with the husband. It is a symbol of welcoming the Hindu Goddess Laxmi in the form of the bride.

These are the rich traditions and customs that run behind a wedding in the Southern part of India. Unlike in other parts of the world, family is given much importance in a wedding in this culture rich country.

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Importance of Red Color in Indian Wedding Ghagra Cholis

Wedding is a brand new step to a completely different life, different from the one you are presently living. For Indians, especially for the bride’s sides it is very huge. Almost every family starts planning and savings for a wedding as soon as a girl is born. Deciding on the bride’s dress is the most important decision of all that needs to be taken with great care.

Indian Wedding Ghagra Cholis

Indian brides have a lot of option on their wedding dresses depending on the religious background they come from.  Wedding saree is the tradition wear of an Indian bride. But with modernization picking pace bridal ghagra cholis is most preferred. It imitates the traditional wedding sarees with its skirt for the body of the saree, choli that is very much like the blouse and the big and broad dupatta that fulfills the roles of the pallu of a saree. The bridal ghagra cholis has brought a new level of elegance, dignity and a sense of independence in her.

Significance of the Red Color in Indian Bridal Wear

Indian weddings run for many days at a stretch. The ceremony begins with Mehendi, Tilak, Sangeeth, Baraat, Wedding and finally a formal reception. Of all these the most important ceremony is the saath phera when the bride and bride groom unite as a pair. This is the part where women in most parts of India wear a red bridal dress, saree or ghagra choli. Amongst the Hindus the color red is considered very auspicious signifying Love, Courage, Beauty and Strength.

Rad Wedding Ghagra Cholis

Shopping for Bridal Ghagra Cholis

A considerable amount of wedding budget is set apart for the wedding dress as it is the most important part of all. Indians do not mind spending $500 to $5000 on a wedding dress because the dress has to be exclusiveness. Also retailers selling bridal wear know that people come with a mindset to spend money on bridal wear so the price is further skyrocketed. The sellers are seen making 200% to 300% margin on those already expensive outfits and the buyer ends up a huge amount of his or her hard earned money on an outfit that they could have bought for lot better prices. It’s a plight you cannot help in India.

A few Tip on finding Bargains

If you are not sure about the money you want to spend, check out smaller stores first. They may not have huge collection, but they may have the dress that could exactly match your imagination for a much lesser price than in an expensive fancy store. The price of any product depends on the overall operating costs of the seller. The higher the seller’s operational costs the higher the product price, not because the product is any different from a small store. If still not convinced, check out more expensive stores and judge the quality and designs of different sellers at huge price differences. You will understand.

Emergency Bridal Kit Check List for Indian Brides

I know you must be preparing for your special day months before right after you have taken the decision to get married. After spending a million bucks on your wedding, you at no cost will say no, right? Anyway don’t stress on it. This is not what I am going to discuss about today. Rather I will take you to a tour about the disasters, emergencies, panic attacks, breakdowns, crises that might come up in your wedding. But do not worry everything has solutions!

Indian Bride's Emergency Kit
Every Indian Bride’s Emergency Bridal Kit for the Wedding Day.

I was watching this movie the other day where the bride’s gown rips off at the altar and her liner goes for a tiny little party with the lipstick. LOL! It was a zombie movie. What I mean to say is that even with the best of preparations things might turn ugly in your wedding and therefore it is wise enough to carry the remedies along. Of the lots what is most important is the emergency Bride Aid kit that is a must for your bridesmaid to carry. Have a look and be prepared for the odds!

It is always wise to be on the safe side and carry along these items. Least you bang your head on your D’day! Here is what it should contain, in case you forget in the humdrum of having fun.  I have categorized your emergency into three sections. So, get down with your pen and paper and paper and make notes.

Apparel proof protection

Perfumes or deodorants: If you sweat a lot due to the heavy bridal dress.

Glue or Fevicol: Disaster might come any time.

Spare flats: Incase your feet ache due to standing on the heels the whole time.

Snickers: If you love eating.

Double sided body/sewing tape for costume slips.

Safety Pins: It is normal for Indian weddings if chachis and mausis run around asking every second woman about safety pin. You may also use it to adjust your lehenga/palla.

Straws: Keep straws to drink without messing up your lipstick.

Medication (just in case)

Band Aid: Keep band ads in case you forget to test your shoes beforehand and it bites.

Aspirin: If the stress gets on to your nerves, Aspirin will come handy as you need to constantly smile throughout the event.

Sanitary Pads/Tampons: If you fall under the categories who always forget your date so that you do not get any surprises.

Contact Lens solution: In case something goes wrong.

ENO: For immediate gas relief.

Other emergency medication: Redness-reducing eye drops, pain reliever/migraine medicine, antacids, allergy medications and any other prescribed medicine.

Grooming and touch ups

Lipstick: Even the best of lipsticks don’t last for more than 6hrs. Since Indian wedding lasts for life a lifetime (metaphorically), it should be on the top of your box.

Lip balm: You can also keep a tinted balm in the color of your lipstick to keep your lips moist.

Compact: I am sure you won’t like to look an oily bride if yours is a summer wedding.

Wet Tissues: When the groom puts on sindoor on the bride’s head, a major portion falls down on the bride’s nose. Wet Tissues will work miracles in this case.

Baby Oil: Indian bridal jewelry is too heavy with mang tikka, nathni etc. Apply baby oil in case of allergic reactions.

Hair Spray: In case your hair becomes difficult to manage. So just keep a fixing spray handy.

Small mirror: For the last moment touch ups as you won’t want your makeup to suffer.

Mouthwash and mints: Indians are very lovable although the bride and groom don’t get to kiss.

Makeup remover: To look after smudged mascaras.

Hand Sanitizer: This is of course needed.

Miscellaneous emergency kit

Camera: You might want to take your own candid shots while getting dressed and made up.

Contact numbers: Keep a list of numbers of everyone who you think you might need.

Your favorite music: In case you want to relax for a while.

Scissors: You never know what kind of emergency you fall into.

Cash: It is also good to have some cash- small bills.

Charger: Spare phone charger. Don’t forget your phone!

Tips on Choosing the Best Indian Wedding Dress for Brides

An Indian wedding is a grand affair. Indians have many rituals to follow and as such wedding are given prime importance in this nation. It is always celebrated with prom and gander amidst family and friends. There are different preparations for different functions in a marriage. This is another reason why Indian weddings are greatly memorized even after so many years of existence. Of the many things given very high importance in Indian wedding, wedding dress is one of them.

Indian Wedding Dress

The bride is the center of attraction of the marriage. Therefore, she has to be at her best with the best wedding dress, accessories and just the right amount of makeup. Brides start looking for their wedding dress months before in advance. They opt either from the sari, lehnga choli or salwar suit in India. Today, they come in variety of styles, colors and designs. Well it is obvious that brides are more concerned about dress than groom because they usually form the center of attraction. Brides need to choose the best wedding dress to look the best. We have therefore come up with a little guide to help you purchase your dream wedding dress.

  • Set on a budget first and stick to it. It helps you to narrow down your search. Wedding dresses come in various price ranges and therefore deciding in the price range you wish to buy will help you safe time and avoid confusion.
  • Brides-to-be should decide what type of dress she is planning to wear on her D-day. Today a lot of options are available from sari, lehenga choli to salwar suit. Therefore, it is important you decide the type first. The choice also depends on the region or community she belongs to.
  • Once you are done deciding the type of dress you will wear, take into notice the season of the year. Season is a strong determiner and greatly assists on the type of fabric to pick up. Chiffon, georgette, net, etc. are perfect fabrics for summers. For winters, fabrics like silk, tissue, satin, velvet etc. are the best.
  • Wedding dresses for Indian women have a lot of styles and designs. fish-cut lehnga, A-line lehnga, skirt type lehnga, straight cut lehnga, churidars suit, A-line suits, bridal saree, lehnga style saree, fish cut sari etc are a few of them. Choose the one you like.
  • Keep your figure in mind and choose the one that will suit you. Like heavy brides should go for slim fit or straight cut dresses. For thin brides voluminous or dresses having flare are best. The bottom line is make you’re your dress compliment your figure as well.
  • In the humdrum of choosing the most elegant dress make sure you do not overlook the comfort factor. Since, Indian weddings are very long wedding dress should be extremely comfortable so that bride can carry it well.

Creative Ways To Re-Use Your Wedding Lehenga

Your bridal lehenga can be a gateway to a totally sizzling item number of any occasion. All you need is a little bit of creativity for some awesome makeover. Treat your gorgeous piece of art at a center of attraction and give it the deserved attention it need. Do not just hang it in your closest.

Indian Wedding Lehenga

Here are a few tips on ways to re-use your Wedding Lehenga:

Your dupatta can be turned into half saree: Dupatta is generally the prettiest part of your bridal lehenga. Use it with the blouse as a saree. For example, if your blouse is emerald green and you have a red dupatta, only get a smaller piece of plain red fabric, and wrap it around your hip and pleat it. Another idea is get some plain red fabric stitched as a pleated skirt. Attach your dupatta at the pleats, turn it around yourself and wear it like a saree. It will appear as the pleats being plain red fabric and the dupatta being the rest of the saree. It will look heavy enough to be worn to a close wedding and also at the same time not look overly bridal.

Change your blouse to a plainer one for a modern look: You may use a plain, raw silk fitted top that will come down below your navel as your blouse. Darker jewelled color like Navy and Emerald green won’t make you look bridal at all. For the blouse, you may get a cropped jacket custom made. Pair this with a light, shaded dupatta worn across your chest with the original lehenga skirt.

Use a semi-sheer, flowing jacket and wear it over your existing lehenga skirt: Get a beautiful, sheer floor length jacket made so that you may wear it over your lehenga skirt as a jacket lehenga. Due to the sheer fabric, the lehenga will be seen through and also at the same time give a modern twist to the outfit.

Create fashion out of your old lehenga: If your lehenga has become quite old and is out of fashion, you may turn it into a beautiful piece of art. I do not deny the fact that there is sentimental value attached in cutting up your wedding lehenga, but if it is left pretty much unused what is the harm in reviving them by putting it on new fabric?

Make an Anarkali out of it: If post marriage you have gained extra weight and feel like you won’t be wearing a lehenga again here is a better idea for you to re use your lehenga. Get the skirt of your lehenga attached to the blouse for a simple, cost effective anarkali to flaunt in the next wedding you attend.

Wear it as it is: I have not gone nuts! You may think you will look like a bride, trust me, you won’t. Wear it with simple jewelry and with a different draping style. All you need is the right attitude and confidence to carry it.

Abandon the Original Skirt: Get a Plain Raw Silk Skirt instead and match it with your heavy dupatta and blouse. Plain silk skirts are so in fashion these days. Get some nice borders and be the center of attraction at your friends wedding.

Best Wedding Sarees & Suits in Delhi

Delhi is the hub of brides-to-be shop for wedding sarees and suits. There are tons of places in Delhi that sells Wedding sarees and suits at the most appropriate prices. Again, if you are an NRI, and would like to purchase something from Delhi, I would suggest you to get something custom made from India. However, below is the list of some of the best shops displaying the most beautiful Wedding sarees and suits for all the brides-to-be in India and across the globe.



Charming has two branches; one is located in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and the other in DLF Place Sake. The best thing about charming is the variety and work they have is amazing. Lehenga sarees, swarovski sarees, net sarees, traditional gotta patti work, cut work borders are found in best varieties. The heavy sarees will on an average set you back about 12-15 grand and can go up to about 40K for the much heavier ones.

Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar Shopping

Meena Bazaar is one of the oldest and most renowned shops in Delhi. It is found pretty much everywhere- in every single mall. However, they stock some of the most amazing outfits in the shop. It is definitely worth a look.

Greenways, South Ex:

Greenways, South Ex

Greenways is located in the South Extension of Delhi. It is somewhere behind some market where you need to climb a few narrow staircases as well. The range is similar to frontier, heavy sarees around 15000, very heavy ones around 30K. The lighter ones are much cheaper though.


Bridal Asia and Vivaha exhibitions

You will find tons of small time designers flock Bridal Asia and Vivaha exhibitions and therefore it is not at all worth a miss. You will definitely find something good here. Even if you are not satisfied, you will come back with tons of visiting cards to fix appointments later.

L’affaire- GK:

Laffaire- GK

L’affaire- GK is expensive but timeless. The pieces at L’affaire generally draw inspiration from traditional Indian textiles. You will find dresses for every one in your family under a single roof. They have the ability to make traditional sarees look very modern. Though expensive (most sarees will set you back 20K) still it is worth a look.

Frontier Raas, South Ex:

Frontier Raas, South Ex

Frontier in South Ex does not worth a miss at all. The entire ground floor is dedicated to some stunning pieces of sarees. Visit during sale time as they give heavy discounts then. Bargaining is okay here. Prices are similar to Charming and Greenways. They also have a separate section for salwar kameez but it is okay to miss them.

Hauz Khas Village:

HK Village is a hub of not too famous designers but with beautiful quality designs and innovations. They are not cheap, but not too expensive either. You can get anything you want customized under different prices.

Designers at Emporio, Crescent, AZA and Gallery One:

If you fall under the brand conscious lot, EMporio, Crescent at the Qutab and Gallery One are three places you can not afford to miss. They are the store house of every possible designer you may think of. Crescent has slightly lighter stuff than Emporio which on the other hand deal with heavy outfits. Gallery One is a good mix of the two.


Anantam Shoping Delhi

Anantam is not cheap but the gorgeous fabrics and the pretty anarkalis and interesting sarees are worth its price. Definitely a must visit if you are in Gurgaon!

Perfection House, South Ex: Perfection House is just perfect for bridal shopping. You will find it slightly reasonable than the others. But you need to hunt through all their designs to find a really unique piece. You will have to be patient as there are a lot of unnecessary pieces too that is worth a skip.

Others (Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh):

Wedding Sarees in Delhi

Chandni Chowk is a staple for lehenga and saree shopping in Delhi, thought lehenga shopping is most recommended. Karol Bagh is another area with loads of bridal saree shops. Happy Shopping in Delhi!

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Wedding Shopping In Jaipur

The Pink City of India, Jaipur is a treasure trove for shoppers and when it comes to Ethnic Bridal wear Sarees they are marketed in every nook and corner of the city. Jaipur is considered as one of the most important centers in the world for cutting and polishing precious and semi precious stone, diamonds as well. Thus it is a complete package for all your wedding shopping.

Most tourists visit Jaipur for its grand monuments but there is this another large section who go to Jaipur for shopping. It is indeed a shopper’s paradise too. You will find almost every kind of things in your shopping list here. The most popular items are jewelry, textiles and saris, good made of marble, wood, stone, lac, clay, metal and leather. The city has been the traditional hub of the finest of jewelry bedecked with both precious and semi precious stones, enameling of gold in green, red and white, the favorite colors of the Mughals infused by Raja Man Singh. Jaipur is also famous for diamond and emerald cutting.

If you are looking for lac jewelry, I would suggest you to visit Maniharon Ka Rasta where lac jewellery is made and sold and the Johari Bazaar where jewellery is crafted and sold. The most sold items on the list are table tops, mirror frames, betel nut boxes and sindoor holders. Again, statuettes, photo frames and pill boxes are abundantly available on M.I. Road and the silver shops on the Badi Chaupar crossing. In the Gopalji ka Rasta and Haldiyon ka Rasta you will find a number of jewelry shops too. The cutting, polishing and selling of precious and semi precious stones is centred on the Muslim dominated area of Pahar Ganj in the Surajpol Bazaar area. You will also find numerous factories and showrooms on the Amber Road between Zorawar Gate and Holiday Inn. Hand block prints, blue pottery, carpets and antiques are plentiful.

Not only jewelry, handicrafts like papier mache and carved furniture are also available. Another wonder of Jaipur is the glazed blue pottery, an art that was imported from ground Persia. Again suraghis, pots, ear-rings, soap dishes, door knobs, mugs and jugs are largely on sale. Brass statures of various sizes are available besides toy brass animals. Items made of white metals are also popular, especially those statues of gods and goddesses, animal and human figures. Carved marble bowls, vases and other decorative items are irresistible too.

Jaipur for wedding shopping: where to go

  • Bridal Saree zari, sattava at narain singh circle/nikhar fashion at saraogi mansion
  • Ramganj Bazar for shoes or jutis
  • For Jewelry johari bazar and chora rasta.
  • Maniharon Ka Rasta (Tripolia Bazar) for lac bangles and other items
  • Kishanpol Bazar for tie and dye textiles
  • Achrol House, Subhash Chowk for carpets,
  • Sanganer village for block printing, hand-made paper and blue pottery
  • Khajano Walano Ka Rasta for marble carving

The local ‘Kundan’ a kind of jewelry from Jaipur is famous around the world. The exotic blue pottery, the batik painting, block printed textiles of Sanganer and Bagru, tie and dye fabrics, Mojari- (the local shoe), sandal wood carving items, beautiful stone carvings are a few that tops the list. The main markets are along Johari Bazar, Bapu Bazar, Nehru Bazar, Chaura Rasta, Tripolia Bazarn ad M.I. Road. Shops that is famous for precious and semi-precious stones crafting and jewelry.

Jaipur is one of the most active jewel markets of the world. The Pink City is famous for precious and semi-precious stones and also for the cutting, polishing and setting of these stones, diamonds, topaz and emeralds in particular. The Jaipur brass worker is successful in infusing life like charm into the dull metal too. Lacquered brass and carved brass are two of its specialties. Jaipur enamel or Minakari has a class that matches none.

Jaipur is also well known for its awesome textiles. Sanganeri and Bagru block prints are the fashion designer’s craze. And how can we forget Bandhej print – the pride of this region.

You will also find a large number of shops dealing in antiques and pseudo-antiques near the Hawa Mahal. Shops opposite Hawa Mahal is seen with the famous Jaipuri quilts, weighing from a few hundred grams to a kilogram.

The stone and marble carving industry also requires special mention in Jaipur. The stone used is either procured from within Jaipur or from the marble mines of Makrana. The carvings portraits and busts created in here are held in high esteem everywhere.

M.I. Road

You will find a large number of emporia selling a variety of goods ranging from jewelry and brass work to textiles, to blue pottery, to woodwork, etc. They mostly attract the tourist from around the world.

Tripolia Bazar and Chaura Rasta

It is famous for textiles, utensils, ironware and trinkets. If you were always enthusiast about artisans at work, you may simply step into the side lanes and see for yourselves.

Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar

Come here for textiles, local perfumes and shoes made of camel skin.

Johari Bazar

This market is famous for jewelry and bandhej sarees. Gopalji ka Rasta and Haldion ka Rasta house numerous establishments selling jewelry. Traditional tie and dye fabrics and textiles are in abundance.

Best Wedding Saree Shops in Jaipur

1. Textorium, a Store-house of Elegance

Textorium Saree Shops in Jaipur

Textorium has been offering a wide range of sarees with highly created matching blouse with hand-painting, embroideries in timeless motives and exotic appliqués.

It awesome and elegant saree collection includes Bridal Ghagra-Chunni, blowses and ensembles fabric and embroidered border as an exclusive saree. They also resent embroideries from the bygone era in contemporary style. Antique embroideries used on the royal ensembles are translated into contemporary motives on sarees, lehngas and odhnis.

2. Vasansi Jaipur, a Unit of Jaipur Saree Kendra

Vasansi Jaipur,  Saree Kendra

They are abundant in variety of wedding collection of sarees, wedding silk sarees, fancy wedding sarees, printed wedding sarees and embroidered wedding sarees. They also offer kalanjali silk sarees and botic printed silk sarees salwar soot, bridal wedding lehenga, fancy wedding lehenga, fashion wedding lehenga, designer wedding lehenga and stylish wedding lehenga in various ranges and styles.

3. ZariSilk, the Finest Indian Ethnic wear Showroom

ZariSilk, Ethnic wear Showroom

Zari Silk is the finest Indian ethnic wear showroom for Bridal Wear shopping in Jaipur. They are specializing in bridal wear creating exquisite and delicately handcrafted masterpieces that can be passed on to generations. They have been successful in preserving the Indian fashion tradition and the legacy of the Indian craftsman in the bridal sarees they make. Their stores are spread in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Indore, Raipur, Mumbai and Bangalore.

4. Pratap Sons, the niche Wedding Saree Shop

Pratap Sons, Wedding Saree Shop Jaipur

Pratap Sons was founded in 1954 and ever since has been able to carve out a niche for itself in the Jaipur fashion market. Pratap Sons is a designer showroom with all the trapping of good fashion for your wedding. You will find designer sarees, silks, lehengas, salwars, unstitched suits and indo-western wear for your wedding. Rich, intricate designs delicately crafted onto bright fabrics exhibits ethnic fashion in all its grandeur. With a spanking new 40,000 sq. ft. showroom on Tonk Road, Jaipur Pratap Sons has been able to provide its customers an elegant, graceful and stylish way of dressing.

5. Nikhar Fashions, the Exquisite Collection of Wedding Sarees

Nikhar Fashions Saree jaipur

Nikhar Fashions in Jaipur includes a fascinating collection of bridal, designer, party wear, fancy embroidery, traditional and other fine quality of sarees and ethnic wear. With the aim to successfully meet the demands of a large number of customers with different preferences, the store fabricates a wide range of sarees in different patterns and hues. The exquisite collection of fancy sarees and other dress materials for all occasions has been playing a magnetic effect on its beholder. The brand emphasizes to provide the latest stylist and fashionable wears to the valued clients, and have always been at the forefront of fashion, ever since of its inception.

The quality, finishing, looks, designs, patterns and colors, everything is redefined, with the aid of the combined efforts of man and machines at Nikhar Fashions.

Address: 16, Saraogi Mansion Front Showroom, M I Road, M I Road, Jaipur, RJ 302003, India

Contact no: +91 141 257 6564

6. RoopLaxmi, One Roof Store for Every Bridal Wear

RoopLaxmi Sarees Shop jaipur

Roop Laxmi Suit & Sarees in Jaipur has been providing you with the best services possible in Jaipur in terms of wedding saree. Their goal is to accommodate customers’ demands for the supreme services they deserve. They have been achieving this goal through honesty and integrity. They are always early and you will get your wedding party wear out of the latest trend in the market. They are dedicated to giving responsive service to each and every customer providing service all over Jaipur.

Address: Johari Bazar Rd, Pink City, Jaipur, RJ 302003, India

Phone: +91 141 257 8360

7. Ranas Silks & Sarees, with the Most Fashionable Designer Sarees

Ranas Silks & Sarees

Even though times have changed and so is fashion, the ethnicity of the vivid and lively Rajasthan is still reflected on the brides wear. Thus, Rana features the finest, most fashionable Designer Sarees, Bridal Sarees, Crepe Silk Sarees, Bandhej Sarees, Brasso Sarees, Brocade Silk, Cotton Silk Sarees, Embroidered Sarees, Fashion Sarees, Fancy Sarees, Lehenga Sarees, Handwork Sarees, Partywear Sarees, Printed Sarees, Sherwani Suits, Texedos Suits, Wedding Mojari, Wedding Purse, Bollywood Lehenga, Banarasi Saree, Anarkali Salwar Kameez, Bandhani Salwar Kameez, Bridal Lehenga, Designer Lehengas, Designer Salwar Suits, Dulhan Lehenga, Georgette Saree, Gujarati White & Red Saree, Indian Sherwani, Indowestern, Kurta Pyjama, Lehenga Choli, Patiala Salwar, Ramp Sarees, Catwalk Sarees in unparallel quality.

8. Vasari India, the Famous Brands in Women’s Wear

Vasari India

Vasari is one of the famous brands in women’s bridal wear. The collection at Vasari includes party wear lehengas, sarres, choli, etc. At VASARI there is a complete range of cloths and fabrics for women like Fancy Sarees, Lehenga Sarees, Handwork Sarees, Partywear Sarees, Printed Sarees, Sherwani Suits, Texedos Suits, Wedding Mojari, Wedding Purse, Bollywood Lehenga, Banarasi Saree, Anarkali Salwar Kameez, Bandhani Salwar Kameez, Bridal Lehenga and so on. The variety of fabrics caters to the needs of both the elite class people as well as the middle class.

9. Sattva Saree, the Eminent Bridal & Designer Saree Store

Sattva Saree jaipur

Sattva Saree is another reputed and eminent bridal and designer saree store of Jaipur. Sattva houses unique sarees that have been hand-crafted to make a woman look elegant on their wedding day. Made from finest quality of fabrics, outfits from Sattva are innovated from classical Indian aesthetics and are synonymous with efficiency and quality. Having already captured the imagination of its target audience in Jaipur, they are sure to woo the tasteful buyers of the capital of the country.

Sattva is a brand of Shubham Resorts Pvt Ltd with an annual turnover of more than 10 crore. It is a registered company under company’s act and Rajasthan sale tax act.

10. Kamya, a Retail Wedding Showroom

 Kamya, Wedding Showroom

Kamya Saree in Jaipur has been providing you with the best services possible in Jaipur in terms of wedding saree. Their goal is to accommodate customers’ demands for the supreme services they deserve. They have been achieving this goal through honesty and integrity. They are always early and you will get your wedding party wear out of the latest trend in the market. They are dedicated to giving responsive service to each and every customer providing service all over Jaipur.

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