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10 most important things to know before buying a perfect engagement ring

buying a perfect engagement ring

Planning on popping the question? Then you must be looking for ways to find that perfect engagement ring that will show how much you love your partner. An engagement ring is a long term investment, not just in money terms, but also because every time you will glance at it, it will remind you of the love you share with your partner. Planning ahead is always better than regretting later on.

Here are the most important tips for finding a perfect engagement ring for your beloved.

1. Estimate your budget:  it is often said that an engagement ring will eat up two months worth salary. Planning ahead on budget helps in knowing your price range and is also helpful to the jeweler. Knowing your affordability in advance helps you not to feel cheated afterward, or regret. But always keep in mind that the budget may go up, be prepared for it.

2. Choose a good jewelry store: choose a store which has all the certificates. Try to avoid chain stores. You can ask for recommendations from friends and family. The jeweler should be able to customize your preferences if need arises. Also the store must be friendly and comfortable as choosing an engagement ring is a stressful task.

3. Discuss with others: you may want to know other people’s experiences. Search online or discuss with your married friends and family persons. You can even take someone with you when you go shopping. Discussing will give you ideas and make you more prepared.

4. Pay attention to her jewelry choice: listen carefully whenever she/he discusses jewelry or try to gauge your beloved’s tastes and references through actions and getup. Discuss jewelry, especially rings just casually with her. Know her size beforehand. Either you can take your partner to along with you to shop for the ring, or if you are planning on surprising, then take into confidence her mother or best friend. Remember, it’s not you who would have to wear the ring every day, it’s your partner.

5. 4 Cs and then the 5th one:  studying ahead about the ring you are going to buy helps you in choose the best ring. The most important chapters of a ring guide are 4 Cs- cut, carat, clarity, and color of the stone. Add to it a 5th C- cost. Choosing a ring which is not purely diamond and platinum but can easily pass for one for years to come can be a good option for your budget. Who cares if the solitaire is 18 carat or not, a cubic zirconia is cheaper as well as looks exactly the same. You may want to consider these options before buying the ring. Cut of diamond can enhance its sparkle and beauty. Clearer the diamond, higher will be the price. Know the scales which are used to measure clarity and color of a gemstone to gauge its accurate price.

6. Research thoroughly: know all about metals, gemstones and setting beforehand. Cost of metals, whether platinum or gold, solitaire of some other, and setting of stone on band will guide you a lot when you will go to the store and will have numerous choices in front of you. A thin band around the stone may give the illusion of it being bigger, or a combination of metals and style can increase durability of the ring.

7. Practicality and durability: practicality and durability are most important things to make the ring last lifelong or even be converted into heirloom, to be passed on generation to generation. Know beforehand, what type of ring will suit her the most and retain its shape and size ever after years of wear and terr. If your partner loves outdoor activities, a lower gemstone setting is preferred, or if she is fashionable, then finds the latest trends. Platinum is more durable than gold, or for more durability, get an alloy of titanium and white gold for the band.

8. Purchase before proposal: you may not be able to get the ring immediately. Or you may opt for a customized ring. Plan the date of proposal well in advance, so that you may have the ring ready on time. Notify you jeweler about the expected date and collect the ring just before proposing so that you don’t have to worry about keeping it safe.

9. Get it insured: the ring should be bought with an eye for trading it up in future, so that you may not be at loss when in future your spouse changes his/her ring for a grander one. Also protect yourself against theft, get the ring insured. You are spending hard earned money on it, it’s worth it. Even if you have to pay your premium, so what! You have invested time and money for the ring. Get consultation for good insurance company. Have it numbered so that it will not get exchanged when out for polishing.

10. Get in writing: ask for all the certificates and warranties. The make, style, cut and cost should be with you in writing. A gemologist’s certification helps in long-term investment in the ring.

Now you are fully prepared to get the engagement ring. Decide upon the setting and go, pop the question. All the best wishes for you, good luck!

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Indian Wedding Jewelry for Brides in India

Jewelry is an indispensable part of Indian lifestyle and Indian weddings. They even have cultural though process added to it. Indian wedding jewelry is considered as an asset which is passed on from generation to generation. Indian jewelry is known to have a strong historical background which traces back to 5000 years in the past. India is a country of contrast and variety with a mixture of different traditions, belief and values. Every state in this country has a rituals and traditions of its own when comes to jewelry.

Indian Wedding Jewelry for Brides

Celebrating Indian weddings without Indian bridal jewelry is almost an idea unimaginable. Indian families are very particular about their wedding ensemble, particularly the wedding lehenga or bridal saree. The accessory she wears is like the cherry on the top of a dessert. Scintillating gold Indian wedding jewelry always plays a perfect part in enhancing the appearance of the bride since gold is considered pretty auspicious in India.

Jewelry is not much seen as a symbol of status in India. Mothers are seen passing their heritage Indian wedding jewelry to their daughters and daughter-in-laws as a part the rich custom. Indian jewelry has gained its popularity not only in India but all round the world for its classiness and elegance. Fashion industry has seen immense improvement and advancement in designing of India bridal jewelry where jewelry designers are using special kind of materials to make each piece exclusive and unique. The aim is to cherish the moment for ever.

Indian Bridal Jewellery

Different materials require different finishes to give a completed look on the jewelry. A few of the most popular type of finishes includes brushed, hammered, satin or matte and high polish finishes. It is seen that highly polished finish jewelry is the most popular amongst Indian wedding jewelry as they add sheen to the jeweled pieces and make it highly reflective. While satin or matte finish jewelry offer less shine and reflection and is embedded with multicolor precious and semi precious stones. Brushed finish presents a textured look leaving some brush stroke effect. The hammered or embossed finish is used to give a distinctive wavy texture to the jeweled ornaments making it perfect for the occasion.

Where to Buy Wedding Lehengas for Brides in Delhi!

Well, Delhi is flooded with brides-to-be to shop for their wedding lehenge. There are tons of places in Delhi that sells Wedding Lehengas at the most appropriate prices. Again, if you are an NRI, and would like to purchase something from Delhi, I would suggest you to get something custom made from India. However, below is the list of some of the best shops displaying the most beautiful Wedding Lehengas for all the brides-to-be in India.

Wedding Lehengas for Brides in Delhi

Buy Wedding Lehengas

Frontier Raas(Sale is on August- September) : This is the most sought place for Bridal lehenga in Delhi. The range starts from 20K and goes up to about 4 L. They have styles of gota-patti work ,kundan work, sequin work and the styles emulate a lot of Sabyasachi , Manish Malhotra & Anamika Khanna. They tend to show you the good stuff if you can prove that you are serious otherwise it will be only waste of time as they show mediocre things initially.

Chandni Chowk: As soon as you get off the Chandni Chowk metro station and you will be attacked by ‘Lehenga Agents’ who will take you to their favorite shop for their part of commission. You will find lehengas for as little as 10K, some gorgeous options at 50K and even go upto 5L. Of the lot the most famous of all is the ‘Om Prakash Jawahar Lal’. They have the most wonderful collection, especially if you have a fetish for swarovski work. You may not get a 24 kali lehenga but maybe a 14-18 kali lehenga. Other shops in Chandni Chowk show you panels and for you to mix and match, all you need is a little.


Designers: If you can afford a heavy budget on your bridal lehenga, say at least 2.5 L, I would suggest you to head to Emporio Mall in Vasant Kunj. It has all designer work such as Suneet Varma, Pallavi Jaikishan, Anamika Khanna, Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani and Varun Bahl under one roof. Even if you can’t afford this stuff, still go and check it out because you get a ton of ideas for what kind of lehenga might work on you.

Bridal Asia, Vivaha and Jalsa Exhibitions: If you want a stylized, customized option but at the same time do not want to spend much, approach time independent designers. They are a lot cheaper than the big brands and you can also customize according to your own style. What-so-ever, they rarely sell lehengas for less than 80K and mostly hover around the 1 to 1.5 L mark. These designers usually display in exhibitions and they are worth attending. There are a ton of small time designers in Delhi who will not only help you with your bridal lehenga, but also for your engagement options, trousseau outfits etc.

CTC Motinagar: The lehenga in CTC Motinagar ranges from 30 K to 5 L. They also provide a lot of customization option to help you create your own lehenga. Their designer is quite creative. Hoiwever, you won’t find too many great options at less than 80K but in the >80K segment there are a bulk of amazing options for you to explore.

Ushnaq Mal: Ushnaq Mal is one of the oldest shops in Delhi that is still at its bloom. You may not like all of the options few of them a few are truly worth taking a look. You are also allowed to mix and match. Moreover, they are relatively reasonable and cheap compared to frontier and the likes.

Hauz khaz village: The Hauz khaz village is a must visit if you are in Delhi. It is the most preferred option if you wan an ultra stylish lehenga. The prices are not cheap; however, the designs are definitely worth a look.

Brides-Lehengasin Delhi

A few quick tips for Lehenga Shopping

Visit during Sale time for best Bargain: Remember that even shops like Frontier give discount. All you need is to know the art of asking.

Shop dual dupatta’s: Every bride needs two dupattas; one on the head and one separately round the waist and over the shoulder. The lighter net dupatta is usually put on the head and the heavier one in the usual drape.

Do not skip the Waist belt: Lehengas look very beautiful with waist belts. They add that Indian princess look, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Get flare lehengas for your wedding day and store the fish kali and slim silhouettes for engagement/ reception: Indian brides usually look full and flared, traditional and classic. The modern silhouettes should be left to the other functions.

Don’t go with a closed mind about colors: Be flexible on the color when you go shopping. For example, if you are determined to NOT buy a red lehenga, I am afraid you might end up buying a red one only.

Don’t judge shops by the products on their website: Do not every judge shops by the products displayed on their website: Shop being an online freak and step in the real world. It is a complete topsy-turvy ride.

Do not exceed your budget: If your budget is 1L stick to that. Once you start seeing some of the 2L ones, I know you won’t feel like coming back to the 1L ones. Therefore, see only your budget, because the expensive ones start tempting you all the more.

Top 5 Gold Jewelry Brands In India

India and Gold jewelry is something inseparable from each other. Indians considers gold to be a sacred element. It has much religious significance linked to it. Thus gold jewelries in India have a special place in the hearts of the people. Jewelry brands are a very new concept in India because earlier Indian were used to buying gold from their local family jewelers. Gold is required for every auspicious occasion in this nation, be it in weddings or festive seasons like Diwali etc. During this time the jewelry brands are seen to be in very good shape and doing good business. Since Diwali is on the doorstep, let us take a look at the top 5 gold jewelry brands in India you can go to this season.

Here are the most popular and the best Gold Jewelry Brands in India:

1.Tanishq, a Designer Jewelry Brand in India

Tanishq Jewelry In India

Tanishq belongs to the Tata group thus gaining an obvious edge over the other brands. Even though Tanishq is relatively new it has been able to introduce the concept of jewelry as a ‘brand’ in India, hogging the obvious benefits thereafter. The gold jewelry designs of Tanishq are seen to be the inclusion of all the different specialties of the different states in India. Their USP is the ‘purity’ of gold they sell.

2. P. C. Chandra Jewellers, the Trusted Brand from the East

P. C. Chandra Jewellers In India

P. C. Chandra Jewellers are from east India with its base in Kolkata specializing in Bengali gold jewelry designs. The designs they come up with are highly culture specific and appeal to traditions. This gives regional brands like P. C. Chandra a chance to make it big in the market. The Goldlite collection launched by P. C. Chandra has been gaining immense popularity especially with the rising prices of gold.

3. D’damas, Dazzle the World

ddamas Jewellers

D’damas is a joint venture of the indigenous Gitanjali Jewellers and the UAE bases Damas group. It is a known name in the market for its unconventional gold jewelry designs. This brand taught Indians to step out of tradition and adopt a new contemporary way of wearing gold. They have an awesome range of Italian designs with Lara Dutta as the brand ambassador. The concept of wearing gold differently started appealing to the young Indian woman after her hit ad.

4. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) – the Original Brand Store

Thribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri

Thribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri was a household jeweler who could turn into a nation wide jewelry chain. It has been in business for more than about 150 years and today is considered as one of the top jewelry brands in India with their base in Mumbai. Their designs are decidedly elaborate and considered as the store house of the best wedding collections in town.

5. Jos Alukkas, a Tradition of Fine Jewelry

Jos Alukkas jewelry India

Jos Alukkas is another top jewelry brands for the south. It is based in Thrissur, Kerala with stores all across the 4 southern states. They have been dwelling in culture and tradition and thus being able to appeal to the hearts of the Indian. They are doing very well in the market, especially in the wedding jewelry section.

So if you are planning to buy gold this festive season then keeps these five names at the top of your list.

Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India

Below is the list of the Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India as per their sale rate, purity and designs. Have a look for your next shopping adventure.

1. Tanishq, Jewellery Store For Diamonds & Golds

Tanishq is a tribute to the craftsmanship, wrought in gold, diamonds and precious stones. An ode to the spirit behind the intricate jaali work, engraved marble and mosaic panels, exquisite calligraphy and perfect symmetry of the beautiful Taj Mahal.

2. Nakshatra

Nakshatra could introduce the concept of affordable branded diamond studded jewelry in India. It offers jewelry in superstores, department stores and other such retail outlets at MRP. It is loyal because of being able to offer the same quality, designs and prices throughout India with a certification of authenticity for the same from renowned diamond grading laboratory.

3. D’damas

D’damas has in-house designers, who are always in tune with the latest trends and consumer demands, to give the consumer jewelry that they will instantly fall in love with. You are allowed to choose from over 2,000 designs that emanate elegance, style and modernity. Thus by sheer choice it caters to all needs, moods, emotions and tastes of its consumers.

4. Nirvana Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Nirvana Diamond Jewellery has crafted diamond jewelry that appeal to the aspirations of every modern Indian woman. Its product line includes rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, pendant sets, necklaces, all set in 18K yellow and white gold.

5. Gili

Gili took everyone by surprise with its unique, inimitable and never seen before products. Its marvelous designs featuring a blend of Indian and western nuances had made Gili a stupendous sensation. Gili’s magical jewelry had swooned buyers all across the nation. Thus, Gili has been able to capture the heart of every Indian woman.

6. Asmi Diamond Jewellery, India

Asmi Diamond Jewellery was originally introduced by the Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC) in the year 2002. And ever since Asmi has been catering to the woman of substance and satisfying her mind for rewards recognition, evolving continuously to suite her style and personality.

7. Kiah Diamond Gewelry

Kiah design and create exquisite diamond jewelry sharing an eternal bond with the radiance and splendor that surrounds the true spirit of women. They pursuit to adorn women in their impeccably designed jewels. In Persian, Kiah means “A new beginning” symbolizing their vision of creating unique and resplendent designs every time.

8. Rivaaz

Rivaaz combines both affordability and quality assurance that typify Gitanjali. The range features enormous choice of notably delicate, light weight designs, in impeccable finish, with a high “wearable” quotient, traditional yet chic, ethnic yet modern.

9. Parineeta Wedding and Bridal Jewelry

Parineeta is all about wedding and bridal jewelry sets including necklace, earring, ring, bracelet and mang tika that can be used as pendant in gold, diamonds and colored gemstone, offering a range of choices to suit every type of wedding occasion. Every piece is artistically designed with a range of intricate patterns that draw inspiration from the golden period of India’s cultural heritage and history.

10. Diya Jewellery

Diya jewellery is one of the popular brands in the market manufacturing stylish jewelry pieces that enhance the look of the wearer to make her look impressive. The wide collection of the brand comprises number of earrings, necklace, anklets, rings, pendants and many more. The design of the collections is elegant, unique and stylish as well.

11. Sagaee

Sagee is a collection of diamond engagement bands to celebrate the first step towards marital commitment. It successfully blends tradition with a modern feel even on for an event as small yet important as the engagement. Sagaee is for all young women who have their roots firmly in tradition yet are moving ahead with times.

12. Gdivas

Gdivas is a stunning and sparkling range of light weight jewelry studded with diamonds, pearls and colored stones. The sleek and contemporary jewelry, in a mix of fusion and western designs, is the perfect everyday wear for the young working woman.

13. Kashvi

Kashvi uses certified gold to produce the entire batch of precisely replicated, elegant jewelry, in designs ranging from classic and traditional to contemporary hip, and from occasional-wear to daily-use. The latest Kashvi offerings in machine-made jewelry are ‘cut bangles’, smart, modern symbols of a world that is a global village, where communication is instant, and tastes change faster than the seasons.

14. Envi

Envi is a fascinating collection of mesmerizing emerald jewelry that is truly every woman’s fantasy. Adorned with one of these classy and timeless emerald pieces, she can make a distinctive style statement of her very own. Envi brings together the strengths of Gitanjali, India’s largest jewelry and lifestyle brand, and Gemfields, the world’s foremost producer of ethically mined colored gemstones of the finest quality.

15. Sia

There are many different varieties of jewelry, displayed through a systematic process in Sia. Customer related schemes of gift vouchers, credit note, privilege club and festival collections are also undertaken at Sia. The Gems Club is the privilege club for frequent shoppers at Sia, who are rewarded each time with gift vouchers, special previews and special discounts.

16. Orra

Beauty meets craftsmanship in Orra. The collection consists of handcrafted masterpieces, elegant diamond choker or a delicate necklace with intricate filigree, lending itself beautifully with classic ear studs or traditional diamond jhumkas. Whatever your reason, there’s a perfect piece of diamond jewelry crafted especially for you in Orra.

17. Sangini

Sangini Diamond Jewellery was originally introduced by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC). It is an expression of love and affection expressed by an admirer for his beloved and a sign that reinforces his commitment to her.

18. Moira

A unique new range that brings together two of Nature’s precious creations – pearls and diamonds – in a single, unified set of delicate, modern designs are found in Moira. Crafted with care and precision, the spherical shaped pearls are complemented with specially selected round diamonds. Moira combines the allure of lustrous freshwater pearls with the dazzle of natural diamonds for the woman who is destined to dazzle.

19. Karina

Karina is a delicate mix of precious rubies and exquisite diamonds placed intrinsically, to give fabulous a whole new meaning. Passionate, enchanting and alluring, the collection is a pleasurable mix of these precious stones that make the jewelry contemporary and chic. The collection also includes enticing emerald and diamond jewelry.

20. Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the flagship division of Malabar Group of Companies and is one of the fastest growing business conglomerates. Malabar Gold and Diamonds outlets display a wide variety of Gold, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum ornaments, catering to the requirements of its multi-cultural and multi-national customers. The majority of ornaments at Malabar Gold and Diamonds outlets are in 22K and diamond ornaments are in 18K.

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Top 10 Indian Jewelry Designers

The Indian jewelry designers are no less in creating a global impact because of their sexy and elegant style of jewelry designing art. Most of them stand unique as they are made from materials that might not be traditionally used.

Indian jewelry is known in the world market for its rich use of colors and uniqueness of its pieces. Do not worry you won’t be left out even if you do not hail from India. You can still purchase these kinds of pieces as online presence is felt too.

best Indian Jewelry Designers

Indian jewelry design goes back many eras. They are known for putting a lot of time and effort to make the pieces look perfect. Most of their source of inspiration is old architecture. Below are few of the most popular Indian jewelry designers of contemporary times.

1. Poonam Soni

Poonam Soni is one of the top jewelry designers of India of the present time. Her initial step is to sit with pen and paper and sketch. She started her career by emphasizing on the history of India. Today, she creates all different kinds of style. She started her business from home, and has branched out into boutiques now.

2. Parekh Platinum Limited

Parekh Platinum Limited is one of the leaders in chemicals, metallurgical technologies and fine jewelry. The company is only known for the advanced technologies applied to craft jewelry and precious metals. Their fine jewelry has been famous among the Indians for a long time now.

3. Farah Khan

Farah Khan has been in the jeweler designing market for 15 years now. She has qualified from the Gemology Institute of America in Santa Monica California in 1992-93. Farah Khan’s jewelry has been seen on some of Hollywood’s top actors and some of India’s top families. She mostly specializes in rings and ear rings.

4. Maheep Kapoor

You will find Maheep Kapoor’s jewelry designs in the Notandas & Sons jewelry store. She is famous for her unique collection. She has been in campaigns with this company and has been providing beautiful collection over the years since the tie-up.

5. Arvindkumar and Co.

Arvindkumar and company is the manufacturer, importer and exporter of all kinds of diamonds across the globe. They have been dealing with every kind of diamond from rough to polished diamonds for 20 years now.

6. Tanishq

The Tanishq Company was introduced in the market in the early 1990s. Who has not heard of the famous Tanishq watches? The first watch they made had 103 diamonds and was made of pure 18 carat gold.

7. Asha Kamal Modi

Asha Kamal Modi’s jewelry line is known as Art Karat. She launched her first line of beautiful jewels in 1988, when jewelry was only a concept in India. All of her pieces are created with a nature friendly approach and each stand unique.

8. Gili

Gili is another popular jewelry designer in India. They are one of the largest exporters of diamond jewelry and are famous in the market for their fascinating design.

9. Adora

Adora is a popular diamond jewelry brand in India. They were started up by a company in Mumbai. They mostly theme their jewels on love and celebrations of life. Their jewelry is worn by celebrities around the globe.

10. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri

Tribhocandas Bhimji Zavery, or TBZ are known to be the leaders of quality in Indian jewelry. All of their creations are unique which makes them extra valuable.

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Top 6 Jewellers who control India’s gold

Though gold prices have declined globally, the stalwarts of this trade are still doing rapid business. Here in the list of the top 6 India’s leading jewelers that has been successful to leave behind a glittering trail in the regional, national and even the global market.

1. Malabar Gold & Diamonds, MP Ahamed, Chairman

MP Ahamed, Chairman

MP Ahamed was born to a farmer family. He entered the business world in 1979 with an ice-making factory at Kozhikode. When his business wrecked in 1981, he started trading spices and copra.

In 1993, the 36-year-old was advised by someone to try his luck in gold. “I started with the Rs 50 lakh I had earned from my business and opened the first Malabar Gold & Diamonds showroom at Calicut,” says Ahamed who studied only till high school.

At that time, unfair trade practices were rampant. “I started my business with the motto of transparency. We were one of the first in the industry to introduce 100% BIS hallmarked jewelers,” he says.

Malabar today has 82 outlets, of which 52 are in India and 30 in Gulf Cooperation Countries. It plans to expand to more states in India as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the US and UK. “We are among the top five jewelry retailer groups in the world, and are striving to become number one,” says Ahamed.

  • TURNOVER: Rs 12,000 crore
  • Key Business Fact: Among top 5 jewelers in the world
  • USP: Value for money

2. Senco Gold Jewellers, Suvankar Sen, ED

Suvankar Sen, ED

Suvankar Sen joined his family business in 2007 that ventured into the gold jewelry business 75 years ago. Suvankar’s grandfather, Prabhat Chandra Sen, joined the business in 1950 and in 1968, opened the first shop in Kolkata’s jewelry hub, Bowbazar.

“I have added 16 new stores and we have expanded to Odisha, Assam, Jharkhand and Delhi. We now have the largest number of retail outlets in West Bengal,” says Suvankar, an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. Senco is also exporting to Dubai, Singapore, the US and UK.

“My focus is to highlight the art and creativity that gold artisans from Bengal are famous for,” he says. But the major obstacle, he says, is that customers in West Bengal are extremely price sensitive. It forced him to expand his business to other parts of India as well.

“I would love to go to Bali, my favorite destination,” says Suvankar, rushing into a video conference with an overseas client. He regrets that work takes away his leisure time and is left with no time for himself.

  • TURNOVER: Rs 900 crore
  • Key Business Fact: Largest player in West Bengal
  • USP: Affordable bridal jewelry

3. Rajesh Exports, Rajesh Mehta, Chairman

Rajesh Mehta, Chairman

Rajesh Mehta was a rank holder at the Karnataka higher secondary and senior secondary school examinations. But instead of pursuing higher education, he joined his father, Jaswantrai Mehta to help him supply semiprecious and imitation stones to jewelers. “I gradually developed an interest in the business,” says the 49-year-old Mehta.

In 1982, Mehta borrowed Rs 1,200 from his brother as he wanted to manufacture jewelry. He did that in the garage of their Bangalore home. However, in 1995, Rajesh Exports entered the capital market with a public issue and could raise an awesome Rs 10 crore.

Mehta has an aggressive roadmap for his business. “Within four years, we plan to have 2,000 showrooms pan-India,” says Mehta.

  • TURNOVER: Rs 30,000 crore
  • Key Business Fact: Integrated player
  • USP: No making charges

4. Krishniah Chetty & Sons, C Vinod Hayagriv, Managing Director

Cotha Krishniah Chetty

Cotha Krishniah Chetty started out by selling Armenian colored beads to the British in Bangalore Cantonment in the 1800’s. The company was then appointed as distributor for Rolex of Switzerland, and imported products from Mappin & Webb, and The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company of London.

“Rolex made diamond-encrusted dials with the name C Krishniah Chetty & Sons on top. Not many companies in the world can claim that honor,” says C Vinod Hayagriv, a fifth generation family member who joined the company in 1981, fresh out of school.

“Excellence is a process. I am not tired, and that is something I could be happy about,” he says on the event when his two gemologist sons joined the business.

  • TURNOVER: Rs 600 crore
  • Key Business Fact: Jeweler to the rich and famous
  • USP: World-class design

5. Bhima Jewellers, Dr B Govindan, CMD

 Dr B Govindan

K Bhima Bhattar started his first jewelry showroom in a small shop in Alappuzha, Kerala with the vision of selling pure gold. “This learning has helped me and my brothers to run the business successfully and to be a part of the lives of countless people,” says Dr B Govindan. At that time he did not visualize creating a sprawling chain of two dozen stores across South India. He claims that the company was the first to implement hallmarking, bar coding and the rate card system and also to get an ISO certification among jewelers.

“In the next five years, the company hopes to add 25 stores across India and establish a stronger presence in West Asia,” he says.

  • TURNOVER: Rs 8,000 crore
  • Key Business Fact: Kerala’s highest tax-paying retailer
  • USP: Certified purity

6. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri,S Gopaldas Zaveri,CMD

S Gopaldas Zaveri,CMD

“I knew the tricks of the trade and the areas where I could add value to the business,” says Zaveri, who took over as CMD in 2000. He joined his family business at a ripe age of 19 years.

In 1864, the late Shri Bhimji Zaveri started Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) in a tiny tin shack at Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazar.

“Deep insight into customer behavior gave TBZ an early edge. In 1938, Bhimji Zaveri’s grandson Gopaldas Zaveri shook up the market by offering a full-value gold buy-back scheme, which is still in operation,” says Zaveri. “TBZ was also the first to promote lightweight jewelry and offer certified solitaire diamonds,” he says.

The company was listed on the stock exchange in May 2012. He aims in expanding the store network to 57 from the current 23 across India by March 2015.

  • TURNOVER: Rs 1,385 crore
  • Key Business Fact: Public listing in May 2012
  • USP: Strong brand recognition

First Year Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Nothing can be compared to marriage life. It is something very different from being in a relationship or dating. Marriage is at all easy as it seems. It is actually an uphill battle with tons of do’s and don’ts for both the spouse to follow. However, what is most common in any marriage is the unconditional love between both of them.

But, things turn out to be a bit different if you married the love of your life. Couples who have dated before they wed might follow a different set of rules and regulations when it comes to marriage as they know each other better. But, since in India most opts for arranged marriages, life as a married couple can be a little rough at the initial stages.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

The first few months are the most crucial in every marriage. It is the time when you get to know each other. Arranged married couples who find it difficult in knowing their partner can make use of some of the ways in which they can get to know his/ her likes and dislikes. Do the things you like. It indirectly tells you partner your likes.

And when your first anniversary comes, by that time the two of you will be quite acquainted with each others likes and dislikes. But, if you are still confused about how to spend your first anniversary with your life partner, I have come up with a few tips below:

The first meet

Make your first anniversary extra special for your partner by planning your anniversary in the place where you two met the very first time. This will bring in old memories and spark your love.

Make it special at home

C’mon it is your first anniversary, it needs to be huge. Start by celebrating it at home. Husbands can make their wives feel special with a surprise breakfast in bed.

Magic of cards

The magic of a romantic card is mesmerizing. Surprise her by placing your first year anniversary card on her pillow and when she wakes up give her a kiss.

Buy your love something

Since, by now you are aware of your partner’s likes and dislikes pamper each other with beautiful gifts that will bring a smile on both of them.

For the love of nature

You can spend your first year anniversary amidst quite and calm nature. Take a drive to a place where you will have all the privacy to celebrate the special day.

Spend it with others

You may also spend your first year anniversary with a social cause. Visit an orphanage or a cancer treatment home to spend your day.

Drive and feel the breeze

To get back to charm on your anniversary, drive down to your favorite destination and feel the cool breeze on the way. Most couples love long drives as it gives quality time alone.

Renew your vows

You can celebrate your wedding day by renewing your vows to each other. It will build up the love in your marriage again and spark up for life for another year – as brand as new.

With the family

Families with be the most excited upon your completion of happy married life. Why not share the day with them? Invite your parents and in-laws to a nice and cozy family gathering.

Do something new together

If you both are of adventurous nature, celebrate your wedding day with some thrilling acts. Go crazy and live the day to the fullest.

What to consider while buying Diamonds for wedding

Before you read any further let me make it clear that this articles revolves nowhere around the 4 C’s while buying diamonds. There are many websites on the internet that will provide you with information on the same. Because while planning diamonds for an Indian wedding there are a few other considerations you should make before taking back the receipt for the shop.

buying Diamonds for wedding

Let me give you the happiest news for the diamond enthusiast. The price of diamond has fallen down by 2.1% as of July 2013 for 1-carat certified polished diamonds. According to ET article dated August 6, 2013, it declined 3.7 per cent during the month for 0.30-carat diamonds, 3 per cent for 0.50-carat diamonds, and 1.3 per cent for 3-carat diamonds. Since, I have been emphasizing on the saving part on your wedding planning, this is the chance to take the advantage. Unfortunately I was never lucky during my wedding. The gold at that time was high and so were the diamond.

Remember that if you buy 2 half carat diamonds separately, the price will be lesser than 1 one carat diamond as a whole provided all the other factors such as cut, color, clarity is the same. Bigger the size higher the price is the mantra behind it. So, if you choose to design jewelry which has 1 big diamond and a few small diamonds, the rate of small diamonds will be different from the rate of that big diamond. Therefore, do not sum up the total carats of the ring and multiply with the rate.

Buying Diamonds Carat
Buying Diamonds Carat

Note that the price is increased after increased after. Let me give you an example, you will see a substantial difference in the price of a 27 cent diamond and a 30 cent diamond. However, it is surprising to note that there is only a little price gap in a 21 cent and 27 cent diamond and you get a considerably bigger size. The reason being: the slab changes after 27 cents.

Diamond Baguettes: Baguettes are actually made from the left overs (Chura) of diamonds and almost charged equally in India.

Diamond Baguettes Ring for Wedding
Diamond Baguettes Ring for Wedding

Diamond Baguettes ring

Well, reselling your diamond jewelry is never easy as returning gold. Check out the resale value of the product. If your design consists of Baguettes, ask about its resale value. The rates differ from one jeweler to another. If you feel that the process is too complicated, keep on asking for clarification. After all, it is your hard earned money and you did not get it for free.

A Marathi Weddings tip: Wedding jewelry shopping take up a significant portion of your wedding budget. Therefore, spend wisely!