Indian Wedding Games

Indian Wedding Games

The success matra behind every healthy relationship is intimacy and a sense of awe for the partner. Indian arranged marriages are no longer surprise packages. Today, they have at least some information of their would-be spouse. But in the olden days, arranged marriage system did not allow the bride and groom to meet prior to […]

Simply the basic Background Check before Getting Married

Background Check

Arrange marriages brings along lots of insecurities and doubts. Indian marriages earlier used to be set up by family and relatives and therefore very secure. But today, times have changed. Matches are being found online and through bureaus. You do not know the person beforehand. You cannot be fully assured that he/she has put up […]

How to dodge the 7 most famous Indian Pre-wedding mistakes

wedding venue

Indian weddings last very long. Each ceremony is unique in itself and needs different approaches. Most couples therefore often up with some goof up or the other. Actually, it is the rituals that make the whole process complicated. But, do not worry! We are here to help you cut out on the 7 most influential […]