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20 Must Watch Romantic Movies for Couples

Romantic movies directly strike our hearts. We cannot help laughing or crying long with characters. That is something involuntary to come out of you if you are in love. As Tom Hiddleston says, “When done right, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, better in the cinema.” Well, I definitely agree to him.

Best Romantic Movies for Couples

Today we have come up with a list of the most romantic movies to watch with your partner. Our collection includes smash-hit chick flicks, romcom fabs, forbidden love, epic tales of lovers, teen classics, and heartbreaking films to leave you shattered. Choose your pick and plan a romantic date night with your partner.

Top 20 Must Watch Romantic Movies for Couples

1. PS, I love you (2007)

Evergreen romantic film of all times. The story is about a young widow who discovers that her late husband left her messages to help her cut down pain and start a new life.

2. A Walk to Remember (2002)

A great movie inspired by Nicholas Sparks’ ‘A Walk to Remember’. Two North Carolina teens are thrown together and one is made to do community service. A heartwarming and heart wrenching watch.

3. Twilight (2008)

Twilight is an unnatural story about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire and is ready to risk everything to get her love.

4. If Only (2004)

A wonderful movie to watch with your love. A young businessman learns to put love ahead of work to open up to his musician girlfriend.

5. He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

A good comedy with interconnecting stories. You will find at least one story to connect yourself with.

6. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

This one is a must watch. When a woman gets the news of the engagement of her long-time friend, she sets out to get him quite close to the wedding.

7. Water for Elephants (2011)

The treatment is unique and you will love to watch it with your love. A great way to spend some quality time with your partner.

8. The Notebook (2004)

One of the most romantic movies of this era. A poor and passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman and a separated because of their social differences.

9. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

A fairytale love story with a recently-widowed man’s son calling a radio talk show to find his father a partner.

10. The Wedding Singer (1998)

Everything about the movie is just perfect to watch it with your partner. The lead couple is engaged to the wrong people. Destiny helps them discover each other.

11. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

This movie is just the best! Great cast, funny story and a perfect ending. Do not miss this one.

12. Meet the Parents (2000)

This movie is about meeting in laws which are mandatory if you are in a dedicated relationship. Male nurse meets his girlfriend’s parents before proposing and how her suspicious father turns into his worst nightmare.

13. Wedding Crashers

This movie might not fall into the classic category, but trust me your jaws will hurt towards the end. Hence, a must watch too.

14. What Women Want (2000)

A chauvinist executive gains the ability to hear what women really thinking after an accident. One hell of a movie to watch with your partner.

15. Never Been Kissed (1999)

A journalist enrolls in her old high school as part of her research for a story. It is full of teen drama, risky love and a sweet ending.

16. Pretty in Pink (1986)

A poor girl fixed between choosing her childhood sweetheart and a rich sensitive playboy. This movie will never bore you.

17.   The Princess Bride (1987)

A classic fairy tale with swordplay, giants, an evil prince, a beautiful princess. Cuddle along with your partner as you watch this movie.

18. Love Actually (2003)

Classic romantic movie of all times. Eight different couples dealing with their love bound by loosely interrelated stories.

19. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Another must watch classic tale about a British woman who is determined to improve herself while she looks for love.

20. Pretty Woman (1990)

One of the most romantic movies with unexpected love and relationship. You are sure to fall in the feeling of love again.

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20 Things Every Indian Woman Should Do Before She Gets Married

Marriage is a milestone that has to be achieved by every girl. No matter how much you run away from it, the big day is bound to come. No matter how many darkest moments have been in your lives and how many breakups and fights you have gone through, you will have to stick on. You never know that these events may turn out to be beneficial in the long run.

Amidst all the commotion of turn out to be beneficial, you often forget to focus on all the awesome things that you should do before tying the knot. I am not saying that you won’t be allowed to do those after marriage but what you enjoy doing as a spinster will be a lot different as a married women, especially in India where marriage calls for a unique bond with the spouse’s family members too.


Below is the list of the top 20 things every woman should do before sitting on the mandap.

  1. Go for an adventure with your closest female friends. There is something especially liberating, eye-opening, and bond-bolstering
  2. Heartbreaks are literally heartbreaking. But, if you have had one in the past it will actually make you strong for the new relationship and teach you not to take the other person for granted.
  3. Travel with your would-be spouse. This way you will get to know him better and also check if you have anything in common, if his is as nuts as you.
  4. If you want to, go for it. Dump the person who made you weak. It is always empowering to be the one who called the final shot in a relationship at one time or another.
  5. Discuss about your finances with your future spouse. Make sure you know where you stand on and where your partner stands on spending and saving so that you may plan your future well. Money matters can be serious buzz kills for marital bliss
  6. Arrange your finances and set them in order. Make sure you do not carry a heavy burden of credit to your husband’s home. Try to lighten it as much as you can.
  7. Leave all by yourself or with your girlfriend for some time; no parental interference. Autonomy for sometime will prove to be a boon for you and you will enjoy your life.
  8. Do something memorable that you will cherish for lifetime. It might be stupid or naughty, but at least you will have something to reminisce about.
  9. Learn how to cook. This is something important in India. It is reassuring to know that you can fend for yourself in the kitchen.
  10. Live-in relationships are made legal in India. So, if you want to take a test drive live with your partner for a while. You will get an idea of what the future holds.
  11. Give extra importance to yourself because you deserve it.
  12. Travel to an exotic place and enjoy bit of your single life.
  13. Face one of your biggest fears like skydiving, public speaking, watching horror movies alone, etc.
  14. One big blowout fight with your future spouse won’t be a bad idea. But, do not leave it open. Sort it out. This way you will come more closure to each other.
  15. Focus on your education. Spend your pre-marital time getting degree and fulfilling your goal in life.
  16. Find what you love doing, in order words your hobby and practice it for a happy soul.
  17. Spend way too much on a something frivolous to make yourself happy.
  18. Gather your exact feeling about kids and discuss it with your partner so that you do not get hitched later on.
  19. Exorcise all past relationship demons, forgive, forget and move on. There is no valid argument for sticking on to the past.
  20. Introspect. Get to know who you are and what you exactly want from life.

Fengshui Tips for Happy Married Life

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment. It is in fact an art that has an influence in each and every part of life. One of them is the married life.  Below are few of the Feng shui you may apply for a blissful married life and to bring back the love and passion.

Happy Married LifeRead to find out tips for a happy married life.

Color: Color is an important entity in Feng Shui. The pink, yellow or brown color attracts and improves love and relations. Increase passion in your relationship with fire elements like red curtains in your room. You may also experiment by splashing some pink or light red on the walls.

Direction: The Southwest corner of your home is known to govern the luck of love, romance and relationships. Natural crystals are effective for energizing the Southwest corner of your home. Place a crystal on the Southwest corner of your living room or bedroom. It will activate and enhance your romance luck in your love life. A cream colored ceramic vase with artificial yellow flowers is also ideal.

Bed: In Feng shui if your bed is placed in line with any doors of the room, it is considered as a bad omen. Also do not place your bed under a sloped ceiling.  Beds with built-in storage drawers underneath are not good either. Make sure to have a good supporting wall behind your bed along with a good headboard. It is also advisable not to sleep under the window. You may however place nightstands on both sides of the bed provided it does not have pointed edges. A chandelier above your bed also not a good sign. Also make sure to keep all doors in the bedroom closed at night.

Mattress: Never buy or use used mattresses in your bed as negative energies for the previous owners may have an impact on your relationship. Always use single mattresses in the bed.

Mirrors: Do not keep your bed facing the mirror or the ceiling in Feng Shui. Keep it always covered when not in use.

Electronics: Do not have the Television hung up on your bed room. It is a bed room and not a living room. But, if you are pro TV, keep it covered when not in use. And do not let it face the bed directly.

Mend Relationships: If you are trying to get out of a serious breakup, throw away all the clutter of the old relationships like photographs, mementos or anything reminding of the previous relationship. Also throw away the love letters or the old sheets if it is still with you. If you want to make way of a new romantic partner in your heart, make sure to make space for the new person in your home too.

Use Pairs: If you have photos or paintings in your house, make sure that there is pair in it, like love birds, mandarin ducks, pair of geese etc. Instead of one side table, get two.

Maintain Balance: Maintain perfect balance on both sides of the bed. For example use same end tables, lamps, equal candles on both the sides.

Things to Avoid: Water symbols in the room like aquariums or pictures of rivers, waterfalls etc is a big no no. Avoid decorating the bedroom with potted plants or artificial or fresh flowers. They never bring good luck.

Tips for Surviving the First year of Marriage

Marriage is entering into a complete topsy-turvy land. It is mostly the first year of marriage that determines the future of the couple, whether they will be able to adjust with each other and lead a successful married life. Unfortunately it is seen that several newly married couples end up having divorce within a year of tying the knot because of the lack of compromise between the two.

Researchers opine that most of these divorces happen because the newly married couple is not prepared to face the difficult challenges ahead of them. When they sit on the alter all they think of is the good times they are going to have post marriage completely ignoring that fact the marriage is a rollercoaster ride and you can not expect to be always dancing in the rain. They know that the honeymoon period will end soon but fail to think beyond that.

Be it in love marriage or arranged, the first year marriage problems are pretty serious to test the relationship for the first time. Dating and marriage are two completely different entities. You need to lay a strong foundation when your marriage is still fresh. Confront your first year marriage problems and work on it as a couple for a blissful life ahead.

first year marriage problems

Below are some of the common first year marriage problems you should prepare for.

Sharing household chores

Defining each others’ roles is very important in a marriage when it comes to household chores. In today age you will hardly find a women who is not career oriented and therefore housework has to be shared. This is where newly married couple goes through hell trying to figure out who will be doing what. Allot who will be doing the dishes and who the laundry.

Facing financial Issues

You may be of the kind who loves saving but your partner may be completely the opposite. Who pays what share of the expenses is one of the major first year marriage problems couples need to deal with.

Watch out for personal hygiene

It is seen in most couple that may disturbing habits about the partner comes into notice. You may realize that your partner doesn’t take bath for 3 days in a row or keeps dirty underwear in the wardrobe. These disgusting habits might lead to fights.

Being bit too obsessive

Yes, it is the first year of your marriage and your romance is still fresh. But do not get too much swayed away and give your partner a feel of you being too obsessive.

Cope up with lifestyle differences

You both may be from completely different background enjoying different lifestyle. Try to cope up with your partner and learn the art of compromise to prevent the initial hiccups.

Parental Interference is a bad idea

Since marriage is a family issue in India, that does not mean you will let your in-laws interfere in every single fight you have. This is a common mistake couples make in the initial phase of their marriage.

Avoid boredom

This is a commonly seen phenomenon. When you are a couple you always tend to be hot and happening. But once you get married you tend to spend most of the time at home and get converted into a boring couple. Avoid that. Go out, be socializing!

Drawing the line where necessary

In your initial fights as a married couple you tend to go haywire. You do not know where to stop and what to say. A newly married couple should take some time to understand where to end a fight else consequences might be severe.

Spend time with friends

After marriage, you end up spending all your time with your spouse. But do not forget you have a different life outside the two of you as well. Enjoy it too to avoid frustration.

Ego wars are the worst of all

Newly married couples do not normally let go off their ego. They do not understand the fact that ego means nothing in a marriage.

Tricks to Spy on Your Husband Smartly

Before I even start on the tricks let me remind you that spying is not at all a healthy behavior, especially if you are planning on spying on your spouse. It is the gateway to an unhealthy married life. Nonetheless, there are many women who spy on their husbands. Most of them because of curiosity and others because they fear that their husbands are cheating on them with another woman.

Hold on! Do not think that only women spy on their husbands, but men do on their wives too. But that is not what we will be dealing with today. Let’s talk about women. Women spy on their husbands for different reasons. Since the number of cheating husbands is very high it is natural for women to feel a bit insecure for their men.


I must emphasize that spying must be a daunting task. If you are spying on your husband, make sure never to get caught. I suggest brainstorming to come out with smart tricks. Below are a few ideas to help you spy on your husband without getting caught.

Talk to his friends regularly

You should know about all of his friends so that you know exactly who he is seeing. Keep contact with them on a regular basis so that no one smells anything fishy when you call them up.

Keep in touch with his parents

Parents are always a good source to gather information from. Always be on their good book. Talk to his parents regularly to match the facts of his whereabouts. And if the details do not match, be sure that he is cheating.

Get his office land-line number

He can easily fool you with his mobile phone. Therefore, attack his office land line instead. Give him blank calls to see if he is actually in office

Hack into his PC

Most people have the habit of saving their password on their personal computers carelessly. Therefore, it should not be a Herculean task to hack into your husbands email and social media accounts. Only be careful not touch his ‘unread’ mails and messages by mistake.

Drop by for a casual lunch

Try to make it a regular habit of dropping by your husband’s office for casual lunches. This way you can catch him off guard.

Volunteer for doing his laundry

Not this comes with a benefit. This way you can check his pockets for incriminating evidences and also sniff his clothes for a whiff of feminine perfume.

Never confront him directly

Even if you have the strongest of suspicion, very charge your husband directly. Otherwise, he will come to know that you have been spying on him and put him on defense instead.

Questions to Ask your Partner before Marriage

Getting marriage is grand because it is a matter of lifetime commitment. And every young lad nad lady has to take part in the process after attaining a certain age. It is a huge leap of life that will take you to a complete new platform. Therefore, you will have to make sure that the person you are planning on taking the ride with is right.

Questions marriage

Marriage is a holy bond shared between two individuals. It is the unison of two souls, thus beginning a new chapter of their lives. Asking a few questions before you get married will help you know the other person better (provided you are opting for an arranged marriage). Below are few of such questions you need to ask your partner and self to know where you both stand as an individual.

In the modern Indian society, the youth do not seem to make a good balance between career and family. Therefore, these are some of the questions which need to be asked before marriage to one another for a happier tomorrow. Take a note on these.


How much influence do your parents still have over your decisions?

This is a very important question you need to ask to your spouse in order to avoid an unhappy married life.

What do you like, or dislike about my family?

In India, marriage is not just the unison of two people but two families as a whole. Therefore, this is one of the important questions you need to ask to your spouse before marriage.

How close are you with your family?

This is actually a generous way of asking if your man is a mamma’s boy. Women do not generally like mamma’s pet. All the best if you are one!


Are we both professionally established?

It should be the first question that needs to be taken into consideration. Because today it is highly essential that both the partners are professionally stable for a successful marriage.

How will we manage debts and savings?

This question should come directly next to the first. Clear out if any of you are in any sort of debt and how will you deal with it as a couple.

Will one of us give up our career to stay home with our child/children?

In India family is given utmost importance and as such many are seen leaving their career to look after their children. Therefore, consider this beforehand.

Tips on Surviving a Bad Marriage

Do you feel like the spark on your marriage life is fading away gradually? Do you have nightmares of losing your partner forever? Marriage is unison of two souls and hence it is never too late to fix any issue. At times you may have a few hiccups in your marital life. But that does not mean that separation is the only way to get out of the trouble. You need to fight back the troubles and regain the love and happiness in your married life.

Marriage is a wonderful journey. It may be tough at times but if your partner is supportive nothing can make you fall apart. There should be not hatred and vainness in this blissful relationship. Understand that the key to your happiness is with you alone. No one but you can make things work if goes wrong. Do not let any kind of communication barrier come in way of the two. Make sure you communicate well with your partner to avoid confusions and complications.

Bad Marriage Tips

Here are a few tips to save your marriage if it is heading towards a dead end:

No ego issues

Where there is ego, there can be no love. Ego is the cruelest of all the entities that breaks up any marriage. It not only destroys your love but also create hatred towards your partner.

Do not mix past with the present

Every one of us has a past which is a total mixture of both sweet and sour memories. Hold on to the sweet one and let go off the bitter ones. Try and avoid bringing up past issue and argue over it in the present.

Understand your partner well

Do not let your partner suffocate in your marriage. If you both are going through a rough phase, give some time and space to your partner. Understand them, share their problems, and help them sort out things. This will make them feel better and will sort out things faster.

Try to Forgive

Who does not make mistakes? Since your spouse is your soul mate, there can not be any harm on forgiving them. A little bit of generosity on your part will be of great help to save your relationship.

No third person involvement

Never make way for any third person to come in between both of you unless for a valid reason. Do not let their involvement ruin their relationship. However, it is always advisable to deal with things only with your partner instead of bringing in a third person into the scenario.

Get involved in activities from time to time

If you are having this feeling that you are drifting away from your partner, try every possible way to get closer to them. Go for a vacation, spend some time together by going for activities. Togetherness leads to happiness and bliss.

Try to Speak out

Marriage is sharing the most personal relationship with your partner. Therefore, make sure you do not keep anything inside of you, talk it out and nip it in the bud. Never drag any issue for too long.

There is not harm in saying Sorry

Sorry is the most healing word and work miracles in any relationship. When you know it’s your fault be bold enough to accept and apologize.

Avoid silly issues

Most marriages go wrong because both the partners tend to fight over silly and petty issues. Try to let go off any of such fights to survive your marriage. Switch to love instead of arguments and fights.

Put out your Opinion

It is very important to convey your opinions in any issues. Make yourself available to your partner at all times. You never know when they will need you. Your involvement will bring a positive change.

How to Determine If Your Boyfriend Will Be A Good Husband

Marriage is for life and not a temporary fashion. Getting married is the most vital turnover of your life and hence you need to think and act carefully. Choosing the right person is imperative. It is always okay to have a lot of boyfriends as there can not be any harm in casual relationships. But, when it comes to settling down with someone permanently, you need to rethink for a moment. You will have to be sure that your boyfriend is Mr. Right for spending the rest of your life with him.

Boyfriend Will Be A Good Husband

To check on your boyfriend, you need to look for some marriage material signs because a wrong marriage can ruin your life for ever as there are no second chances here. So, take necessary scanning measures to detect the right husband and a lifelong companion for a happy and blissful life.

A Good Husband will take care of your pleasure

Your husband will have to accept in good or bad. He will pamper you with your likeness and passion and with gifts. He will not make you a part of any wrong activity. He will handle things patiently even if at times you tend to go wrong.

A Good Husband will have a sense of personal responsibility

If your boyfriend is responsible he is sure to make a good husband. Dropping you home late at night, taking care of you when you are feeling sick, and helping you when you are running short of cash are some of the instances to be kept in mind while choosing a good life partner.

A Good Husband Is Reliable

Test if you can blindly rely on your boyfriend. It is really crucial to see whether you can trust the person with your secrets. He must have a sense of respect for your emotions and secrets. He must do nothing to hurt you with them. Well, if he loves you as a husband he will share your pain too.

He must not be a confused soul

If your partner is serious about your relationship, he will not be confused at all. But it is a vice versa game. He will also see to the fact that whether you make a perfect wife. Therefore, if he is casual and he takes everything lightly when it comes to you, I am afraid it is not a good sign.

A Good Husband Will Agree With You

This won’t make him henpecked but understanding. Your boyfriend should pay attention to major life issues and must agree with you on crucial decisions that involve you both. He must take interest on your life and get to a better conclusion at time of crisis.

He must have a good character

A good husband will have a very good character. He should not entertain any negativity that will prove to be fatal for your relationship. No one likes a Casanova for a husband. Endless experiences of admiration cannot make him an ideal personality.

A Good Husband Will Encourage Your Positives

A good husband will always encourage the positivity in you. In case he is the right person for you he will pay attention to your goodness and help you overcome your shortfalls in life. He will help you build your character and personality.

How to Dating A Workaholic Man

Workaholic men are not much of a turn on to ladies as they are normally not the kind of person a woman looks for while dating. But you never know what fate has in store for you and you might just land on a workaholic man. But, do not worry. You can work it out too. Love is simply beyond place and time. It might surprise you anytime anywhere. But, if you allow your man to continue as a workaholic, beware, you are deciding to miss many wonderful moments that may happen in wrong hours. All you can do is prepare yourself to deal with a workaholic man and enjoy love as it comes.

workaholic man Tips

If right now you are with a person, who wakes up thinking of his office table and ends up with business dinner, it is high time you adopt some measures. Below are some easy and effective tips for dating a workaholic man. Well it works every time.

Are you sure?

Before thinking of adopting any measures, first of all make sure if your man is workaholic or not. Remember that dedication towards work does not make him workaholic. Workaholics are those who are not thinking of anything other than work.

Plan Outings

Plan our outings from time to time. Have a discussion about the time and location with your love and stick on to that strictly. A day away from tension of work place will prove to be fruitful for your relationship.

Try to be patient

You can not expect your workaholic partner to be in a romantic mood 24X7. Therefore, be patient. Hold on to him and try to make him understand how being too much workaholic is ruining your relationship.

Make Ground Rules

Go for an open discussion with your workaholic guy about maintaining a proper balance between love and work and stick to it. Include time for date nights, partying and picnic etc.

Understand the Situation

Before going for the battle, make sure if he has a valid reason about spending much time with his work. It may be due to job competence, pressure from seniors or trials to get promotions or rewards. Give him the feeling that you very well understand his situation.

Communication is Important

Try to have a discussion with your partner about the present situation without any hesitation. Listen to him, give your suggestion and get to a solution. If he is facing any kind of crisis, your support will make him confident.

Be Positive

Never doubt your partner merely based on assumptions. It is fatal for your relationship. Be positive in your attitude and try to change your views, because your definition for workaholic may not be the same as your partner.

The art of Compromise

Let your man follow his dreams. Give him enough time to spend with his work if that will make him achieve so. You can even support him by helping him with his work.

Stupid Things Men Do To Impress Women

Out of nervousness or when trying to play cool to impress girls, men tend to do stupid silly looking mistakes. Because at that time all freaky things come to your mind and you follow them even without give another thought. I would say, dude come out of your fantasy, you do not look at all impressive that way in front of your lady love.

Stupid Things Men

Some of your dumb moves can be a real bummer and move your girl further away. Like, if you try to smoke a cigar which you have never tired, just to impress your girl, stop, you will only appear to be a joke in front of others. Below are some of the stupid thinks men tend to do to impress women. Have a look.

Stupid and Dumb Things Men Do only To Impress Women:


There are many men who try to show-off just to impress a woman and make her come behind him. If the woman is smart, she will know that this is a typical dumb thing a man is doing to impress her.

Most man goes by the myth that showing off will impress his lady love and make her crazy for him. Well, smart women know that it is only a dumb typical move on your part and you are doing it to impress her.

Acting Over-Smart

Do not ever try to act over smart in front of women. They rather get pissed off. A blend of wit and humor will do wonders instead. It is always a bad idea to test her patience.


You need not experiment on your dresses if you are uncomfortable wearing it only to impress your girl. Over-dressing can only make you look funny and a laughing stock in front of her friends.

Involving in Physical Fights

Do not be blinded that your masculinity and ego will impress a girl. Women never like violence and acting all rowdy will only turn her off. Hence, control your ego and do not make a fool out of yourself.

Acting Occupied

Never act busy if she is starting to show interest in you. Do not stare your phone when she is with you if there are no phone calls coming to attend to. This will only piss her off and you will lose the chance of being with her.

Trying To Do Something That You Can’t

As I have already mentioned if you try to smoke a cigar which you have never tired, just to impress your girl, stop, you will only appear to be a joke in front of others. Picking up a cigarette or alcohol to impress a girl makes you look like a douche instead.

Using Slang

The use of slangs is not a big deal these days. But this statement is valid only if you are with your friends. You have to be well mannered in front of a girl as she might feel embarrassed cause of your slangs. It will be the most stupid thing to do.