How to Find the Girl of Your Dreams

Dream girl

If your friends and family has been keeping on saying that the girl of your dream will just come to you by her own and all you need to do is to wait for that miraculous moment, trust me, you will get to nowhere with those advices. Just waiting around cannot be enough. You will […]

Top 10 Tips for a Happy Married Life

Tips for Happy Married Life

How to build a strong and happy foundation for your Marriage Keeping a marriage strong is not at all easy these days when more than 50% of the couples end in divorce. Do not give up though. There are plenty of ways to keep your marriage happy and healthy and as fresh as new. Here […]

Inviting Your Ex Boyfriend To Your Wedding

Ex Boyfriend Wedding

No one wants to talk about the past, not at least on their wedding day. It is very difficult to get over a break up and move on. Some are able to and some are not. But, it always feels good to make your ex-boyfriend jealous, right? If is believed that there is nothing better […]

How to deal with a selfish Wife

Tips to Deal with a Selfish Wife

Marriage is not always about enjoying on the bed of roses. Happy and ideal marriage is a myth. If you are not perfect, you can not expect your spouse to be mistake free. But, there is a difference between making mistake and being selfish and mean. And if your spouse starts showing such symptoms, your […]

Top Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

All the single guys reading this post be aware of the fact that most girls like common manly qualities in guys. So, if you are single and ready to mingle, first of all get some manly qualities in you to make yourself attractive. You never know when some of these relationship tips might work out […]

Signs That Your Man Is Not Interested Anymore

Man Is Not Interested Relationship

What do you that are the most important things that bind your love together in a relationship? They are in fact the bond of companionship, trust, care and the mountain of support lend to each other. Falling in love is very easy but to maintain a relationship and to nurture it, is the most difficult. […]

Effective Tips to get over a Break Up

Break Up Tips

Yes, breaking up is not easy. But do you know which is more difficult? Surviving the breakup. It is even hurtful to think that the relationship that you nurture with all your love, care and hope for the future might slips out of your hands and you will be left with nothing but reminiscence. The […]

5 Worst and Deadly Relationship Mistakes

Break up a Relationship

No relationship is mistake free. In the start of any relationship we tend to be extra careful as we want things to work out. However, due to human instincts there are times when we make mistakes even after being extra cautious. Some mistakes can make a relationship while some might break one. Mistakes are like […]