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How to Find the Girl of Your Dreams

If your friends and family has been keeping on saying that the girl of your dream will just come to you by her own and all you need to do is to wait for that miraculous moment, trust me, you will get to nowhere with those advices. Just waiting around cannot be enough. You will have to contribute to make her yours.

Dream girl

Do not go by the myth that all you have to do is pampering, preening and poetry. Below are a few tips to find the girl of your dreams and make here turn into reality.

First Impression is the Last Impression

Every girl expects her dream boy to be polite, confident and charming. Therefore, never be rude or arrogant, and even if you’re shy, try your best to strike up a conversation in the first meeting. Girls love those guys who can make a charming first move. But, do not ever pretend to be someone else. This irritates girls the most. If you’re honest, your uniqueness is sure to pay off.

Be Friends First

If you really want to be someone’s dream guy you will have to be her friend first. Learn her likes and dislikes, discuss her dreams and ambitions, ask her questions, remember her answers, share her sadness and her joy, and make sure you share all of yours with her too. This way you will build a connection which will definitely lead to good news for you. There is no harm in dropping your guard in front of her if you feel she is the one.

Be Romantic

Remember that not all gals are explicitly romantic but everyone enjoys a little bit of romance. If she says no, she is definitely lying. Picking her flowers, sitting through her favorite, sappy movie, sending her a sweet text – these are few small gestures you can make to bring a smile on her face. You will never go unnoticed.

Do Call Her

A simple text, a scheduled phone call, or even a random phone call makes girls feel special and wanted. It will make her know that she is in your mind and the feeling is awesome. Forgetting to call or text your lady on the other hand will make her feel less important and this is where you will start to loose the grip.

Do fun things and never bore her

Girls like fun and love to be around someone who makes her smile at all times. Try different things every once in a while to keep your bond lively and strong. She will definitely respect your efforts.

Top 10 Tips for a Happy Married Life

How to build a strong and happy foundation for your Marriage

Keeping a marriage strong is not at all easy these days when more than 50% of the couples end in divorce. Do not give up though. There are plenty of ways to keep your marriage happy and healthy and as fresh as new. Here are 10 tips for building that strong foundation, no matter if you are newlyweds, empty nesters, or somewhere in between. Have a look:

Tips for Happy Married Life
Top 10 Easy Tips for Happy Married Life

1. Try to find out your common interests

Well, even if opposites really do attract your marriage will be stronger if you spend time doing a few things together no matter how diverse your interests are. I am not talking about household chores and parenting. Something besides that. Keep on experimenting with new hobbies until you both find out something you both enjoy and churn out time to enjoy it.

2. Don’t withhold on sex

It is understandable that your sex life will change in due course after your marriage. However, you should never let life get in the way of having sex. Try your best to let in sex into your lives in spite of your busy schedule. It might sound overly automated, but it is indeed a way to remind you to prioritize and take time for one another to be intimate.

3. Make friends outside each other

Find some couple friends you can do double-dates with. This will act as an extra recharge to make your marriage stronger with a healthier outlook.

4. Go out on regular dates

A few months right after your marriage every night will be date night for you, even if it is simple a dinner and a movie on your own couch. But as life gets complicated you tend to lose this set-apart time together. Schedule a weekly or bi-weekly date night so you make sure to stay connected. If your kids are small you can have an in-house date after the kids are in bed.

5. Keep your credit card debt in check from time to time

Your marriage life is bound to suffer if you have an overload of credit card debt. So, keep only a couple credit cards in your family arsenal, and always practice living within your means. Use credit cards only for certain purchases that you can pay back each month, or use low-interest cards to finance big purchases. Make sure you have a solid plan to pay them off in time.

6. Share all kinds of financial issues

According to the legend Ashyia Hill from CreditDonkey, “Financial problems are one of the top catalysts for fights” that lead to divorce these days. This is indeed true. Even if one person is better at balancing the books and paying the bills, both couples should always know what’s happening with the finances. This keeps your marriage strong. Today you can have online budget through free platforms to stay together financially.

7. Ups and downs are a part of life

Many newlywed couples end up divorced quite early because they can not accept the fact that marriages are not beds of roses. There are many ups and downs to come. Because marriage involves two dynamic partners where you expect yours to change over time. Tip: When times are a bit tougher or one partner is going through some major changes, do not give up! Rather hang in there and focus on getting to know one another all over again.

8. Do Romance each other

Romance is all about figuring out the likes and dislikes of your partner and not solely about the husband’s priority. Try to figure out what your spouse likes beforehand and be prepared with them when they come back from work at night. Practice those at a regular basis.

9. Try to work on your communication skills

If communication breakdowns occur in your marriage, understand that it is a bad sign. If you’re feeling a block in your marriage communications, consider seeing a counselor to help you work on concrete communications skills. They are usually of great help. Periodic counseling can be a great way to work through issues too. It is in fact a good idea to keep your marriage happy.

10. Do not expect perfection

Do not get hyper on small things like toilet seats left up, towels left on the floor, or rearview mirrors re-adjusted in a shared vehicle. These can be easily fixed so do make an issue out of it. Remember, your spouse is only human, and expecting perfection will only ruin your marriage totally.

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Inviting Your Ex Boyfriend To Your Wedding

No one wants to talk about the past, not at least on their wedding day. It is very difficult to get over a break up and move on. Some are able to and some are not. But, it always feels good to make your ex-boyfriend jealous, right? If is believed that there is nothing better than inviting your ex boyfriend to your wedding. But the invite has two sides like a coin. Below are few of the pros and cons of inviting your ex-boyfriend to your wedding. Have a look:

Ex Boyfriend Wedding

Look How Happy I Am

When you invite your ex-boyfriend to your wedding you are letting him peep into your happy and contented life. Many guys think that no one can make a girl happier than they can. This illusion can be broken easily when they see their ex-girlfriend happy with some one else. Your boyfriend must have had at some point of time aspired to see you the same way by his side. And will regret the breakup.

Happy Breaking Off

You may invite your boyfriend to your wedding only to make him show that it was good for you to break up with him and the person you are marrying to is much better and understanding. It was because of the break up this meeting was possible.

Be Friends

This can also turn out to be fruitful. This may be the onset of a very friendly relationship between the two of you. Forget your past and introduce your ex-boyfriend to your husband. It will be like maturing in the relationship.

Might Invite Tension

The other side of the coin is that there may be some negative aspects of inviting your ex-boyfriend to your wedding too. Your ex-boyfriend may become jealous and try to create tensions. He might probably show up with some old photos and videos of the two of you to break your marriage. In such a scenario the whole concept of your ideal wedding day will go in vain and you will be left with non-cooperative in-laws.

How to deal with a selfish Wife

Marriage is not always about enjoying on the bed of roses. Happy and ideal marriage is a myth. If you are not perfect, you can not expect your spouse to be mistake free. But, there is a difference between making mistake and being selfish and mean. And if your spouse starts showing such symptoms, your relationship is heading towards terrible danger.

Selfishness in any relationship can be toxic. This symptom seems to take a more ugly shape in adults compared to children. They tend to become irrational, immature and even throw bad temper tantrums. Well, selfish wives do exist and so do husbands. A selfish wife only thinks about herself and do not bother looking after the household at all.

Tips to Deal with a Selfish Wife
Tips to Deal with a Selfish Wife

Note that marriage cannot be dependent only on the whims and fancies of your partner. Both of them have to understand that marriage is a two person partnership business, both with equal share and responsibilities. For a successful marriage, one must love, value and respect the feelings of the other person. If you wife seem nowhere near to understand these, here are a few ways to make her realize where is she going wrong. Take a peep at these tips for a successful marriage.

Point out

It happens most of the time where women don’t realize that they are acting selfish. So, start out by pointing at her faults the next time she acts mean.

Talk it out

Try to talk it out. There is a possibility that by acting selfish your wife is trying to point out something. Do not jump into any conclusion rather initiate the conversation by asking whether something is bothering her. By placing it this was she will feel that you are concerned about her and your relationship and will open up.

Draw the line

If negotiation fails it is better to go for the safer option. So what if she is your wife, so you can not let her to walk over you all the time. Let her know that you care for her but should not take you for granted at any cost.

Divide responsibilities

Make a list of the household chores and divide it between yourself. Do not entertain any kind of excuses from her if she avoids doing a thing on the list. Discuss beforehand the consequences when you or your wife is not able to complete the tasks on time.

Give the ultimatum

If things still do not turn up right, use threats. Threaten your wife that you will move out of the marriage. If she cares enough she will completely change herself.

Marriages only become successful only when both the partners are ready for a compromise at a level. Only one person compromise is a bad shape for marriage. If you are facing the same difficulty, try out these ways to get your selfish wife into the right path and safe your married life.

Top Qualities Women Find Attractive In Men

All the single guys reading this post be aware of the fact that most girls like common manly qualities in guys. So, if you are single and ready to mingle, first of all get some manly qualities in you to make yourself attractive. You never know when some of these relationship tips might work out for you perfectly well and you land up with your dream girl.

So, for all you single guys out there, I have complied some of the best tips for you to follow in order to get the girl you fantasize of. If you are looking out for someone who is just your type and have no idea on how to interact with her and make the first move, have a look at these tips. All the best!

Women Find Attractive In Men
Women Find Attractive In Men

Check out some of the manly qualities women find attractive in men and prepare yourself.

Sense of style

If you are the sort of person who likes to create your own style statement make sure it does not go wrong. You better get some advice on how to look good and follow in the footsteps of designers who can make you look good instead.

Being groomed

Girls like guys who take care of grooming on themselves. If you are that type of a guy who does not look into fine grooming and personal hygiene, you sure must always have had the worst luck with gals. So, sloppy dressing, unkempt hair, dirty yellow nails, smelly socks, stained shirts or torn jeans can not be the key to finding the perfect gal for you.

A sweet smile

Girls find guys with handsome smile very attractive. So, if you are a single guy, you should know that your sweet smile can make someone fall in love at first sight.

Hey! Hang on! Do not show your smile 24×7. She might think you are crazy.

The caring habit

You will be on the verge of getting lucky with the opposite sex if you have a caring and nurturing nature. Men who can show outwardly that they care are gifted with the perfect women in their lives. So, learn to be extra caring. It counts.

Pass her a wink

One of the tricky manly quality women find attractive in men is when you wink at them.

A word of caution: Women do not like guys winking at her especially if you have not met her personally or had a first conversation.

Signs That Your Man Is Not Interested Anymore

What do you that are the most important things that bind your love together in a relationship? They are in fact the bond of companionship, trust, care and the mountain of support lend to each other. Falling in love is very easy but to maintain a relationship and to nurture it, is the most difficult. If you are in love, make sure you make no mistakes so that your love lasts a lifetime.

If you want your relationship to bloom, both the partners should have equal contribution. Imagine the life when your man suddenly stops giving you that hundred percent. You automatically tend to doubt your love and him, right? Well, I would suggest that if your man is constantly showing you tell-tale signs that he is no longer interested in you and the relationship, it is time you move on and learn to live without him.

Man Is Not Interested Relationship
Man Is Not Interested Relationship

Here is some relationship advice for women to notice for signs showing that her guy is no longer interested in the relationship. Have a look at these signs:

When You Get Close

If your man pushes you away when you get close to him its time for you to move on. But before doing so, at least make sure to speak it out with him and ask him the reason for the same.

Loving Names

If you can not remember the last time when he called you his love, his baby girl and sweetheart. This is one of the first sign telling you that he is no longer interested in the relationship.

No More Communication

If there occurs a communication gap and there is not the kind of connection that used to be. If he no longer shares his experience and other light talks, note that it is a sign showing that he is no more interested in the relationship and you should move on.


If your man has started flirting with another lady in your presence. In that case, the smartest thing to do is to simply walk away from his presence. Walking away will make you feel better than for you to stand and witness this awful situation.

Mean, Mean and Mean

If he all of a sudden acts mean and treat you indifferently, understand that your relationship is in trouble. I would suggest you to be nice in return and find out exactly the reason for his behavior.

Effective Tips to get over a Break Up

Yes, breaking up is not easy. But do you know which is more difficult? Surviving the breakup. It is even hurtful to think that the relationship that you nurture with all your love, care and hope for the future might slips out of your hands and you will be left with nothing but reminiscence. The reflex to fight the emotion is a very tough gatherer. You have to bear the pain and live with it. But hang on! Isn’t it better to live alone than to be with the wrong person?

Break up can not be the end of life. Instead thank your stars for letting you out of the wrong relationships in which you have been suffering since a long time. You might have been the only one to care and hold on to your relationship with all that you had and the other person did not even bother. Therefore, why not take a completely newer perspective and move on with your life? You deserve better. And if you can not move on, you will be the only one who will suffer. Because, trust me, your ex would be happy in his life and lead it in a normal way.

Break Up Tips
Break Up Tips

If it is being very difficult to not being able to cope up with the break up, here are a few effective tips get over your ex once and for all.

Do not Contact: Remember the golden rule that Ex’s can not be friends! Cut off every bit of connection with him. Strictly no phone calls, no chatting, no messages, nothing. If he tries to be nice by asking you out, bluntly deny. He can not treat you like a play thing to make you act according to his fancies.

Avoid Old Spots: If you want to stop thinking about him at all avoid your dating spots. It might be difficult if you are studying in the same college or working in the same office. But as far as possible stay away from all those places where you have a lot to reminiscence about.

Distract Yourself: Hang on! I did not mean for you to go for habits such as drinking or smoking. Instead try to have fun. Join some hobby class, go out with old friends, go for blind dates or just go for a solo trip. It will keep you fresh and rejuvenate you at all times.

Accept: Try to accept the hash fact that your relationship is over and there is not way to get it back. Therefore, stop mourning over the past. Do not seem needy or desperate or give false hopes of reconciliation. Do not hang on to the past. Accept and move on.

Don’t Give Up: Merely one failed relationship can not decide your fate on love. Love is the most wonderful thing that happens in your life. So, what, it failed one time? Chuck out the idea that you will never find the right guy. There are better choices waiting for you out there. Never give up on love. You never know when you will end up with your soulmate.

5 Worst and Deadly Relationship Mistakes

No relationship is mistake free. In the start of any relationship we tend to be extra careful as we want things to work out. However, due to human instincts there are times when we make mistakes even after being extra cautious.

Some mistakes can make a relationship while some might break one. Mistakes are like two sides of the coin, either good or bad. For example, moving in together can either make your relationship foster with love or spoil it as a whole. There are many turning points a relationship which can prove to be good or bad for you. You therefore need to be on the safe side always.

Sometimes only a small moment decide the fate of your relationship. Below are few of the commonly made mistakes that break up relationships. Check these out.

Worst and Deadly Mistakes that  Breaks a Relationship

Break up a Relationship
Break UP a Relationship

The First Kiss: The first kiss is very important to hold on a relationship. A bad kiss will definitely spoil and gradually break the relationship. Hence it matters a lot. Therefore be prepared before getting close to the lips.

Sleeping Together: It is probably one of the best moments a couple expects in a relationship. However, mistakes like farting or blabbering while sleeping can rot your relationship and lead to break up.

The ‘X’ Talk: Try to postpone the discussions on sex as much as you can if you are still not comfortable. Because at times certain moment appears where you can develop your relationship or spoil it completely. I would advice you to be honest in these talks and stop worrying about the outcome.

Moving In: Live in relationships are gaining popularity in India and many couple are seen opting for it. You get to stay with each other and know things better. But note that there is a complete down side too. It can totally spoil your relationship if taken in hurry. First of all let your relationship mature and then only consider moving in.

Ex Texts from Nowhere: You might not like to discuss about your past with your partner. But, if by mistake your ex messages you from nowhere and your partner reads it, it can break your relationship without any prior warning.

Therefore try to avoid these few mistakes to save your relationship.