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10 Foods You Should Avoid Before Wedding

Going on a diet, hitting the gym and having lots of fluids is the basic to-do diet list of the brides and grooms to be as they prepare to tie the knot. They need to be at their best on the big event and look just fab – no matches what-so-ever.

But only a few can strictly follow a proper diet before their wedding due to the instincts bothering us all. Most of us do not understand the fact that you do not need to go on a crash diet or become a gym freak to burn those extra calories. Include healthy and nutritious foods, low in fat and filled with proteins and nutrients in your diet and see the difference. Green vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts can help you lose weight, keep you fit and get your younger looking skin. But there is certain disastrous food which is a big no no before your wedding. So, eating ice cream and chocolates to brighten up your dull and tired mood won’t be a heads up before wedding.

Look perfectly shaped in your wedding trousseau by checking out and following the list of foods that you should avoid before your wedding

Junk Food, not at all a Good Idea

Junk Food

Strictly stay away from burgers and French fries and all sorts of junk. They have high calorie content and lead to weight gain.

Avoid Dairy Products at All

Avoid Dairy Products

Milk and cheese can be difficult to digest and cause bloating due to gas. Cheese and yogurt too lead to weight gain. If you really love dairy products go for skimmed milk and low fat cheese.

No to Sodas, Yes to Juice

No to Sodas

Did shopping made you thirsty and you want something chilled to drink? Go for smoothies or juice. They are both healthy and filling.

Caffeine, Avoid Though Refreshing


Caffeine decreases water retention in the body. Therefore avoid any sort of caffeinated drinks before the wedding. Instead drink lots of water and healthy juices.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners

Are you a fan of love candies and chewing gums? Its time you switch to fruits and other organic health goodies. They will damage your teeth otherwise.

Beans, Not a Good Idea

Beans, Not a Good Idea

Beans are healthy but they lead to gas and bloating problems. Therefore, try to move away from them before the wedding. The type of sugar it contains is difficult to digest.

Salt, Not a Preservative for you wedding

Stop sprinkling salt

Stop sprinkling salt over food. It increases blood pressure and lead to dehydration.

Pasta, Leave the Yummy Taste Bud Away


Pasta is Yummy but starchy. It will cause bloating and gas. Also stay away from starchy foods like pasta, rice and potatoes too.

Champagne, No Partying Before the Final Party


Limit the consumption of champagne as any carbonated drink will disrupt your digestive system and lead to gas.

Desserts, Save it for the Wedding Day


I understand the most of us are a huge fan of puddings and pies. But since they are artificial sweeteners I am afraid, I have to say no to it as well.

5 biggest food mistakes on your Wedding Day in India

You definitely get to be all nervous and jittery on your wedding day! But what might be the worst nightmare in such a scenario? Falling sick, having a bloated stomach, feeling nauseous or drained of energy. Try to compromise on your food habits to avoid any of these. It is the most special day of your life. Why will you suffer any health complication just because of something you ate? Mentioned below is a list of food that you strictly need to avoid in the Indian climatic condition to keep distance from uninvited health problems.

So ‘no’ to Caffeine

Caffeine many a times causes acne breakouts. Again, excess of intakes leads to dehydration. Come’ on, you will never want to faint on the stage or want a pimple popping on your face because you were not picky about your coffee! If you really crave for a drink, consider swapping your cup of cappuccino with herbal tea or natural fruit juices. And if it impossible without your morning coffee, have the decaffeinated one.

Milk and dairy products – not a good idea


Do not trust on health food like milk and other dairy products in India. It may turn out to be a menace at times. Milk is not easily digestible. The slow digestion may lead to gastric problems and bloating. Other dairy products like cheese and paneer can also irritate the stomach and intestines. Make sure to strictly avoid them on your wedding day.

Good bye ‘Starchy food’


Food with starch content causes indigestion, gas and may even lead to vomiting. So, why take a chance? Stay away from food like potatoes, rice, white bread, and pasta if you are in India. If it is impossible to eliminate bread from your breakfast, switch to brown bread. Whole-wheat pasta is a better option for breakfast.

Yum and harmful Spicy food


Do not fall for spicy food even though it tastes great. It can cause indigestion, trigger an upset stomach and lead to bad breath as well. Worst of all, spicy food increases the body heat and make you sweat more. You will never want to spoil your makeup on your big day. Try to avoid spicy food not just on your wedding day but a month prior to it.

Ditch Alcohol


You may find alcohol intriguing to calm your senses and overcome pre-wedding jitters. But, no! It leads to headache, bad breath, dehydration and the worst – hangover instead. Save a toast for your wedding night and therefore avoid it during the day.

Bade good bye to these food and present yourself in the most elegant look on your big day!

Looking for cheap Indian catering services

Catering is the most important service of any event.  Flaws are not easily accepted in this field. Over the years Indians has been in the good book for catering service in any occasion across the world.

An events comprises of several minute details which must be taken care of. Thus it is impossible to make it a huge success with the surveillance of an expert. Indian have a very good success rate in organizing events from management to deciding on the right kind of menu. They provide you with many options like,  traditional Indian style, Chinese style catering, Lebanese etc. Thus being popular not only in India but worldwide. Example of an Indian caterer famous for wedding and other events is the INDIA.

catering services India

Even though the India population abroad is very less, due the widespread of Indian catering system, Indian food has penetrated in the world and is being gaining popularity over the last two decades. This can be considered as a huge success in the market.

Like any other, Indian caters too come with both higher and lower budget. Lower budget caterers provide the same service but at cheap price with no compromise on the quality. They can be found online and for easy availability you are provided with their contact numbers. You can obtain the full detail of their service by going through their profile online.

One person billing system is mostly provided by the Indian catering system. But the rates are flexible according to the menu and accessories you choose. Cheap Indian caterers give you a bigger variety option to chose from, that perfectly fits your budget. As Indian catering is gaining popularity it has been adding more and more options in its menu. For examples, for the Muslims and add-on perk is available for non-vegetarians i.e. the Halal section.

Indian catering has been gaining its USP through the best quality service to make any event memorial. They have also been providing customize service to suit you needs in the best possible way. Always opt for professional guidance and search well before and check with referrals time and time.

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Save money by choosing wedding catering services in India

You want to start a Wedding Catering Services to serve the guests with finger food. Cocktails are frequently established before dinner. You might want to fling even your caterer in something inspired for your guests, while not permitting your wedding guests will get fed up with the incursion of food. The key is the right amount of alcohol that guests can have one or two drinks available, but without as much as alcohol is a possible problem.


One of the best ways to guarantee your home is perfect would be to work with a decent caterer. The key is the right amount of alcohol that guests can have one or two drinks available, but without as much as alcohol is a possible problem. The general rule is that if you do what most women do more of what they spend a fortune. Try to simplify something a little different, your plans or do it yourself and everything you save a bundle.

The ratio of servers to customers should be low. There have also depends on the type of food you decided to sit meal or buffet. Obviously, dinner will be more services as a human buffet. The key is the right amount of alcohol that guests can have one or two drinks available, but without as much as alcohol is a possible problem. One of the best ways to guarantee your home is perfect would be to work with a decent caterer.

Finger food can finally be put on a buffet, where guests can assist themselves. This will keep your guests happy and satisfied marriage. You might even want a wedding caterer to some finger food served on a tray on foot. For each pair that is preparing a wedding, a long list of issues come into play, invitations, music and even drinking alcohol at the party.

You should carefully examine the details and great food that is intended by the competent, reliable and experienced in the restoration of marriage. It is also better for someone who is familiar look good in the sample dinners, bridal showers and weddings. We hope you join an approximate idea of the number of people, their wedding. Based on these, the number of service men you need in your marriage.

Catering Management at Indian Wedding

wedding cateringNot all Indian Catering Services can offer a varied menu as well as event management and a quality bespoke waiting service. Cheap Caterers are an option and they are many – However, when organizing a wedding catering should not be left to chance: This is an extremely important day and most couples are anxious that it will be a success: Which ultimately means their guests remain as content and happy as the bride and groom.

The wedding meal has great influence over whether guests leave satisfied after a memorable day: Or leave inanimate after a long day and at worse, hungry. Cheap Caterers are most certainly an option: However, value for money should be among the greatest considerations, as opposed to cheap. Of course, costs are a consideration for everyone: There are few who can (or would) say “money is not important”! Therefore everyone seeks to hire the best Catering service they can with the budget they have.

Costs will vary, somewhat considerably, between the companies who are renowned to be Cheap Caterers and the companies renowned to be Top Indian Caterers. Make a decision and book early if you want more choice: Especially if you are considering one of the Top Indian Caterers in India – These companies are in great demand and so need to be booked well in advance. Invariably, the Top Indian Caterers in the India may not be the cheapest; the quality of service they offer makes them a number one choice for weddings and so very much in demand.

Not all Indian Catering can offer the quality of cuisine and service or value for money. Expect the finest and freshest ingredients prepared and served to the highest standard. The best way to decipher which catering companies are delivering their promises and coming up to expectations is recommendation and reputation.

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