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Wedding Food Guide

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10 Foods You Should Avoid Before Wedding

Going on a diet, hitting the gym and having lots of fluids is the basic to-do diet list of the brides and grooms to be as they prepare to tie the knot. They need to be [...]

5 biggest food mistakes on your Wedding Day in India

You definitely get to be all nervous and jittery on your wedding day! But what might be the worst nightmare in such a scenario? Falling sick, having a bloated stomach, feeling nauseous or drained of energy. [...]

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Looking for cheap Indian catering services

Catering is the most important service of any event.  Flaws are not easily accepted in this field. Over the years Indians has been in the good book for catering service in any occasion across the world. [...]

Save money by choosing wedding catering services in India

You want to start a Wedding Catering Services to serve the guests with finger food. Cocktails are frequently established before dinner. You might want to fling even your caterer in something inspired for your guests, while [...]

Catering Management at Indian Wedding

Not all Indian Catering Services can offer a varied menu as well as event management and a quality bespoke waiting service. Cheap Caterers are an option and they are many – However, when organizing a wedding [...]