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Deciding on the best Wedding Photographer in India

Weddings seem to be incomplete without beautiful wedding photographs clicked to preserve the beautiful memories attached to it. Indian weddings generally last for a couple of days as it is abundant in rituals and merriment. Each wedding ceremonies has separate emotions attached to it which is worth preserving shots.

Today, wedding photographer in India are also equipped with latest technology and trends to capture the best images with the best video quality. But, it comes to hiring one every couple gets into a fix. Following are a few tips that should be kept in mind while selecting a photographer to capture the most special occasion of your life.

Research about the best photographers available
Research best photographerGet recommendations from friends, family and neighbors about a good wedding photographer. Ask about the same from the ones who has had a first hand experience. You may also look online on various wedding websites for talented and experienced photographers.

Check on the Budget

Decide on the estimated amount you are willing to spend on wedding photography. Note that the costs of photography vary from one photographer to another. It also depends on the number of events you plan on getting covered.

The Short listing process

After you have made your list on the number of photographers, your next task will be to set up meetings. Ask the individual photographer to bring along their sample photographs so that it is easier for you to narrow down your list. Make sure that your shortlisted photographers are okay working within your budget.

Have a Check on their albums

After the short listing process, it is now time to have a closer look at their work and their wedding albums. Because you have to decide on a design for your wedding album too. You will get a first-hand experience on how good and professional the photographer actually is.

Note down your ceremonies

Photographers may charge on hourly basis or per ceremony. Some also charge according to the number of photographs and hours of videography shoot before forwarding their final price. Therefore, make them aware of all the ceremonies you would like to cover before time.

Take your venue into consideration

This factor at many a times is over looked. As a result of which most couples repent on their mistake. Photography is mainly about lighting. The backdrop is as important as the front. Ensure that your photographer is capable of covering in both indoor and outdoor settings. He /she should be highly equipped with sufficient lights and other equipments to cover up for any shortage at the wedding venue.

What you see is what you believe

Short listing a wedding photographer may be easy if you consider the portfolio of the photographer and the budget. Take your photographer on a tour of your wedding venue before the big day so that he or she can arrange for the required logistics, like additional lights or camera accessories. Ask for your wedding photographer to give you a small demo too. Let them either invite you to a wedding that they are covering or do a small quick pre-wedding shoot with you and your mate.

Conclude on the best deal possible

Try to get the best deal out of your wedding photographer but confining to your budget. Once you have counted the ceremonies and satisfied with your photographer’s work, negotiate for the best deal. Discuss well in advance about the hidden costs involved like taxes, travel expenses, additional equipment costs, etc

Other Special inputs

Make your photographer well aware in advance about covering any special events. Ask your photographer to click some interesting candid photographs of you, your partner, your relatives and friends. Candid photography is much better than posed ones because it makes your wedding memories more interesting and entertaining.

Indian Wedding Photographer

Well the photographer need not be essentially Indian, but he should be acquainted with the Indian rituals and traditions. Otherwise he or she will totally miss the essence of the occasion. Indian weddings are elaborate and grand affairs, and to some extent complicated. There is so much to be done in so little time, that you will need excellent time management and excellent idea about what and whom to capture in the photographs. Most Indian weddings are completed within a span of 5 days which means that a lot of moments will be captured in the camera. An Indian wedding photographer will make a lovely compilation combining the most candid shots with the most emotional ones. They have a special talent for it!

An Indian wedding photographer notes the details. It is not easy to capture all the special moments let alone something so grand like wedding. If marriages are made in heaven, the wedding shots are captured on earth. But before you finalize the photographer, you will have to check his or her portfolio. You will get an idea about the kind of album you will have. Ask yourself whether you want this for your wedding and then decide accordingly. If you have some specifications, you should not hesitate to let the photographer know about your thoughts.

Think of the number of photos you want. And accordingly ask your Indian wedding photographer to select the photographs. You should also ask him about the print size and if he is going to shoot digital or not. If you are looking for extra prints, you should not hesitate to ask the photographer for the required number of prints. If you are looking for an album, you should ask the photographer whether he will be taking anything extra for the albums. In case if there is any cancellation, you should ask him what kind of refund you can expect.

You should always remember that wedding photographs are not inexpensive. The Indian wedding photographer will not just click the buttons randomly. The photographer will need a sense of approximation and skills. Moreover as a professional photographer you will always have to think of the details before you capture the shot. If you consider the artistic value of the photographs, you will find that they are quite sophisticated compared to any visual arts. So discuss with your wedding photographer, share your thoughts and also ask him for any advice on your wedding album.