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Dos and don’ts for guests at a wedding party

Dos and don'ts for wedding partyWeddings are all the rage this season. From themed parties to bollywood celebrities to cocktails and bars, each and every wedding is unique on its own. You must be getting invited to lots of weddings. Then you must have heard about Weddi-quette. No? Well these are wedding etiquettes everybody should follow, be you a guest or bride or groom.  These rules will help everyone to make a wedding successful without ending up in a disaster or a total fiasco. The wedding is most important day in a brides and grooms life. Let’s make it even more special.

Following are some Dos and Don’ts to follow at a wedding party so that you are an ideal guest. Follow them all to make it a success.

Do’s you shouldn’t miss:

1. RSVP as soon as humanly possible: within a couple of weeks of receiving invitation at the latest. These are good manners and give the host an idea about how many guests are gathering to make appropriate arrangements. It also helps in determining the wedding cost. Check the invitation carefully to know how many people are invited. If it says two, then take only two. Otherwise it will create difficulty for the host.

2. If you are invited for the main ceremony then do not show up just on reception. Also be on time and not disturb the proceedings by being late.

3. A wedding gives you golden opportunity to dress up yourself to your heart’s content. Style as the occasion demands. You would not want to look an odd duck. If the theme is western then go for formal gown, if Punjabi then salwaar kameez and so on. If you’re unsure of the dress code, ask someone familiar with the wedding.

4. Even if you are not attending, you should give wedding gift to the newlyweds. After all they took the pains to invite you. Thank them for invitation. The wedding gift should be something which costs somewhere near the cost per head being born by the host. Etiquette dictates that if you were invited, you owe the newlyweds a gift. You may even loose long term friendship over this.

5. Sit at the assigned table: If there is some kind of seating arrangement made by the hosts, then don’t mess it up. They went to a lot of trouble to know the relations and set up the arrangement. Don’t mess it up and cause discomfort to the host. As it is, the host has enough pressure to handle, don’t add to it.

6. Congratulate the family: Even if you know the couples and have congratulated them already, do seek out their families and wish them joy and happiness. It’s what etiquette demands. Also you will be able to form new relations.

Don’ts you should follow:

1. If you weren’t invited with a guest, don’t show up with one. Don’t bring uninvited guest. They might ruin the party. And don’t ask the bride or groom if you can bring one. Because this will be an awkward situation and they will not be able to say no to you. Be thoughtful and add to the party environment by keeping out disturbing elements.

2. Yes, the “no bringing uninvited guests” rule includes your kids. The main centres of attraction are the bride and groom not your kid. They will only disturb you and move your attention away from the couple. You may not be able to enjoy the party to its fullest and then your mood will certainly be off. So keep your kids with baby sitters and enjoy the party with your friends and family.

3. Don’t dress to compete: You would not want to take away the attention from the bride and groom, would you? It’s not a fashion show or your school prom, it’s a wedding. Dress appropriately but don’t overdo. The bride and groom have every right to look their best among all the party attendees.

4. Don’t be disrespectful of the couple’s religious or cultural traditions. If you are attending party of someone who follow different tradition and religion than that of you don’t be disrespectful to their culture. Follow along with the rituals and even participate in them. It’s expected from you.

5. No to cell phone: You are here to attend a wedding, not in a hat room. The wedding offers you chance to socialize and renew your relations. Don’t waste this chance by concentrating only on virtual life of cell phone and not on real people around you. And random calls will disturb the rituals going on. There is life beyond your cell phone, enjoy it.

6. Don’t get wasted: If there is bar setup at the wedding does not mean you are at a pub where you are getting free drinks thereby giving you opportunity to indulge to your heart’s content. A Big No to getting drunk. This will not only embarrass the guest present but you could be making a spectacle of yourself. Your friends may not like you afterwards. Take a drink or two and retain your senses.

Get to know what should be best possible ideal Indian wedding menu, so that every guest remembers your hosting for years to come.

7 Tips for a Low Budget Indian Wedding

low budget Indian wedding tips

It is normal to get carried away by emotions and shop extravagantly during wedding. However, it takes some amount of creativity to be able to cut down the unwanted cost without sacrificing on the quality. The first step into achieving this is to sit and discuss. Discuss with your fiancé and your respective families and come up with the most and mandatory items for the wedding. Once you have this list you can easily narrow down your expenses on other no so important stuffs.

Today, we have come up with a few ideas to help you save those extra bucks in your wedding. Read on for the full proof Wedding tips:

1. Wedding Date: In India, the peak wedding season falls between April and September. Therefore, pick a date between November and March. This will cut down your cost by at least 20%. This way more venues will be available and you will get a personal concern from the vendors.

2. Limit alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumes a huge amount of your budget. Offer limited amount of alcohol to your guest. This will help you cut off the cost further. It is okay if you do not serve alcohol during Sangeet/Garba. If you are from Gujarat, alcohol and raas sticks won’t be the appropriate combination you are probably looking for at your wedding. Go for cheaper alternatives like Lassi. And for the cocktail hour, go for signature drink and some selected wines and beers.

3. Lighting: If you are not being able to fit your budget for wall LED lighting, it is okay. Limit the lighting to either the reception stage or to the entire wall. There is no harm in it. LED lights are charged per piece and plus you have the technician cost. So, if you have center stage lighting alone, your guests will be awe struck as their attention is drawn and also you will be able to cut down on the cost.

4. Linens: If you love linens but do not have the sufficient budget, here is what you can do. Simply use the white/beige table linen you will get from the venue and rent the chair covers. Now, get a chair sash/bow to match the main color on your centerpiece. Chair covers normally give the ballroom a richer feel and bring the required vibrancy. If you are not a big fan of chair covers, you also have the option of renting chivari chairs. But, here is the catch chivari chairs look opulent but are significantly expensive at the same time.

5. Centerpieces: Majority of the brides are inclined towards purchasing centerpieces from their decorators which usually range from $80 to $100/piece. However, you can significantly cut down the cost by being a little creative and thinking outside the box. Visit discount stores or order in bulk from India. They are much cheaper in the country. Plus, there is no compulsion to have extravagant flower arrangements to show elegance.

6. Cake: Cakes also consume a significant amount of your budget. Yes, four tier cakes look magnificent and so does the cost. But, if you are a huge fan for those four tier cakes, search for bakeries that give you the option of installing as many fake tiers as you choose for a minimum per tier charge. This way you can easily save a lot and at the same time get the look on the cake you always wanted.

7. Flowers: You can reuse the flowers from the wedding at your reception. If you have a different light and ambiance setting, they will look totally different. Add extra flower petals and tea lights to the cocktail tables. It will look elegant with no extra cost.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding Market

Wedding is the most grand and auspicious ceremony for every Indian. A typical Indian wedding lasts for almost a week with preparations starting from almost a year back. For Hindus, wedding is a sacred affair and can be solemnized only in the presence of a priest. Well they say, marriages and made in heaven, but you have to pay its bill here on earth (LOLs).

It is estimated that an average of 1crore (10 million) weddings happen every year. The kind of wedding party people thrown in India reflects the wealth, family status and pride of the family. When I came across the annual wedding budget of Indians, I went literally numb. The Indian wedding market size worth Rs 19,0000 crore (1.9 Trillion) , which will be higher than the annual budget of small African countries. I am not exaggerating; this is the actual round up figure. However, the market is seen to be growing at a constant pace of 20-30% per year. It is estimated that with the expansion of middle income class and the improved per capita income, the figure will be multiplied. On an average an Indian family will spend around Rs 10 lakhs (1 million) to Rs 70 lakhs or more (7million or more) per wedding. Wedding loans and Wedding Insurance are also available in the market today.

Indian Wedding Market

There is a great potential for growth if you plan on investing in the Indian wedding market. On a close analysis of the cash flow in every segment of the marriage market, the same is found to be pretty much impressive and lucrative. In the past the market was unorganized and players were local vendors who followed traditional methods. But, today we have capitalized this organized sector. The marriage market consists of the following segments:

  • Textile sector
  • Jewelers
  • Matrimonial websites / Wedding brokers
  • Hospitality sector
  • Printing and Stationary
  • Bridal make over
  • Photography/Video
  • Decorations
  • Catering
  • Transportation
  • Event management etc

There are again multiple sub sectors of which most of them are not accessible because of the brand image of competitors and high capital intensiveness.

If newcomers, you can opt for:

a) Floral Designs: You can start a small business as a good floral designer without much investment in innovative theme based wedding and style.

b) Decorations: You can always start an organized decoration firm with the perfect designs available online.

c) Wedding cards: Collaborate with the printing industry and develop design oriented cards at a minimal cost and start your business as a wedding card developer.

d) Catering: If you are interested in the food industry, catering business will be ideal too.

e) Event management: With a good connection with good organizers you can run an event management firm.

f) Honeymoon packages: Another good idea will be to start an enterprise with theme wedding and honeymoon packages added to it. Be an entrepreneur and organized memorable tours.

g) Bridal make over: If you love the beauty market, enter the field by providing free tips and quality services.

How To Plan A Wedding India In Only Five Weeks (Without Going Insane)

Life is full of adventure and marriage is totally a rollercoaster ride. You go topsy-turvy on the other end. Just imagine if your wedding day is only five weeks away and you have not prepared anything yet. I am sure you will go wild. But hang on! You need not panic. I am here at your rescue. We can totally make up for all the times you were at your office busy working when you should have been out in the market shopping and preparing for the wedding.

Plan A Wedding India

You can still have your dream wedding with five weeks at hand. Here is the foolproof plan to make your wedding a hit without going insane.

Get your plan straight: Keep a clear head and be honest with yourself. What is it that you exactly want? What kind of wedding preparation you need for your dream wedding. Do not get stuck with unnecessary obsessions. Which service do you have to book? The caterers, the wedding venue, wedding photographer, your makeup artist etc. Ask your friends for suggestion and take quick test and book them instantly.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming disaster: You cannot expect to have a perfectly planned wedding where nothing will go wrong. Planning a wedding has been bittersweet. At this time you will know who your friends are and how good and supportive are your relatives. Some people will try to make your wedding all about what they want. Others will be inconsiderate or downright rude. This is heavy stuff to deal with when you’re already busy planning a wedding. If you have good friends, consider yourself lucky.

Prepare yourself for the weird wedding advices: It will be right before your wedding when people’s weird personal issues with marriage, commitment and intimacy are going to come out of nowhere. They have this strange need to talk about marriage from their own intimacy/commitment issues. You are no them. Your issues will be different and so do not panic. Simple Smile and nod honey, Smile and nod!

Decide on what is really important to you: Take a note on the things you do not mind compromising on and thing that you in no world compromise for.  You can let go of things that is not very important or irrational. For, example, it is very important to have a shed if you plan on an open wedding is case it rains but it is okay if you do not spend a lot on the wedding invitation card. Focus on a few small things that will really make you happy to make the event a successful one and to cherish for a lifetime.

Do not be over ambitious: Look at the time at hand. You cannot go around asking people to do more they actually can. You may have friends staying far away. Inform an invite them first as they will take time to reach. Learn to compromise on what is impossible to get within such a short notice. Do not pine over.

It is ok to have minor bridal freak outs: You must been in a lot of stress during this five week and at time you may mess up a bit. It is okay. You need not cry over the split milk. A little amount of clumsiness will not be considered unhealthy. It won’t be the end of the world for you.

Give your overbearing relatives some project to work on: If you have those overbearing relatives whom you cannot stand but need to invite, stuck them with some work so that they stay out of your business. When one of your relatives starts driving you crazy with their own running commentary and criticism about your wedding-related choices hand them something less important to do. That way, those people will have their own little nuptial fiefdom to control and you will get some time to breathe.

Use Pinterest boards and Google Drive: Pinterest boards are an amazing resource for bridal beauty ideas and recipes for the wedding celebration. You can store the list in Google Drive so that you do not was time in finding one in case it gets lost. I understand it must seem to be a hefty burden, but trust me, you can do it. Do not lose your cool.

Graciously accept help if anyone offers you any: You are very lucky if you have a helpful family (which is most in case of India). Allot different responsibilities for different people. Ask them what they are good at and divide and work. They people love you and want to help you. So say “thank you” and accept it modestly. You do not have time to throw tantrums not.

All the best with your preparation!

Please share your tips in the comment box in case you think I have missed out on something.

Best Indian Wedding Party Menu

Food has a very important role to play in wedding parties, because where unexpectedly things go wrong, a heartfelt meal can save the day. Thus, the wedding party menu should be memorable and contemporary. Read on for the best menu to offer your guests on your wedding in India.

Well, one of the most popular buffet items on your wedding party menu should definitely be chocolate fondue fountain. The sweet aroma of rich, melted chocolate fills the air, as your guests are tempted to dip an unlimited assortment of treats into a waterfall of decadence.

Best Indian Wedding Party
Perfect Menu for Indian Wedding Party

Starters should be tempting. Consider the Asian Snack Tray which will include Vegetarian California Rolls, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, and Sesame-crusted Chicken Makki, red chili dipping sauce and nuac cham sauce, wasabi and ginger as they have been maintaining their prominence as the most relished starters in a wedding party. A bountiful presentation of crisp-cooked “best of the season” vegetables will also be wonderful. The selection may include snow Peas, green Beans, carrots, cauliflower, red and green sweet, peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, hummus, caramelized onion dip and spinach-artichoke dip.

In the main course, for your vegetarian guests serve Moroccan Vegetable Tagine over couscous, Bulgur Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with z’hug tomato sauce, Sautéed Pieriogis with favorite filling and Penne with porcini-puttanesca sauce. These are the most favorite flavors of present day wedding parties. For the non-veggies guests try serving Boneless Capon Breast stuffed with savory matzo, Poussin stuffed with bulgur, raisins, pinenuts and fresh mint chutney, Fig-Glazed Boneless Breast of Chicken, Roast Chicken with artichoke hearts, wild mushroom and sautéed leeks, Handmade Chicken Fingers with honey-dipping sauce and in the Seafood Entrees you may include Falafel-Crusted Halibut in Jerusalem dressing, Pan-Seared Cod with chermoula sauce, Cod Fish Stew with tomatoes, leeks and peppers to make it the most delicious experience. Accompaniments may be Carrot and Sweet Potato Tzimmes, Israeli Couscous with golden raisins, pine nuts and scallions, Kasha Varnishkes, Jeweled Persian Rice with cranberries and orange zest, One World Rice Pilaf with toasted pinenuts, Wild Mushrooms and Vegetable Confetti for the perfect main course menu.

Your party will be incomplete without the rich variety of deserts. Treat your wedding guests with the most popular tastes of the day as Lemon Semifreddo with Hazelnut Tuile and tangy rhubarb puree, Mixed Summer Berry Napoleaon citrus-sugared pastry, cardamom-lime cream and vanilla-scented caramel, Rum-Soaked Carrot Cake with candied hazelnuts, Miniature Caramelized Carrot Cheesecake, Cinnamon-Apple Coffeecake, Chocolate-Dipped Macaroons, Sufganiyot, Mandelbrot and Chocolate Nut Clusters. You can also serve a variety of herbal teas or a variety of Columbian & Decaffeinated coffees available to make your wedding party unique and memorable.

The perfect catering service will set the mood of the entire wedding. Therefore always consider the best caterers in the business. Act as imaginative as possible and organize the wedding menu theme wise like contemporary, native and tasty within your budget.

What Men Should Talk About on Wedding Night?

Wedding jitters spares none as it all about lifetime commitment. The fear is more in arranged marriages in India. You become tensed about the new life changing responsibilities you will have to take up and hence feel like running away from the marriage. Once you are done with the whole wedding day, your mind is filled with the excitement of the ‘first night’. You plan to impress your partner with your acts and arrangements pre planned for the night. So, if you too want to impress her on the first night, here are a few ideas on what to discuss on your wedding night.

Indian Wedding Night

Welcome her to your life

Well, this idea is more applicable in arranged marriages. Since your bride is completely new to your family you need to give her a warm welcome and introduce to the family personally. Talk with her and describe your family members, their likes and dislikes. This way she will be comfortable being around them.

Build Proximity and Express Yourself

Make her comfortable. On the wedding night let her know how important she is to you in your life. This makes her feel wanted. On wedding night, a woman is tensed about the physical love, so these will make her feel better and more relaxed. Therefore, expressing oneself is very important to build proximity.

Explain her New Roles in the Family

Explain her new roles politely. Since it is a new house she deserves to be scared. But don’t be dominating or demanding while doing so. Since, she only knows you; she will want your support every time, and so make sure you explain with best intentions.

Promise to be Hers Forever

Women want to be loved. She wants to be felt wanted. So, the on wedding night, men should tell their wives their significance in their lives. Promise her that you will love her everyday and every moment for the rest of your lives. Your love will keep on increasing with time.

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Things You Should Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Just because it is your wedding day, does not mean you are allowed to do whatever you want. There are a behavioral patterns and etiquette for the bride and groom to follow on their wedding day. As you will be constantly under limelight you need to maintain the dignity and decency. We have come up with a few out of the book guidelines on what a bride and groom should not do on their wedding day. Have a look.


Tips on what a bride and groom must not do on their wedding day

Avoid Overeating on Stage

Yes! On your wedding day you will starve to death for hours because of all the rituals you need to follow. But, once you land on food, it does not mean you have to eat like a glutton on the stage. Eat, but eat limited because once on the stage, there will be hundreds of eyes concentrating on you. Therefore, avoid opening a big mouth whenever food is near.

Be Calm at all Time

Pre-Wedding jitters are common in every individual. Every bride and groom has to go through it till they get married. It might be due to responsibilities or the fear of being the center of attention. Sometimes, a bride in India gets frustrated due to the heavy wedding dress and accessories she is wearing and at times is clearly visible on the face. In such a scenario be calm and think about how good you are looking.

Never flirt on your wedding day

C’mon, it is your wedding day and you are no longer a bachelor or a bachelorette. Stop preying on the groom’s or bride’s friends. Since you are the center of attraction flirting with your would-be’s friends would only spoil your impression in front of your in-laws family and others.

Do not hold the hand of your spouse

You will get your whole life to get intimate with each other. You need not do that in front of the public. Well, among Hindus, this point is more applicable as the bride is too shy to even look up. Holding hands is never acceptable in the Indian society.

How to Get Over Pre-Wedding Jitters

Pre-wedding jitters are common myths to laugh off rather they need to be attended to seriously. Come out of the fantasy that weddings get called off because the bride or the groom gets cold feet about getting married only in movies. It happens in real life too. Scientists have come up with many psychological explanations over the years. The marriage phobia occurs on the thought that your entire life will get changed after the wedding day and hence all form of doubts starts growing in your mind.

Pre-Wedding Jitters Tips

If you are to live ‘happily ever after’ you must be able to fight wedding jitters successfully. Below are some of the tips for your guidance.

Tips To Overcome Pre-Wedding Jitters

1. Most people starts pondering on their decision to get married right on their wedding day and gets all confused. In such a situation they should be asking the question ‘what was I doing till now?’ to themselves. This will serve as the bell to remind that the thinking and analyzing part is already completed done.

2. Many a time wedding jitters are merely flutter of nerves. Might be you are emotionally charged and also a bit stressed or your hormones are playing weird trick on you. If this happens try to dismiss your apparent pangs of commitment phobia as a chemical reaction.

3. Remember that it does not take any silly jitter to break a relationship, a small doubt can turn ugly and do the same- break a relationship. If you are having a similar kind of commitment phobia, try to think about the high points of your relationship and skip the dark ones.

4. If your married friends start giving you last minute tips on life after marriage, ask them to stop immediately. You will have to wear your own shoe and thus manage your married life according to your own accord. Save all the horror stories for later friends.

5. Probably the feeling you are getting has nothing to do with commitment all. May be you are just stressed about your makeup being right or your hairdo coming off at the ‘moment’ on the big day.

6. Every woman plans their dream wedding right from the time they understand the concept of wedding. Thus if something does not go as planned it strikes their nerves and they get jitters.

7. Marriage is an uncertain phenomenon of life. You commit to it or do not; you will have to regret what –so-ever. Therefore, it is better to have the experience of married life and then regret it instead of not having the experience but still regretting.

10 tips make your Fiance enthusiast about your Wedding

What I appreciate in my wife is that she not only manages to lure me into getting the required household stuff but also uplifts my mood for the same. You all know how difficult it is to shop for women and men hardly do that. All you need is to play a little smart to make us work especially when there is a boys reunion to attend or during “Sachin batting in England”

shopping for boys
Boys and Shopping

During our wedding, fortunately my wife finished off her lehenga shopping within 1-2 weeks. I am sure you must be wondering HOW! And with half a day of shopping exposure I do not get much to mock her on wedding shopping. Well, this is what we are. I have come up with 10 tips to make men a part of your wedding planning that too with full on enthusiasm. Have a look:

1. Men do not like doing girl-ey stuff: I am not being chauvinist and only just stating a fact. You will feel a lot better once you accept this fact. Do not complaint much. When your partner will see the entire burden falling on your shoulder, he will come to you all by himself.

2. Plan well in advance: Tally your plans according to his convenient time and availability. If needed reschedule your calendar too. Try to frame your question right. He will never be able to completely deny for that matter.

Advance Plan
Advance Plan

3. Be selective: You do not need him all the time. Therefore, save his presence for crucial times. Men are very good observers, so the next time you ask him to come with you, he will understand that the job is important and he will make no complaints.

4. Stay focused: Whenever, you go out shopping with him, prepare a list before hand on the shops you plan on visiting and what you plan on buying. Men do not like wasting time on malls for shopping and will come up with an excuse the next time you want him to go shopping with you. .

5. Men are not your driver: If you are too tired to drive or to travel alone book a cab. Do not substitute your partner for your driver. Don’t expect him to cancel his plans just because you need a driver. He will never like this gesture.

6. Club it all: Do not plan your wedding as something as he will have to ride pass through. Make it interesting for him.

7. Take a friend along: If you have a mutual friend, probably a male friend, take him along as well so that he does not get bored. Use this as a trump card.

Shopping With Girlfriend
Shopping With Girlfriend

8. Consider his opinion: Majority of girls does not abide by the opinion of their partner in shopping and as such the guy feels less valued. I did not mean that you need to buy whatever he says, but at least consider his opinion as well. This will make him more interested in lending you a hand in shopping.

9. Sound like a cost controller: It does give heart attacks to pay the bills no matter how rich your partner is. I am sure he must have skipped a few heartbeats merely by listening to the wedding planning. Know how to manipulate the truth.

10. TRICK him: Trick your guy to speak his heart out and use it as a shield against him. Like each lock has its own key, you will have to find out what will make your man speak. Well, a known devil is better than an unknown angel!

If you use the above tricks smartly – one at a time, I am sure he will be accompanying you in most of your shopping sprees. Whatever less is left to you, can be done with your father/mother/mother-in-law/brother/sister. Spare the poor soul completely on those days. Happy Shopping!!

These are some of the foolproof plan that will sure to be effective for wedding shopping with your partner. And wherever will be left can be done with your father/mother/mother-in-law/brother/sister etc. Happy Shopping!

How To Look Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

A bride-to-be gets a special kind of glow that matches none on her wedding day. Since it is the biggest day of her life, it got to be special. She strives to make the best out of everything on the day as it is the greatest transitional period of her life. She deserves to look the most beautiful on her wedding day.

Look Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

Girls in today’s generation are also seen entering the rat race to build a career at a very ripe age. Hence the stress, pollution and faulty lifestyle are bound to harm their natural beauty. Therefore, experts say that it is very important to follow beauty tips 6 months prior to the wedding day. Much better if the wedding tips are natural. It will keep you away from all sorts of reactions on the skin.

A few of the most natural Wedding Beauty Tips are mentioned below:

Hair Care

You may have planned of several special hairstyles for your wedding. But your entire plan will go in vain if you do not maintain your hair properly. Dry hair, hair fall and loss of hair are common problems seen in girl. Here are a few remedies to help you out.

1. Warm up a small container and put some oil in it. Massage your scalp with this oil. This acts as deep conditioner letting your hair be smooth and shiny.

2. Henna leaves acts a great treatment for dandruff. Add some of them in warm oil. You may also mix coriander seeds with coconut oil for quicker cure.

3. Wash your hair with amla and reetha. Amla is a good source of protein and reetha strengthens your hair. It also acts as a hair color enhancer.

Skin Care

Remember that nothing looks more beautiful than a healthy skin and hence tips to skin care are mandatory. Here are some:

1. Increase the intake of water. Drink at least ten glasses daily. This will help your body remain toxin free and give you a younger looking skin.

2. Have at least two citrus fruits everyday. Vitamin C is useful for a healthy skin.

3. Wipe your face with cold milk several times a day to keep it clean. It will also lighten your skin tone. Use natural scrubbers as an essential part of your wedding beauty tips too.

4. Avoid stress during wedding. Also apply graded cucumber, potato or papaya every day and take rest for at least half an hour. This will cools off and de-stress your skin.

5. Instead of soap use a pack of flour and cream to scrub your skin everyday. It will scrub off the dead skin cells and keep your skin clean and also prevents acne and pimples.

Body Care

Body care is also as important as the two as it is the complete package. Look for the tips –

1. Your wedding dress will be more enhanced if you have a beautiful figure. Therefore, start exercising under a good instructor and keep your body hydrated at all times.

2. Take body massages to enhance the flow of blood in the body. It also heals clean skin pores thereby cleansing the body making you all the more even and smooth.

3. Crash dieting will lead you to nowhere. Instead, eat and eat right. Include lot of greens foodies in your diet chart for proper balance of nutrients. They are high in fiber and clean your system. Consume lean protein to avoid fat accumulation and to build muscles.

Follow these wedding beauty tips to looks beautiful naturally on your marriage day. Use minimal make-up and flaunt your natural self.