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Creative Ways To Re-Use Your Wedding Lehenga

Your bridal lehenga can be a gateway to a totally sizzling item number of any occasion. All you need is a little bit of creativity for some awesome makeover. Treat your gorgeous piece of art at a center of attraction and give it the deserved attention it need. Do not just hang it in your closest.

Indian Wedding Lehenga

Here are a few tips on ways to re-use your Wedding Lehenga:

Your dupatta can be turned into half saree: Dupatta is generally the prettiest part of your bridal lehenga. Use it with the blouse as a saree. For example, if your blouse is emerald green and you have a red dupatta, only get a smaller piece of plain red fabric, and wrap it around your hip and pleat it. Another idea is get some plain red fabric stitched as a pleated skirt. Attach your dupatta at the pleats, turn it around yourself and wear it like a saree. It will appear as the pleats being plain red fabric and the dupatta being the rest of the saree. It will look heavy enough to be worn to a close wedding and also at the same time not look overly bridal.

Change your blouse to a plainer one for a modern look: You may use a plain, raw silk fitted top that will come down below your navel as your blouse. Darker jewelled color like Navy and Emerald green won’t make you look bridal at all. For the blouse, you may get a cropped jacket custom made. Pair this with a light, shaded dupatta worn across your chest with the original lehenga skirt.

Use a semi-sheer, flowing jacket and wear it over your existing lehenga skirt: Get a beautiful, sheer floor length jacket made so that you may wear it over your lehenga skirt as a jacket lehenga. Due to the sheer fabric, the lehenga will be seen through and also at the same time give a modern twist to the outfit.

Create fashion out of your old lehenga: If your lehenga has become quite old and is out of fashion, you may turn it into a beautiful piece of art. I do not deny the fact that there is sentimental value attached in cutting up your wedding lehenga, but if it is left pretty much unused what is the harm in reviving them by putting it on new fabric?

Make an Anarkali out of it: If post marriage you have gained extra weight and feel like you won’t be wearing a lehenga again here is a better idea for you to re use your lehenga. Get the skirt of your lehenga attached to the blouse for a simple, cost effective anarkali to flaunt in the next wedding you attend.

Wear it as it is: I have not gone nuts! You may think you will look like a bride, trust me, you won’t. Wear it with simple jewelry and with a different draping style. All you need is the right attitude and confidence to carry it.

Abandon the Original Skirt: Get a Plain Raw Silk Skirt instead and match it with your heavy dupatta and blouse. Plain silk skirts are so in fashion these days. Get some nice borders and be the center of attraction at your friends wedding.

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