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8 Simple Digital Marketing Ideas for Event Management Company

Digital Marketing is a powerful tool which can help you reach out to your prospective customers in a creative way. And if you are an event marketing services provider then you must make the optimum use of digital marketing ideas to have your company prosper. Creativity is the key in your business and you must have it reflect in your digital marketing as well.

In this post, we have compiled some of the most unique digital marketing ideas for events management company. Here is your event marketing guide which will always keep you ahead in the industry.

Innovative Tips and Ideas for Event Promotion

Read through the interesting and creative event promotion ideas and tips to follow. With these unique ideas for marketing strategy for event management company, you can have impressive profit margins and progressive business.

Video Testimonials

If you want to add more authenticity to your testimonials then ditch the regular written ones and go for video testimonials which have more credibility. These testimonials are a recorded experience of your prior clients or customers and therefore, are considered more authentic. Moreover, they are more interesting compared to the written stuff and will attract people not only to watch but also have it shared.

Offer Early Bird Registration Discounts

Loyal customers must always be rewarded. Therefore, it is a good digital marketing plan for event management to offer discounts on early bird registration. This will always motivate people to register for the event in advance and this will guarantee you more and more participants. You can also create a promotional code to give away discounts. The idea is to attract more and more people to register for the event.

Create an Online Contest

When the idea is to have more and more people attend your event then you can always create an interactive and interesting online contest that you can post on your Instagram page or Facebook page. You can ask participants to tag their friends and perform some activity. You must have more and more people participate and then reward them with free gifts or free passes for the event which you are promoting through this contest.

Make Use of Blog Posts

You know the importance of event marketing and you can use it to its optimal levels by writing blog posts. If you wish to promote the events then you must keep your blog active. Use content to attract more and more traffic on your website and attention on the events. By using the SEO tools, you can always earn better ranks with search engines. Make sure that these blog posts are interesting. Don’t forget to include visuals in your post.

Smart Use of Hashtags

This is another creative promotion idea and tip to include. Always go with innovative hashtags with your events which you can use on social media and also have them placed on the table cards at the time of the event. The wise thing is to not use too many hashtags and to use them in a unified manner. Hashtags that are easy and catchy will always be easy to remember and use.

Market with Teaser for Upcoming Events

You can create an interesting video of the upcoming events to tell your customers what awaits in future. This is a creative way of promoting the event business on the social media platform. This will help the people share the video with their family and friends and will also interest them to be a part of the event.

Update Pictures on Social Media

Don’t forget to share the pictures of the prior events on different social media platforms to share the success of the event. Pictures of attendees, decoration, food and event will exhibit the kind of events your company organizes. You can another step further by identifying and tagging the people who attended the event. This will be helpful in initiating the conversation on how the event was and will make the prospective customers interested.

Go For Event Centric Pinterest Boards

If you are event management company then have the pictures from your events do the talking. Without having to use any words, you can have the images describe the kind of events you do. For that you will some professionally clicked, impressive pictures and then you can incorporate other pinners to create an interesting buzz.

These are some of the very creative event promotion ideas and tips. Have your business grow with these interesting digital marketing for event management company. Use these guidelines and you can surely take your event management company to new heights with the right mix of digital marketing strategies.

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