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Emergency Bridal Kit Check List for Indian Brides

I know you must be preparing for your special day months before right after you have taken the decision to get married. After spending a million bucks on your wedding, you at no cost will say no, right? Anyway don’t stress on it. This is not what I am going to discuss about today. Rather I will take you to a tour about the disasters, emergencies, panic attacks, breakdowns, crises that might come up in your wedding. But do not worry everything has solutions!

Indian Bride's Emergency Kit

Every Indian Bride’s Emergency Bridal Kit for the Wedding Day.

I was watching this movie the other day where the bride’s gown rips off at the altar and her liner goes for a tiny little party with the lipstick. LOL! It was a zombie movie. What I mean to say is that even with the best of preparations things might turn ugly in your wedding and therefore it is wise enough to carry the remedies along. Of the lots what is most important is the emergency Bride Aid kit that is a must for your bridesmaid to carry. Have a look and be prepared for the odds!

It is always wise to be on the safe side and carry along these items. Least you bang your head on your D’day! Here is what it should contain, in case you forget in the humdrum of having fun.  I have categorized your emergency into three sections. So, get down with your pen and paper and paper and make notes.

Apparel proof protection

Perfumes or deodorants: If you sweat a lot due to the heavy bridal dress.

Glue or Fevicol: Disaster might come any time.

Spare flats: Incase your feet ache due to standing on the heels the whole time.

Snickers: If you love eating.

Double sided body/sewing tape for costume slips.

Safety Pins: It is normal for Indian weddings if chachis and mausis run around asking every second woman about safety pin. You may also use it to adjust your lehenga/palla.

Straws: Keep straws to drink without messing up your lipstick.

Medication (just in case)

Band Aid: Keep band ads in case you forget to test your shoes beforehand and it bites.

Aspirin: If the stress gets on to your nerves, Aspirin will come handy as you need to constantly smile throughout the event.

Sanitary Pads/Tampons: If you fall under the categories who always forget your date so that you do not get any surprises.

Contact Lens solution: In case something goes wrong.

ENO: For immediate gas relief.

Other emergency medication: Redness-reducing eye drops, pain reliever/migraine medicine, antacids, allergy medications and any other prescribed medicine.

Grooming and touch ups

Lipstick: Even the best of lipsticks don’t last for more than 6hrs. Since Indian wedding lasts for life a lifetime (metaphorically), it should be on the top of your box.

Lip balm: You can also keep a tinted balm in the color of your lipstick to keep your lips moist.

Compact: I am sure you won’t like to look an oily bride if yours is a summer wedding.

Wet Tissues: When the groom puts on sindoor on the bride’s head, a major portion falls down on the bride’s nose. Wet Tissues will work miracles in this case.

Baby Oil: Indian bridal jewelry is too heavy with mang tikka, nathni etc. Apply baby oil in case of allergic reactions.

Hair Spray: In case your hair becomes difficult to manage. So just keep a fixing spray handy.

Small mirror: For the last moment touch ups as you won’t want your makeup to suffer.

Mouthwash and mints: Indians are very lovable although the bride and groom don’t get to kiss.

Makeup remover: To look after smudged mascaras.

Hand Sanitizer: This is of course needed.

Miscellaneous emergency kit

Camera: You might want to take your own candid shots while getting dressed and made up.

Contact numbers: Keep a list of numbers of everyone who you think you might need.

Your favorite music: In case you want to relax for a while.

Scissors: You never know what kind of emergency you fall into.

Cash: It is also good to have some cash- small bills.

Charger: Spare phone charger. Don’t forget your phone!

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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