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Fashion Tips to Style Your Hill Station Honeymoon Wardrobe

Honeymoon is the pass for a newlywed couple. It does not matter if your marriage was arranged or love, every couple look forward for this first ‘official’ trip together. If you are set to tie the knot and making plans for a hill station honeymoon destination, this post will act useful for you. Here are some fashion tips for you to be at your best in the trip.

Hill Station Honeymoon

If you have chose hill station for your honeymoon, you are unlikely to spend your whole vacation indoors. Probable outdoor activities include river rafting, skiing, short trekking trips, snow sports and golfing in hill stations. A keen sense of styling and fashion will help you bring out the best fashion sense in front of your spouse.

River Rafting

Choosing river rafting during cold weather means neoprene wetsuits, neoprene boots and helmets for the adventure. Matching won’t look tacky at all for your newlywed look. If it is summer, girls should go for comfortable clothing in full-sleeves and easy fabric to save them from the harsh summer sun. For guys you can put on some loose pants or printed shorts to add fashion. Here is another tip: Always carry an extra pair of clothing for around the camp activities and pack your personal belongings in a waterproof container.

Snowy Excursion

If you are planning on spending your honeymoon on snowy slopes, protection from cold weather should be your priority. Thus, layering is a must. Thermal wears, warm turtleneck or a fleece jacket topped with some printed or multi-colored jackets is the best. Jeans, sweaters and cotton outfits is not at all a good idea. For lowers, waterproof pants with thick lining are ideal for your wardrobe.

Trekking Trips

If you are planning on trekking pack- pants that zip off into shorts, boxer shorts, raincoats, multiple pair of socks and a spare innerwear. You may use interesting colors with your hiking gear, for example patterned hiking shoes, sun glares, stoles and bags. For smooth weather comfortable cotton or linen clothes is the best. Girls can put on a tank top with shorts, while men can go for a comfortable jacket with lots of pockets paired up with a t-shirt and pants.


Honeymoon Dates

For skiing too I would suggest you the same ideas as snowy excursions and a versatile ski jacket as your external layer. It will protect you and your clothes from getting wet. Pick up complimenting colors of skiing gear and accessories, like skis, goggles, caps, gloves, etc for better style and fashion in your wardrobe.

For Honeymoon Dates

This is the most interesting part. Girls can go for some exciting sleeveless dresses if it is summer and for winter printed and multi-colored capes or jackets with fur ear muffs and a cap will make you look sweet and sexy. But, if you want to go Indian, a saree combined with the correct dose of sensuousness will be just right. For, guys on the other hand, usual jeans paired with a smart shirt or a plain white tee will look the best for a casual look. But, if you want to go formal, a jacket on the top will do the trick.

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