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Get Scintillating Look on Your Wedding Day with Sherwani

Is your wedding day approaching fast? You have been trying on different outfits but always get back to square one? You are not being able to give a final say on anything as nothing is clinking? Since the wedding day will be the most important day of your life, you will be the center of attraction will all eyes hovering over you. Nauseating is quite expected in you. Usually bride’s apparel is given more importance than the groom and is left behind. But now times have changed.  Grooms too have stepped into the field and are making their presence felt in a whole different way thus giving a neck to neck competition in terms of looks and charms. What about sherwanis? Did you try considering it?


If you are an Indian, sherwani cannot be an alien word to you. It has been an elegant ingredient in our attire world for centuries. Designer sherwanis increasing fame dates back the great Mughal times who further customized and personified them thus giving it a brand name of its own. Mens Sherwani without any doubt provides a royal and majestic feel to you looks with a hint of pride and confidence. Talking about Indian wedding, it is all about color, glitz, glamour, alluring apparels and of course the bulk load of customs and traditions. Thus to stand up to excitement wedding attire plays the greatest role at the end of the day and thus should be chosen vigilantly.

When it comes to providing options in ethnic wear Indian grooms have a excellent list too. Where designer kurta pajama, tuxedos and embellished dhoti kurta top the all time favorites. Each again comes with its own long list of ranges and varieties. Some comes with heavy handmade embroidery while some with embellished beads, real stones, spectacular mirror work and sequins. Thus making you the show’s topper on your wedding day.

Jodhpuri is made available in large varieties. You are also provided with a great range of clothing ranging from silk, banni, zardozi, bidri, aari bharat to even cotton. Each of them is so finely that you will get a feeling like the king of the world, be it just for a day! Indian brooms mostly prefer blue, brown, green and off white.

Since Indian wedding is all about rituals and customs all day long, in the end it becomes tiresome for the bride and groom to remain loaded with full enthusiasm and excitement with the passing day. What remains finally is the almost heavy dresses, jewelry and yet again the never ending rituals. A less heavy dress at that time comes of handy to quite an extent. Thus, the best part of sherwani – as it is easy to wear, is comfortable and light with no extra burden over the body with an add on smile to save the day.

Sherwanis are also available in various varieties. You can choose anyone among contemporary, trendy, casual, designer and a lot others. Discover a perfect shop or boutique which can provide you with latest fashion trends and styles. Choose the one which serves you best and suits you most. Don’t go for fashion statements here as it is your day and you have full freedom to wear what you want!

You are given various options of sherwan’s too with contemporary, trendy, casual and designer topping the list. Shop from the best boutique that will provide you with latest trends. Choose the one which makes your face hold a smile of elegance. Its your day after all. You have the right to be choosy, picky and finally stunning!

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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