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Gifts to Improve Intimacy with Your Wife

India is a country where arranged marriages are given utmost preference. Newly wed locks, most of the times suffer the consequence of being with their new partner on the first night. However, you can gift your partner some of the common things she loves. Try to get some intimate gifts for your wife. These intimate goodies are sure to bring a smile and a kind of unique charm on her face.

It is a known fact that woman love gifts and likes those men that pamper her with this. It is however, important for a man to understand that women are particular while receiving gifts. Make sure you do not get your wife something that will make her upset. If you are a confused soul, here are some of the intimate gifts you can give your wife to spice up your relationship tonight.

Take a special note on the gift presentation to. It acts like a mood elevator. Tip: Do not forget to capture her smile and the intimate moment on camera.

Here are some of the best intimate gifts you can gift your wife:


Lingerie Gift

The following thought stands true in all cases: Women adore lingerie and men love to see their lady wearing the hottest new trends in town. Tonight buy her your favorite color and ask her to wear it to spice up your relationship. This is one of the effective ways to bring in the intimacy in an arranged marriage.


couple Song

Almost every couple has a song to call their own. Play it on your system and dance with her. This is romantic too.


Massage Oils Gifts

Massage makes you feel relaxed. To bring the intimacy, purchase nice essential body oils to spice up romance. It acts as an energy enhancer.


Perfume Gifts for women

Men love women that smell good. This is a perfect intimate gift you can give your wife tonight to bring the intimacy.

Gift Hamper

Gift Hamper box

Woman loves to see gift hamper decked with all sorts of goodies only for her. Get her a gift basket with a lot of her favorite goodies. Check out the spark that will follow.


romantic poetry, Love

Write her a romantic poetry. She will surely appreciate the idea and your effort.



Good body lotion is also helpful for you to spice up your romance. Gift your wife an intimate natural lotion tonight.


Jewelry Gift

Which women do not like Jewelry? Try gifting her pair of diamond earrings, a gold necklace or bracelet. Sit back and enjoy the smile and the glitter in her eyes.


best Flowers Gifts

The scent from a bouquet of flowers can spice up the intimacy. Strew petals of her favorite flowers on the bed and decorate the house with flowers. Another best gift for the night.


Chocolate gift for women

Chocolates are inseparable for women. Dark chocolate is the right choice among all. It is an aphrodisiac food and will surely spice up the love under the sheets.

Good Luck!

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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