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How To Avoid Wedding Disasters

Bad luck does not come knocking at your door. They are always unpleasant surprises. At times things can turn out against favor at your wedding. Like you can not control the weather or skin breakouts like pimples a day or two before the wedding So, what is the harm in being extra careful?

If any of such disasters take place before the wedding, all pre preparation goes in vain. The decorations, ideas, preparations all turns ugly. So, it is very important that you at least try to avoid wedding disasters on the special day. Below are some of the most common wedding disasters with the various ways to avoid them.

Avoid Wedding Disasters

When you get up with a pimple, tears are add ons.

Imagine getting a pimple on your face on your wedding day. Even the thought is horrifying, right? A small pimple breakout can spoil your flawless beauty. Therefore, to avoid it, drink plenty of fluids, especially water and fruit juice.

Tip: But even if you get one taking all the precautions, try to hide it with a concealer.

The horrifying Makeup blunder

This is one of the most advocated wedding disasters. Many a times it happens that the makeup artists spoils the overall beauty by applying too much makeup or by picking the wrong shades that does not go with your personality.

Tip: Redo the makeup so that you do not look funny or scary on your wedding.

Panic attack on for melting wedding cake

I can understand the feel you get when you find out that the beautifully designed and decorated cake for your wedding is melting. All your hard work and planning goes in vain.

Tip: Store the cake is a cold place to avoid hot weather wedding disaster.

Wedding dress spoils: The Shock you get

It takes months to choose your wedding dress but what if by mistake it gets torn upon wearing? This is the worst of all wedding disasters and can spoil the whole event.

Tip: Be extra careful while wearing and carrying your wedding outfit.

Rain Rain Go Away

Yes! Rain can add a spice to your romantic mood. But the same rain turns out to be a disaster if you have organized a beach wedding for yourself.

Tip: Put up tents and shades as a precaution to protect yourself on your wedding day.

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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