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How to deal with a selfish Wife

Marriage is not always about enjoying on the bed of roses. Happy and ideal marriage is a myth. If you are not perfect, you can not expect your spouse to be mistake free. But, there is a difference between making mistake and being selfish and mean. And if your spouse starts showing such symptoms, your relationship is heading towards terrible danger.

Selfishness in any relationship can be toxic. This symptom seems to take a more ugly shape in adults compared to children. They tend to become irrational, immature and even throw bad temper tantrums. Well, selfish wives do exist and so do husbands. A selfish wife only thinks about herself and do not bother looking after the household at all.

Tips to Deal with a Selfish Wife

Tips to Deal with a Selfish Wife

Note that marriage cannot be dependent only on the whims and fancies of your partner. Both of them have to understand that marriage is a two person partnership business, both with equal share and responsibilities. For a successful marriage, one must love, value and respect the feelings of the other person. If you wife seem nowhere near to understand these, here are a few ways to make her realize where is she going wrong. Take a peep at these tips for a successful marriage.

Point out

It happens most of the time where women don’t realize that they are acting selfish. So, start out by pointing at her faults the next time she acts mean.

Talk it out

Try to talk it out. There is a possibility that by acting selfish your wife is trying to point out something. Do not jump into any conclusion rather initiate the conversation by asking whether something is bothering her. By placing it this was she will feel that you are concerned about her and your relationship and will open up.

Draw the line

If negotiation fails it is better to go for the safer option. So what if she is your wife, so you can not let her to walk over you all the time. Let her know that you care for her but should not take you for granted at any cost.

Divide responsibilities

Make a list of the household chores and divide it between yourself. Do not entertain any kind of excuses from her if she avoids doing a thing on the list. Discuss beforehand the consequences when you or your wife is not able to complete the tasks on time.

Give the ultimatum

If things still do not turn up right, use threats. Threaten your wife that you will move out of the marriage. If she cares enough she will completely change herself.

Marriages only become successful only when both the partners are ready for a compromise at a level. Only one person compromise is a bad shape for marriage. If you are facing the same difficulty, try out these ways to get your selfish wife into the right path and safe your married life.

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