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How to dodge the 7 most famous Indian Pre-wedding mistakes

Indian weddings last very long. Each ceremony is unique in itself and needs different approaches. Most couples therefore often up with some goof up or the other. Actually, it is the rituals that make the whole process complicated. But, do not worry! We are here to help you cut out on the 7 most influential mistakes in the book. We want your wedding planning to be a beautiful journey and not a nightmare!

Check your wallet, do not just overflow money
Check your walletYes! Weddings are grand celebrations. Once the date is finalized, excited couples starts shopping without even considering their cash inflow. It will lead to catastrophic blow on the budget plans later on. This will affect their daily life post marriage. We always recommend young couples to involve and consult the elders of their family for guidance on the perfect budget plan.

Do not wait till the last moment to order your wedding dress
order your wedding dressIf you always wanted to have a custom-made wedding lehenga or sherwani for your wedding, do not wait till the last moment. Order at least a few months before the big day. You never know if your dress needs alteration. So make sure you get enough time for fittings and trials.

A sharp NO to last-minute experiments

Do not even think of trying out a new diet plan to shed those extra kilos at the last-minute. Sudden weight lost leads to stretch marks and you will never want to hamper your attire fittings, right? Plus, the eleventh hour beauty treatments may lead to skin rashes, pimples and redness. Shift all your parlor appointments one week prior to the big day.

It is not compulsory to invite too many guests
invite too many guestsMost couples become so excited about their wedding that they tend to invite everybody they are acquainted with to the grand celebration. It sounds generous, but is very impractical. We advise you to take into consideration your budget and the size of your venue while giving the final check on the guest list.

Leaving all paperwork for the last hour – the biggest mistake
Leaving all paperworkIf you have planned an international honeymoon do not make the mistake of postponing all arrangements like passport, visa, bookings and currency exchange. Instead do it prior to wedding.

Avoid Late booking
wedding venueDo not wait till the nick of time to book your wedding venue, caterers, photographers, bandwalas, makeup artists etc. Book them well in advance or else you may end up paying extra. Again there is this problem that you may not get the venue of your choice. If your wedding date falls during peak season, it is recommended to book your venue six months prior to the big day. And also you will save yourself from unnecessary troubles.

Do not act over smart any try to take all the responsibilities

It is utter impossible to single-handedly plan and execute the multiple aspects that runs behind a perfect wedding. The help and support of all friends and family members is equally important. Consider delegating various duties and responsibilities to the people you trust the most.

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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