Dream girl

How to Find the Girl of Your Dreams

If your friends and family has been keeping on saying that the girl of your dream will just come to you by her own and all you need to do is to wait for that miraculous moment, trust me, you will get to nowhere with those advices. Just waiting around cannot be enough. You will have to contribute to make her yours.

Dream girl

Do not go by the myth that all you have to do is pampering, preening and poetry. Below are a few tips to find the girl of your dreams and make here turn into reality.

First Impression is the Last Impression

Every girl expects her dream boy to be polite, confident and charming. Therefore, never be rude or arrogant, and even if you’re shy, try your best to strike up a conversation in the first meeting. Girls love those guys who can make a charming first move. But, do not ever pretend to be someone else. This irritates girls the most. If you’re honest, your uniqueness is sure to pay off.

Be Friends First

If you really want to be someone’s dream guy you will have to be her friend first. Learn her likes and dislikes, discuss her dreams and ambitions, ask her questions, remember her answers, share her sadness and her joy, and make sure you share all of yours with her too. This way you will build a connection which will definitely lead to good news for you. There is no harm in dropping your guard in front of her if you feel she is the one.

Be Romantic

Remember that not all gals are explicitly romantic but everyone enjoys a little bit of romance. If she says no, she is definitely lying. Picking her flowers, sitting through her favorite, sappy movie, sending her a sweet text – these are few small gestures you can make to bring a smile on her face. You will never go unnoticed.

Do Call Her

A simple text, a scheduled phone call, or even a random phone call makes girls feel special and wanted. It will make her know that she is in your mind and the feeling is awesome. Forgetting to call or text your lady on the other hand will make her feel less important and this is where you will start to loose the grip.

Do fun things and never bore her

Girls like fun and love to be around someone who makes her smile at all times. Try different things every once in a while to keep your bond lively and strong. She will definitely respect your efforts.

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