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How To Look Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

A bride-to-be gets a special kind of glow that matches none on her wedding day. Since it is the biggest day of her life, it got to be special. She strives to make the best out of everything on the day as it is the greatest transitional period of her life. She deserves to look the most beautiful on her wedding day.

Look Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

Girls in today’s generation are also seen entering the rat race to build a career at a very ripe age. Hence the stress, pollution and faulty lifestyle are bound to harm their natural beauty. Therefore, experts say that it is very important to follow beauty tips 6 months prior to the wedding day. Much better if the wedding tips are natural. It will keep you away from all sorts of reactions on the skin.

A few of the most natural Wedding Beauty Tips are mentioned below:

Hair Care

You may have planned of several special hairstyles for your wedding. But your entire plan will go in vain if you do not maintain your hair properly. Dry hair, hair fall and loss of hair are common problems seen in girl. Here are a few remedies to help you out.

1. Warm up a small container and put some oil in it. Massage your scalp with this oil. This acts as deep conditioner letting your hair be smooth and shiny.

2. Henna leaves acts a great treatment for dandruff. Add some of them in warm oil. You may also mix coriander seeds with coconut oil for quicker cure.

3. Wash your hair with amla and reetha. Amla is a good source of protein and reetha strengthens your hair. It also acts as a hair color enhancer.

Skin Care

Remember that nothing looks more beautiful than a healthy skin and hence tips to skin care are mandatory. Here are some:

1. Increase the intake of water. Drink at least ten glasses daily. This will help your body remain toxin free and give you a younger looking skin.

2. Have at least two citrus fruits everyday. Vitamin C is useful for a healthy skin.

3. Wipe your face with cold milk several times a day to keep it clean. It will also lighten your skin tone. Use natural scrubbers as an essential part of your wedding beauty tips too.

4. Avoid stress during wedding. Also apply graded cucumber, potato or papaya every day and take rest for at least half an hour. This will cools off and de-stress your skin.

5. Instead of soap use a pack of flour and cream to scrub your skin everyday. It will scrub off the dead skin cells and keep your skin clean and also prevents acne and pimples.

Body Care

Body care is also as important as the two as it is the complete package. Look for the tips –

1. Your wedding dress will be more enhanced if you have a beautiful figure. Therefore, start exercising under a good instructor and keep your body hydrated at all times.

2. Take body massages to enhance the flow of blood in the body. It also heals clean skin pores thereby cleansing the body making you all the more even and smooth.

3. Crash dieting will lead you to nowhere. Instead, eat and eat right. Include lot of greens foodies in your diet chart for proper balance of nutrients. They are high in fiber and clean your system. Consume lean protein to avoid fat accumulation and to build muscles.

Follow these wedding beauty tips to looks beautiful naturally on your marriage day. Use minimal make-up and flaunt your natural self.

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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