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Importance of Red Color in Indian Wedding Ghagra Cholis

Wedding is a brand new step to a completely different life, different from the one you are presently living. For Indians, especially for the bride’s sides it is very huge. Almost every family starts planning and savings for a wedding as soon as a girl is born. Deciding on the bride’s dress is the most important decision of all that needs to be taken with great care.

Indian Wedding Ghagra Cholis

Indian brides have a lot of option on their wedding dresses depending on the religious background they come from.  Wedding saree is the tradition wear of an Indian bride. But with modernization picking pace bridal ghagra cholis is most preferred. It imitates the traditional wedding sarees with its skirt for the body of the saree, choli that is very much like the blouse and the big and broad dupatta that fulfills the roles of the pallu of a saree. The bridal ghagra cholis has brought a new level of elegance, dignity and a sense of independence in her.

Significance of the Red Color in Indian Bridal Wear

Indian weddings run for many days at a stretch. The ceremony begins with Mehendi, Tilak, Sangeeth, Baraat, Wedding and finally a formal reception. Of all these the most important ceremony is the saath phera when the bride and bride groom unite as a pair. This is the part where women in most parts of India wear a red bridal dress, saree or ghagra choli. Amongst the Hindus the color red is considered very auspicious signifying Love, Courage, Beauty and Strength.

Rad Wedding Ghagra Cholis

Shopping for Bridal Ghagra Cholis

A considerable amount of wedding budget is set apart for the wedding dress as it is the most important part of all. Indians do not mind spending $500 to $5000 on a wedding dress because the dress has to be exclusiveness. Also retailers selling bridal wear know that people come with a mindset to spend money on bridal wear so the price is further skyrocketed. The sellers are seen making 200% to 300% margin on those already expensive outfits and the buyer ends up a huge amount of his or her hard earned money on an outfit that they could have bought for lot better prices. It’s a plight you cannot help in India.

A few Tip on finding Bargains

If you are not sure about the money you want to spend, check out smaller stores first. They may not have huge collection, but they may have the dress that could exactly match your imagination for a much lesser price than in an expensive fancy store. The price of any product depends on the overall operating costs of the seller. The higher the seller’s operational costs the higher the product price, not because the product is any different from a small store. If still not convinced, check out more expensive stores and judge the quality and designs of different sellers at huge price differences. You will understand.

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