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Indian Arranged Marriage: Prospective question to Ask a Girl in the First Meeting

Prospective question to Ask a Girl in the First MeetingMarriage is a wonderful feeling. And this feeling is further multiplied in India when a guy needs to meet a girl from the perspective of getting married. Of course! It is a difficult task. Therefore it is nest to get thumbs up on what you should not ask a girl. It will be the last thing you would want that a stranger is rolling out in laughter at your questions. Below are a few safe questions to ask a girl to know her better.

Put Ice breaker questions to break the Tension

Note that even the girl is as nervous as you about the meeting. The best approach to start a conversation is to start with general light headed question that will prove to be ice breakers. You may put questions like what her name means, her hobbies, her favorite cuisine etc. Make the environment light. Indian girls are normally very shy. Begin the conversation by talking about yourself and then slowly involving her in it.

Show your interest in her career and education related goals

Girls always feel comfortable to know that her prospective partner is interested in her career. Stop blabbing only about your career, goals and job. Take a break and ask about her future plans. Such gestures always make the girl feel good. Assure her that you are absolutely interested in her future goals, her education and her career.

Talk about her marriage expectations

Every girl just loves it if a guy asks her views on marriage and expectations related to it.

So, if it is your first meeting, find out time and discuss about her views. Note that this question is important to you as well. It will help you to get a better insight on her thought process.

Discuss about her duties for her parents

This question might be very huge. But if you could gather the guts to ask about it, you will be able to understand her better. And if she has financial responsibilities towards her parents, you will get a clear idea on her plans in the future.

Casually ask about the lifestyle she lives

Talk about her social life, her favorite pastime and other interests. You will get an idea if she is an extrovert or an introvert. These details might be small but will help you a lot to understand whether the girl is the girl of your dreams or not. But, hang on! Do not go overboard with too many questions. She might feel awkward. She is the girl you are looking for as a life partner. It is your responsibility to make her feel comfortable.

Make small talks by asking about her choice of clothing
This question is just for filling awkward silence, but sometimes it becomes quite relevant too. If your family is a bit traditional and conservative and the girl is otherwise, you might face problems later on. This does not mean you will nip this meeting in the bud. Keep an open mind as either of you may compromise on things later on.

Some stupid questions that you must definitely stay away from

Here are lists of questions that our women readers have tagged luckless and ruinous for first meetings. All the best guys!

•    Are you a virgin? (Excuse me! You naughty boy!)
•    How many relationships did you have in the past? (Chill! You will never be the next)
•    What is your blood group? (Joke of the millennium! Are you looking for a wife or seeking a bone marrow transplant?)
•    How many facebook friends do you have? (She is definitely not going to add you anyways)
•    When do you have your monthly cycle? (This will definitely be your first and last meeting!)
•    How many kids do you want? (Hello! This is your first meeting. She has not said ‘yes’ yet)
•    What is your salary? Have your parents put any property under your name? (It will be best if you remain single)
•    Do you take a bath every day? (Come again! What?)

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