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Indian Wedding Games

The success matra behind every healthy relationship is intimacy and a sense of awe for the partner. Indian arranged marriages are no longer surprise packages. Today, they have at least some information of their would-be spouse. But in the olden days, arranged marriage system did not allow the bride and groom to meet prior to their wedding. Therefore, many Indian wedding games evolved to help break the ice between the newly weds and especially between the bride and her new family so that she does not feel uncomfortable at all. These traditional games are still practiced to create a sense of unity and understanding between the couples and the members of two families. Here are some of the few traditional Indian wedding games played with great merry-making.

Indian Wedding Games

Play Royal Indian Wedding Games

Fish the ring or Anguthi Dhudne ki Rasam

This unique little game declares the winner as the ruler of the house post marriage. It has two methods. According to the first method, the couples are asked to take off their rings and put them in a pot of clear water. As the rings settle to the bottom, the couple will have to churn the water vigorously. The water is then observed carefully as it tells the fate of the couple. If the bride’s ring lags behind in the swirling water she will be an obedient wife and is otherwise, the groom will be wrapped around his highness.

In the second method a ring is placed in a pot filled with rose petals or shallow plate of milk where the couple is asked to fish for it. The person who finds the fish first will have an upper hand post marriage.

Hide wedding shoes or Joota Chupai

Amongst the Hindus, the bride and the groom are asked to remove their footwear before stepping into the mandap for the holy rituals. When they do so, the bridesmaids seize the shoes of the groom and hide them. After the marriage ceremony the girls demand a ransom amount to give the shoes back and the groom side has to abide by it. It is a fun game as both the families gather together to watch the enjoyment. This game unites, tease and pack in a sweet memory treasured for life. Today, many grooms have started making gifts like gold earrings or anklets for their sister-in-laws before marriage. Some has also started carrying an extra pair of shoes.

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