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Indian Wedding Invitation Stationery

Indian wedding stationery too does not lag behind in looking as lively as Indian weddings itself. They are actually an indispensable part of the wedding. Indian weddings have no comparison to any western marriage. For Indians, every minute details count. Guests are invited by sending out colorful and expensive wedding cards with timings and venue of the marriage. What is common in every marriage card is a little Lord Ganesha’s picture on top of it. Lord Ganesha in India is considered as the Lord of auspicious occasion.

The range of wedding cards varies according to the quality and design to be used. The cost also depends on the paper used, the range of colors, special colors, customized designs, innovative envelopes, invitation gifts, and the number of inserts. In India, even the envelop need to look enchanting and therefore is custom prepared keeping in mind the quality and theme of the card.

Indian Wedding Invitation Stationery

Since we all know by know that a typical Indian wedding has a bundle of functions to prepare for. Most start a week days prior to the actual wedding and end a bit late too. Therefore, wedding invitation is very important to inform the guests about the date and timings for the various functions. Again, if you want filter the guests for each function, insertions will help you for the same. Other wedding stationery also includes table plan cards, RSVP cards, and mehendi cards.

India is a land of diversity with secularism running throughout the country. A standard Indian wedding card can be given a personal touch according to one’s religion. Today, innovative colors and designs have come up only to complement each religion in a unique manner.

Again, celebrity endorsed wedding invitation cards are in high demand too due to the over influence of Bollywood in the lives of the people. People get celebrities to invite guests on their behalf by writing invitations on the cards. But, celebs do charge hefty and therefore this practice is restricted to the upper echelons of the society only.

There is also another wedding invitation card where the elites accompany a gift with them for the guests. The gift can be a champagne bottle, fruit and nut box, perfume, flowers, or chocolates. In this case the cost depends on the gift chosen. And how can we forget about the physical delivery of the card that also needs add on.

I will have to emphasize on the fact that India is a developing nation and the people are becoming richer with each passing day with the lift in economy. Therefore, the future of the Indian wedding invitation stationery industry is sure to have a bright future.

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