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Jodhpuri Turban Showing Elegance and Royalty

Rajasthan, the land of desert, is famous for its culture, music, traditions, elegance and beauty. Jodhpuri safa is an important part of the traditional dress of men in Rajasthan. It is very well known as the most colorful turban across India. It reflects the spirit of the people and culture of the region. It is available in various styles and sizes, which vary every 15 miles across the desert region. Turbans are around 10 meters of fabric and can be tied to the head in various styles, with a tail behind and a fan-like crest on the top. They are available in many types of fabrics but cotton is used the most. The Rajput community proudly uses the turbans.

In different parts of Rajasthan, the turbans usually represent the climatic conditions or the caste or something else. For example, the color can symbolize a caste and or the position of the person in the society. The color of the turban holds a special meaning as different colors denote different castes. Thus turbans can be found in various colors. Also there are special turbans worn for every festival. Colors also depend on the seasons. During February and March when the crops and the flowers bloom, turbans in white or red can be seen. July is the best time to wear the pancharanga that comes with five colors -red, yellow, green, blue and orange- representing the ground of Rajasthan during the monsoon season.

The Jodhpuri Turbans represent honor and respect for a person in India. They are world famous for their amazing styles, designs and colors. Naturally a man dressed in traditional costumes look more elegant and the turban adds to its grace. Thus these turbans are not just used during the festivals, important gatherings or receptions but are also considered essential in the wedding dress. It provides grandeur to the face of the groom. It is decorated with kalgi, a jewel which is placed on the front side of the turban. Wedding turbans with kalgi and feather symbolize prestige and royalty.

The famous chunari safa (turban) uses Bandhej art to create amazing designs. Usually it is red or yellow in color but it can also be available in other colors. Kesariya safa is saffron which denotes purity and elegance. It is usually worn in the weddings. Pacharanga safa is the most colorful of all the turbans. It is made of 5 colors, red, yellow, green, blue and orange. It can also be used in a technique of tie and dye. Rajputi safa is somewhat round in shape and is a bit smaller than other styles. Jodhpuri safa comes with stripes of various styles and colors which give a look of a wave in the turban. These unique turbans come preformed and tied in a traditional way.

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