Dos and don’ts for guests at a wedding party

Dos and don'ts for wedding partyWeddings are all the rage this season. From themed parties to bollywood celebrities to cocktails and bars, each and every wedding is unique on its own. You must be getting invited to lots of weddings. Then you must have heard about Weddi-quette. No? Well these are wedding etiquettes everybody should follow, be you a guest or bride or groom.  These rules will help everyone to make a wedding successful without ending up in a disaster or a total fiasco. The wedding is most important day in a brides and grooms life. Let’s make it even more special.

Following are some Dos and Don’ts to follow at a wedding party so that you are an ideal guest. Follow them all to make it a success.

Do’s you shouldn’t miss:

1. RSVP as soon as humanly possible: within a couple of weeks of receiving invitation at the latest. These are good manners and give the host an idea about how many guests are gathering to make appropriate arrangements. It also helps in determining the wedding cost. Check the invitation carefully to know how many people are invited. If it says two, then take only two. Otherwise it will create difficulty for the host.

2. If you are invited for the main ceremony then do not show up just on reception. Also be on time and not disturb the proceedings by being late.

3. A wedding gives you golden opportunity to dress up yourself to your heart’s content. Style as the occasion demands. You would not want to look an odd duck. If the theme is western then go for formal gown, if Punjabi then salwaar kameez and so on. If you’re unsure of the dress code, ask someone familiar with the wedding.

4. Even if you are not attending, you should give wedding gift to the newlyweds. After all they took the pains to invite you. Thank them for invitation. The wedding gift should be something which costs somewhere near the cost per head being born by the host. Etiquette dictates that if you were invited, you owe the newlyweds a gift. You may even loose long term friendship over this.

5. Sit at the assigned table: If there is some kind of seating arrangement made by the hosts, then don’t mess it up. They went to a lot of trouble to know the relations and set up the arrangement. Don’t mess it up and cause discomfort to the host. As it is, the host has enough pressure to handle, don’t add to it.

6. Congratulate the family: Even if you know the couples and have congratulated them already, do seek out their families and wish them joy and happiness. It’s what etiquette demands. Also you will be able to form new relations.

Don’ts you should follow:

1. If you weren’t invited with a guest, don’t show up with one. Don’t bring uninvited guest. They might ruin the party. And don’t ask the bride or groom if you can bring one. Because this will be an awkward situation and they will not be able to say no to you. Be thoughtful and add to the party environment by keeping out disturbing elements.

2. Yes, the “no bringing uninvited guests” rule includes your kids. The main centres of attraction are the bride and groom not your kid. They will only disturb you and move your attention away from the couple. You may not be able to enjoy the party to its fullest and then your mood will certainly be off. So keep your kids with baby sitters and enjoy the party with your friends and family.

3. Don’t dress to compete: You would not want to take away the attention from the bride and groom, would you? It’s not a fashion show or your school prom, it’s a wedding. Dress appropriately but don’t overdo. The bride and groom have every right to look their best among all the party attendees.

4. Don’t be disrespectful of the couple’s religious or cultural traditions. If you are attending party of someone who follow different tradition and religion than that of you don’t be disrespectful to their culture. Follow along with the rituals and even participate in them. It’s expected from you.

5. No to cell phone: You are here to attend a wedding, not in a hat room. The wedding offers you chance to socialize and renew your relations. Don’t waste this chance by concentrating only on virtual life of cell phone and not on real people around you. And random calls will disturb the rituals going on. There is life beyond your cell phone, enjoy it.

6. Don’t get wasted: If there is bar setup at the wedding does not mean you are at a pub where you are getting free drinks thereby giving you opportunity to indulge to your heart’s content. A Big No to getting drunk. This will not only embarrass the guest present but you could be making a spectacle of yourself. Your friends may not like you afterwards. Take a drink or two and retain your senses.

Get to know what should be best possible ideal Indian wedding menu, so that every guest remembers your hosting for years to come.

Latest Trends in Bridal Wear this wedding season

Wedding gives all of us an opportunity to go on shopping spree and buy to our hearts desire, a wedding dress being in the centre of all buying sprees. The perfect dress will make you stand out among hundreds and will give you confidence to carry yourself. But how to decide what to buy? Knowing about latest trends in fashion industry helps you to what’s hot and what’s not. A wedding dress with all the fashion highlights increases your celebration tenfold. The latest trends include ethnic touch with blend of western taste.

One of the most important things to know is bright colors is in. plethora of colors made an Indian wedding complete. Neon pink, florescent yellow, orange, peacock blue and parrot green are to name a few. Also experiment is the new fashion. Experiment with everything, colors, sequin, accessories and style to make your own statement and stand out in crowd.

Follow the latest and most popular bridal wear trends in India mentioned below.

Lehenga Choli

Bridal Lehenga CholiGo for the heavy lehengas. The may be too heavy, but then you can master there carriage in few practice sessions. Buy high, comfortable heels to carry the heavy lehenga. Heavily pleated lehengas with full skirts are all the rage this season. Match it up with sizzling cholis and contrast dupatta to get the hang of the trend. Backless blouses and corset shaped choli with heavy tussles will add to the beauty. From traditional work, intricate gotta patti and zari work are back in trend. You can also wear silk lehenga which are in fashion from bollywood films.


Bridal Wedding SareeSaree is the most frequently worn dress buy Indian brides. While heavy brocade and embidered saree are always in, todays fashion dictate that brides opt for lighter and modern sarees. The entire outfit as a whole can be of matching colours or contrasting. Team your heavily bordered saree with sizzling backless blouses, tussles and puff sleeves to get a brand new image.

Lehenga Saree

Bridal Lehenga SareeAnother option is lehenga saree which is actually a half saree which gives a look of lehenga. It can be two shaded teamed with contrasting blouse. It comes with a lengthy flared outfit with a zip at the side. The half-lehenga style saree is comfortable and do not require much time in dressing up as it is with sarees.

Formal Gown & Indo-Western

Bridal Formal Gown Inspired from western weddings, nowadays Indian weddings are teamed with input from west. Wedding gowns have replaced traditional sarees. The latest trends in gowns are heavily embroidered jackets with gowns, half saree-gown, saree belts which give sarees look like gowns.

Salwaar Kameez

Bridal Salwaar KameezSalwar Kameez, Patiala, Trouser Kameez, Anarkali, Angrakha and A-line are a few styles available to choose from. Embroidery is much more elegant now also. Super shiny embroidery has been traded out for more elegant fabric and thread work. Gone are the days when more is better… lesser work looks more elegant and trendy.

List of latest trends in choosing best Wedding dresses for Indian Brides.

The Top 5 Most Popular Indian Wedding Dress Designers

Your wedding day is the most cherished day of your life. No other day can be as huge as this day. Every girl prepares herself from the day she understands the meaning of marriage. It becomes a dream of her lifetime which she cannot let go at any cost. And wedding fashion designers have a very important role to play in this regard.

Bridal wear designers of this generation have made this affair even grander. They have literally changed the face of wedding wears especially in a country like India.

Today, we have come up with the top 5 all time favorite Bridal Designers in India. Have a look and plan your choice accordingly.

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

The designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla has been ruling the bridal fashion market for more than over 26 years now. Pure Indian comfort is their trademark. They are also known for their awesome karigars and zardozi work on their delicate fabric. They were the pioneers who introduce chikan work in bridal dresses. Bollywood celebs like the Bachchans and Dimple Kapadia cannot stop praising their work.

They are based in Mumbai, Delhi and London.

Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra Designer

Manish Malhotra is entire bollywood’s most favorite designer. His beautiful embroidery work and flowing silhouettes is crafted in such a way that it suits all body types. He loves to play with colors. His heavy lace work is acclaimed worldwide.

Celebs like Kareena Kapoor, Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are a few of his regulars.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar Dress DesignerRitu Kumar is known for the sophistication and euphoria she brings to bridal wear. Her work reflects the amalgamation of contemporary and age-old Indian craftsmanship. She uses rich fabrics like crepe, georgette, silk etc. with elaborate designs and embellishments. She has always remained the undefeated queen of the Indian bridal industry.

She ruled the Rajasthan Fashion Week where she could mesmerize the spectators with her free-flowing ethnic silhouettes like anarkalis, bridal saris and lehengas.

Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla Fashion designerNational Film Awards winner Neeta Lulla is another prominent fashion designer of India. Who can ever forget her best work in Jodha Akbar? Her versatile excellence in this field has made her apple of the eye of the bollywood industry. Her collection of cocktail gowns, anarkalis, saris and bridal lehengas in soft fabrics such as silk, crepe, chiffon and georgette added up to your sophisticated look on your wedding day.

Actresses like Aishawarya Rai and Esha Deol ad their wedding dresses designed by her.

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani designerTarun Tahiliani is known for his superb blend of elaborate textile, meticulous tailor-made designs and refined luxury with historical richness and contemporary chic when it comes to bridal wear. He has the ability to bring out international appeal for his Desi creations.  This globally acclaimed bridal designer has gowns, saris and lehengas in his collection. His creations normally remains dipped in color and ethnicity.

Shilpa Shetty had her entire bridal trousseau along with wedding saree designed by Tarun Tahiliani himself.

10 Best Wedding Return Gifts Ideas for Guests

The purpose of gifts in a wedding is to show the love and care for the couple in the most appropriate way. Gifts have the potentiality to carry the right kind of emotion. So, how about reciprocating back the happiness with something more fun and lovable?

It is always a great way of showing back your gratitude for all the love and blessing. Today, we have come with the top 10 wedding return gifts ideas according to different budgets for your guests. Go with the one you liked the most.

Go Eco-friendly

Go Eco-friendly

Explore your creativity and innovation. Consider items like hand woven baskets, table clock from recycled wood, organic linen and others. Get those in radiant and glowing colors and you will be ready to go.

Henna candles

Henna candles Gifts

Candles are great decorative item. Henna candles designed with beautiful henna designs, jewels and glitter are also idea gifting options for your guests. Plus it shows your unique taste and creativity too.

Decorated earthen pots

Decorated pots

Another perfect wedding return gift for guests in India. They are available in varying shapes and designs from colorful ones to traditional designs or paintings. If budget is not a problem with you, crystal ones provide a classy feel.

Vaastu and feng shui collections

Vaastu and feng shui itemsVaastu and feng shui items are representations of happiness and prosperity. Some of the right choices as return gifts for your guests will include a pair of romantic Mandarin ducks, a pair of Chinese guardian lions or laughing Buddha, lucky crystals, wind chimes etc.

God idols

God idolsGod idols in India are all time favorite. Statues of Lord Ganesha, Radha-Krishna, Shiv-Parvati are available in the market in various sizes, metals and designs. Choose according to your taste.



Paintings are evergreen. None can ever stop adoring them. Hence an ideal option too. Choose from collections such as Madhubani, Rajasthani, Tanjore, or modern art.

Sophisticated photo frames

photo frames Gifts

Photo frames are another great idea. If you have the time to explore your creativity, you may opt for personalized frames. Otherwise photo frames from the market is always an option. They are available as glass, gold, wooden, handmade or ornamented ones.

Jewellery boxes

Jewellery boxes

Jewellery boxes are ideal gift for your women guests. There is never less jewelry and this gesture will be highly acknowledged. The market is full of such boxes in various materials, shapes, wooden carving, meenakari work, silver plating and Victorian designs.

Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts show how much you care for yours guests. Anything from handmade clutches to wooden hangings will do. Though these gifts are a bit expensive than usual, it is the feeling that counts (if you do not have budget issue).

Personalized gift ideas

Personalized gifts will include stuffs like coffee mugs to decorative items with the couple’s name or their initials along with their wedding date. Even the gift wrappers can be personalized as well.

Sikh Wedding Ceremony Card Wordings for Grand Daughter

You can use the Sikh & Punjabi Wedding Card Wording examples in invitations for inserting text in the matter for grand daughter’s Wedding Card.

Shown below is a sample of Sikh (Punjabi) wedding card wordings in english for inviting guests for their courteous presence on your grand daughter’s wedding.

Sikh Wedding Ceremony Invitation Wordings

Sikh Wedding Ceremony

Upaavan Kaur Ghai
w/o Rupinder Singh Ghai
solicit your presence on the auspicious occasion of the
wedding ceremony of their grand daughter
(D/o. Chakardhar and Devpreet Ghai)
(S/o. Brahmvir and Bhavanjot Jethani)
as per programme
on Thursday, 8th January 2014
from 8 onwards

M.K.D Wedding Hall
Sector 17-A , Chandigarh City Center,
Chandigarh, India.

With Best Compliments From
Ghai Family All Relatives
and Friends

20 Must Watch Romantic Movies for Couples

Romantic movies directly strike our hearts. We cannot help laughing or crying long with characters. That is something involuntary to come out of you if you are in love. As Tom Hiddleston says, “When done right, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, better in the cinema.” Well, I definitely agree to him.

Best Romantic Movies for Couples

Today we have come up with a list of the most romantic movies to watch with your partner. Our collection includes smash-hit chick flicks, romcom fabs, forbidden love, epic tales of lovers, teen classics, and heartbreaking films to leave you shattered. Choose your pick and plan a romantic date night with your partner.

Top 20 Must Watch Romantic Movies for Couples

1. PS, I love you (2007)

Evergreen romantic film of all times. The story is about a young widow who discovers that her late husband left her messages to help her cut down pain and start a new life.

2. A Walk to Remember (2002)

A great movie inspired by Nicholas Sparks’ ‘A Walk to Remember’. Two North Carolina teens are thrown together and one is made to do community service. A heartwarming and heart wrenching watch.

3. Twilight (2008)

Twilight is an unnatural story about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire and is ready to risk everything to get her love.

4. If Only (2004)

A wonderful movie to watch with your love. A young businessman learns to put love ahead of work to open up to his musician girlfriend.

5. He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

A good comedy with interconnecting stories. You will find at least one story to connect yourself with.

6. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

This one is a must watch. When a woman gets the news of the engagement of her long-time friend, she sets out to get him quite close to the wedding.

7. Water for Elephants (2011)

The treatment is unique and you will love to watch it with your love. A great way to spend some quality time with your partner.

8. The Notebook (2004)

One of the most romantic movies of this era. A poor and passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman and a separated because of their social differences.

9. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

A fairytale love story with a recently-widowed man’s son calling a radio talk show to find his father a partner.

10. The Wedding Singer (1998)

Everything about the movie is just perfect to watch it with your partner. The lead couple is engaged to the wrong people. Destiny helps them discover each other.

11. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

This movie is just the best! Great cast, funny story and a perfect ending. Do not miss this one.

12. Meet the Parents (2000)

This movie is about meeting in laws which are mandatory if you are in a dedicated relationship. Male nurse meets his girlfriend’s parents before proposing and how her suspicious father turns into his worst nightmare.

13. Wedding Crashers

This movie might not fall into the classic category, but trust me your jaws will hurt towards the end. Hence, a must watch too.

14. What Women Want (2000)

A chauvinist executive gains the ability to hear what women really thinking after an accident. One hell of a movie to watch with your partner.

15. Never Been Kissed (1999)

A journalist enrolls in her old high school as part of her research for a story. It is full of teen drama, risky love and a sweet ending.

16. Pretty in Pink (1986)

A poor girl fixed between choosing her childhood sweetheart and a rich sensitive playboy. This movie will never bore you.

17.   The Princess Bride (1987)

A classic fairy tale with swordplay, giants, an evil prince, a beautiful princess. Cuddle along with your partner as you watch this movie.

18. Love Actually (2003)

Classic romantic movie of all times. Eight different couples dealing with their love bound by loosely interrelated stories.

19. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Another must watch classic tale about a British woman who is determined to improve herself while she looks for love.

20. Pretty Woman (1990)

One of the most romantic movies with unexpected love and relationship. You are sure to fall in the feeling of love again.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas

The wedding season is on. And you probably have been invited to a dozen of them. The first thought that pops right away when you are handed a card is,” What should I get the couple?”  While many store staff tries their best to help you come out of this dilemma, for some reasons you do not find them to be helping enough. One moment you may consider gifting them the towel set they registered for but the next moment you find the ice cream maker quite appealing.

Best wedding gifts ideas

Even the internet is full of gift ideas for you. But you get more confused as to keep on clicking next. There are tons of ideas on what you should not get to a newlywed, but you seem lost when you want ideas on what to gift.

To help you of this trouble, we have come with a list of best wedding gift ideas for family, friends and colleagues.

Custom Gift

Custom make anything with the couple on it. They would love this gesture and keep the gift with them forever.


Since the couple spend a fortune on the wedding, the idea of gifting cash is superb. Plus, if you are not sure of what to buy, the couple can do the shopping on their own.

Toaster and Electric Kettle

They are breakfast simplifying items. It is always nice to gift items they will use every day.  This way you too will be happy when they serve you from the same Electric Kettle post marriage.

A Wedding

Undoubatedly, the best gift of all! Pay for the wedding. This is normally gifted by the parents and the couples cannot help but lust for it.

Handmade Quilts

Couple handmade quilts are awesome gifts to commemorate the wedding of the couple. They are warm and extra ordinary yet useful gift items.

Indoor Griddle and Monogrammed Wine Glasses

If the couple is fond of drinking and barbequing, this combination is sure to bring smiles on their faces. Great gift to celebrate the weekend.

Laundry Supplies

A basket of laundry supplies with laminated list how to use them is unique and useful too. Neither beautiful nor romantic but priceless I must say.


Gift them with couple luggage bags to carry their stuffs when they are off for honey moon. Useful tangible gift they would love to have.

If still confused

Gift cards are a great option to go for if you are still not able to decide on the gift. Get a gift card from the store the couple is registered to and gift it. This way they will be able to buy what they want and you will be happy too as they could buy it because of you.

Kalash Wedding Symbols

Find with us the Hindu mythological symbol Kalash to be printed on the cover or amongst the wordings of wedding invitation card.

Different designs and samples are shown below for you to choose from and start your wedding with the auspicious green signal.

Kalash Wedding Card Symbols Sample

Kalash Wedding Symbols 1

Kalash Wedding Symbols 2

Kalash Wedding Symbols 3 Kalash Wedding Symbols 4
Kalash Symbols-01
Kalash Symbols-02
Kalash Symbols-03
Kalash Symbols-04
Kalash Wedding Symbols 5 Kalash Wedding Symbols 6 Kalash Wedding Symbols 7 Kalash Wedding Symbols 8
Kalash Symbols-05
Kalash Symbols-06
Kalash Symbols-07
Kalash Symbols-08
 Kalash Wedding Symbols 9 kalash-wedding-symbol-10  Kalash Wedding Symbols 11  Kalash Wedding Symbols 12
Kalash Symbols-09
Kalash Symbols-10
Kalash Symbols-11
Kalash Symbols-12

Top 10 Bollywood Dance Songs for Wedding

Bollywood Dance Songs for Wedding

Wedding season is undoubtedly the best season of the year. Indian weddings are always grand and lavish. The Sangeet ceremony fits into the scenario just fine. It is probably the only time in your lives when you will see Bollywood turning into reality. Everyone will simultaneously break out into the same dance move on the same dance floor. To help you out with the act, so that you can sizzle the dance floor we have listed the 10 most popular Bollywood dance songs that will make people grove along in the weeding sangeet ceremony. And what is most interesting with these songs is that, even if you are not much of a dancer, you can just fake it using one of these signature steps.

Have a look at these Bollywood dance videos and booty shake on the dance floor:

1. Lat Lag Gayee, Race 2

Lat Lag Gayee, Race 2

“Lat yeh galat lag gayi…”

Jacqueline Fernandez looks awesome in this song. If you could copy all her tantalizing moves, I am sure you will end up scandalizing a lot of eyes in the wedding. Even if you can incorporate the signature move, it will be enough.

2. Lungi Dance, Chennai Express

 Lungi Dance, Chennai Express

 “Lungi dance, lungi dance, lungi dance, lungi dance…”

Well, I know you won’t be wearing a lungi, but the song is completely relevant to the sangeet ceremony. So, hitch up your imaginary lungi and start practicing those moves. As the lyrics says, ‘lungi ko uthana padega, step karke dikhana padega’ (You’ll have to lift your lungi up and show the dance step).

3. Balam Pichkari, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

alam Pichkari, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

 “Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi…”

Practice those thoomkas well as this song is sure to be on the list. Who knows the lyrics ‘lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi’ (even the relatives of neighbors got mashed on you) come true?

4. Badtameez Dil, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Badtameez Dil, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

 “Badtameez dil, badtameez dil, badtameez dil maane na, maane na…”

Well, even if you are not able to totally mimic Ranbir‘s moves, the core move will be just adequate to make the ladies chant for you.

5. Tattad Tattad, Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela

Tattad Tattad, Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela

 “Tattad tattad tattad tattad…”

Ladies better be careful if you are just out of the salon with the perfect hairstyle. And guys make sure you have washed off all the dandruff beforehand.

6. Party All Night, Boss

Party All Night, Boss

 “Aunty police bhulalegi…”

This is just perfect as you will literally ‘Party All Night’ on the sangeet ceremony. Good news for all non-dancers, because there is no real move in the song. Go with the beat and do whatever you want to.

7. 1 2 3 4, Chennai Express

1 2 3 4, Chennai Express

 “Booty shake, booty shake…”

Blend your thoomka with the signature booty shake and there you go! You will never get tired of shaking.

8. Gandi Baat, R… Rajkumar

Gandi Baat, R… Rajkumar

 “Gandi baat, gandi gandi gandi gandi gandi baat…”

The newest song of this season from R… Rajkumar is perfect for post midnight. When the music gets progressively shady, no one will have any objection.

9. Chingam Chabake, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Chingam Chabake, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

 “O chhede hume chingam chabake…”

Get the signature move right and bingo! Your work is done. Yes the song makes no sense. But its sangeet, so who cares?

10. Tooh, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Tooh, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

 “Left right kare chain churaaye… Tooh-tooh tooh-tooh tooh…”

Let loose with Tooh during sangeet! It is okay if you are not able to copy the moves completely. Just jump around and go wild.

7 Tips for a Low Budget Indian Wedding

low budget Indian wedding tips

It is normal to get carried away by emotions and shop extravagantly during wedding. However, it takes some amount of creativity to be able to cut down the unwanted cost without sacrificing on the quality. The first step into achieving this is to sit and discuss. Discuss with your fiancé and your respective families and come up with the most and mandatory items for the wedding. Once you have this list you can easily narrow down your expenses on other no so important stuffs.

Today, we have come up with a few ideas to help you save those extra bucks in your wedding. Read on for the full proof Wedding tips:

1. Wedding Date: In India, the peak wedding season falls between April and September. Therefore, pick a date between November and March. This will cut down your cost by at least 20%. This way more venues will be available and you will get a personal concern from the vendors.

2. Limit alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumes a huge amount of your budget. Offer limited amount of alcohol to your guest. This will help you cut off the cost further. It is okay if you do not serve alcohol during Sangeet/Garba. If you are from Gujarat, alcohol and raas sticks won’t be the appropriate combination you are probably looking for at your wedding. Go for cheaper alternatives like Lassi. And for the cocktail hour, go for signature drink and some selected wines and beers.

3. Lighting: If you are not being able to fit your budget for wall LED lighting, it is okay. Limit the lighting to either the reception stage or to the entire wall. There is no harm in it. LED lights are charged per piece and plus you have the technician cost. So, if you have center stage lighting alone, your guests will be awe struck as their attention is drawn and also you will be able to cut down on the cost.

4. Linens: If you love linens but do not have the sufficient budget, here is what you can do. Simply use the white/beige table linen you will get from the venue and rent the chair covers. Now, get a chair sash/bow to match the main color on your centerpiece. Chair covers normally give the ballroom a richer feel and bring the required vibrancy. If you are not a big fan of chair covers, you also have the option of renting chivari chairs. But, here is the catch chivari chairs look opulent but are significantly expensive at the same time.

5. Centerpieces: Majority of the brides are inclined towards purchasing centerpieces from their decorators which usually range from $80 to $100/piece. However, you can significantly cut down the cost by being a little creative and thinking outside the box. Visit discount stores or order in bulk from India. They are much cheaper in the country. Plus, there is no compulsion to have extravagant flower arrangements to show elegance.

6. Cake: Cakes also consume a significant amount of your budget. Yes, four tier cakes look magnificent and so does the cost. But, if you are a huge fan for those four tier cakes, search for bakeries that give you the option of installing as many fake tiers as you choose for a minimum per tier charge. This way you can easily save a lot and at the same time get the look on the cake you always wanted.

7. Flowers: You can reuse the flowers from the wedding at your reception. If you have a different light and ambiance setting, they will look totally different. Add extra flower petals and tea lights to the cocktail tables. It will look elegant with no extra cost.