Email Invitation Wordings for Indian Wedding

Personalized Email Invitation Wordings for Indian Wedding

The world runs on a single click. Let’s talk wedding. Indian style email wedding invitation is on hot sale today. It is a simple yet elegant way to present your digital wedding invitation to your guests who are too far away.  These invitations come with their own advantages.

Here is a sample letter format with text messages and wordings for better understanding.

Suddenly there was an epidemic of happenings…..

It started with exchange of smile…

A simple ‘hello’ followed….

Late night talks and sharing of good and bad…

Wondered where were we leading to?

And here we are today sharing our good news!!!

The time has come where we have to bid adieu to our single lives and make a transition.

We are feeling good about it and so are our families…

Sangeeta and Vishal

Request the honor of your gracious presence at the marriage ceremony

on 14th March, 2014 at Sisodia Garden, Jaipur

From 3:30 p.m

To bless us on the auspicious nuptial lock.

Please consider it as our personal invitation and grace the special occasion with your presence.

It will be highly anticipated!

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