Questions To Ask Before You Get Marriage

Questions To Ask Before Marriage

Marriage is the biggest event that will happen to you and will change the course of your life forever. It is a big leap to a completely different world. If you are panning on getting married sooner, hold on! Rethink on your decision once again Are you ready for the big commitment? Are you ready for the upcoming changes of your life? I think there are some important things that should be thought about when it comes to marriage and the whole idea of life changing.

The bottom line in any marriage is the cultivation of the holy bond between two people. Both the individual become one soul to begin a new life’s journey. Therefore, before you walk up the aisle or sit on the mandap, make sure you ask yourselves these questions.

These questions will only help to get to know the other person better but also will let you know where you stand on the relationship and commitment scale.

Questions To Ask Before Marriage
Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

Note: The youth of today are not being able to maintain the balance between career and the family. Therefore, these are some of the questions which need to be asked before marriage for an effective relationship.


1. ‘How much influence do your parents still have over your decisions’? The generation of today likes freedom. Therefore, couples should ask their to-be spouse this question before marriage.

2. ‘What do you like, or dislike about my family?’ This is a question that should not avoid. The couple should be crystal clear about feeing for their in-laws. This way they will get to know the family better.

3. ‘How close are you with your family’? This is an indirect question for asking”Are you a mama’s boy?” Women who marry men who are mama’s pet is very hard to deal with.


1. ‘Are we both professionally established’? This is the most important question that needs to be asked before marriage as in today’s world both the spouse needs to be stable for a successful marriage.

2. ‘How will we manage debts and savings’? The second most important question that needs to be discussed before marriage is whether there is any sort of debt and how will you deal with it as a couple?

3. ‘Will one of us give up our career to stay home with our child/children’? Is this a crucial step couples need to take in India?

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