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Shocking moment during an Indian wedding when crane collapsed and killed one

A shocking and horrifying incident hit India when a 40-ft crane collapsed at a wedding in Adalaj village near Ahmedabad. It was a blue-crystal star platform that was carrying the bride and her sister into the wedding venue. Unfortunately something went wrong and it toppled and crashed to the ground.  A 40-year-old guest died on spot and four people is been reported injured.

The party was hosted by Vinod Patel for his daughter’s wedding where this unfortunate incident took place. Local police says that the 40-ft crane might have toppled over and was parked on muddy uneven ground. However, it is not yet reported if the bride or her sister was injured during the incident.

Times of India as reported by a relative mentions, “As per the plan, the bride was to reach the venue from outside the plot through the crane as she would be showered with flowers. Everything went as per the plan till the platform almost reached at the designated spot. The incident took place when the crane was about to drop it to the ground from the height of four feet. Suddenly, the crane turned one side and both the occupants fell on the ground.”

Here is the mobile clip that could capture the pyrotechnics of how the crystal platform was lowered towards the ground before the crane buckled.

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