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Significance of Indian Wedding Mantras

Marriages do not just happen on pen and paper in India. It is celebrated with prompt and gander with many rich rituals and traditions. The couple is bound in holy matrimony with Indian wedding mantras each with a significance of its own. In the age of registered marriages, Hindu weddings are still made open centered amidst saat pheras and other wedding rituals.

Marriages in India are one time opportunity where all customs come to life in full glory. It is said that the Indian wedding mantras that determine the fate of a couple and also make them believe in their marital status.

Indian Wedding Mantras

Mantras For Happy Marriage

Below are few of the important Indian wedding mantras you might want to know about.


Om Gang Ganapataye Namah

Hindu rituals start with the pranam mantra of the auspicious Hindu God of prosperity, Ganesha. Every good deed in Hindu society is started by invoking Lord Ganesha for His blessing as He is believed to be remover of all obstacles.

Prajapati Manta

Om Prajapataye Namaha

This is considered to be the basic mantra of Hindu wedding. All the wedding invitation cards start by ‘Om Shree Shree Prajapataye Namah’. Prajapataya is a type of Hindu marriage which means that the bride’s father has gone in search of a suitable groom and has consented to give his daughter away. In short, it is an arranged marriage agreed upon by both families.

The Promise of Love

Jajidang Hriyanyang Tabo, Tadidang Hriyanyang Mamo

This is considered the basic Indian wedding mantra meaning ‘as long as I reside in your heart, so long will you reside in my heart’. This Sanskrit sloka binds them in a relationship until death does them apart.

Saat Pheras

In Hinduism, the bride and groom need to go around the sacred fire 7 times with significance for each circle known as pheras. The saat pheras are incanted with holy mantras to make the wedding complete.

Mangalam Mantra

Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu Mangalam Karunadwaja

Every auspicious occasion is incomplete with holy mantras and the mangalam mantra is the most auspicious of them all as it is supposed to ward off evils.

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