Signs That Your Man Is Not Interested Anymore

Man Is Not Interested Relationship

What do you that are the most important things that bind your love together in a relationship? They are in fact the bond of companionship, trust, care and the mountain of support lend to each other. Falling in love is very easy but to maintain a relationship and to nurture it, is the most difficult. If you are in love, make sure you make no mistakes so that your love lasts a lifetime.

If you want your relationship to bloom, both the partners should have equal contribution. Imagine the life when your man suddenly stops giving you that hundred percent. You automatically tend to doubt your love and him, right? Well, I would suggest that if your man is constantly showing you tell-tale signs that he is no longer interested in you and the relationship, it is time you move on and learn to live without him.

Man Is Not Interested Relationship
Man Is Not Interested Relationship

Here is some relationship advice for women to notice for signs showing that her guy is no longer interested in the relationship. Have a look at these signs:

When You Get Close

If your man pushes you away when you get close to him its time for you to move on. But before doing so, at least make sure to speak it out with him and ask him the reason for the same.

Loving Names

If you can not remember the last time when he called you his love, his baby girl and sweetheart. This is one of the first sign telling you that he is no longer interested in the relationship.

No More Communication

If there occurs a communication gap and there is not the kind of connection that used to be. If he no longer shares his experience and other light talks, note that it is a sign showing that he is no more interested in the relationship and you should move on.


If your man has started flirting with another lady in your presence. In that case, the smartest thing to do is to simply walk away from his presence. Walking away will make you feel better than for you to stand and witness this awful situation.

Mean, Mean and Mean

If he all of a sudden acts mean and treat you indifferently, understand that your relationship is in trouble. I would suggest you to be nice in return and find out exactly the reason for his behavior.

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