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Simply the basic Background Check before Getting Married

Background CheckArrange marriages brings along lots of insecurities and doubts. Indian marriages earlier used to be set up by family and relatives and therefore very secure. But today, times have changed. Matches are being found online and through bureaus. You do not know the person beforehand.

You cannot be fully assured that he/she has put up the right information online. Worst might be the case if the person is already married. There are also many cases today, where a person’s sexual orientation has led to a divorce! This is not shocking any more. In order to avoid the worst circumstances after marriage, families go for thorough background research. Below are a few ways to obtain information about your match.

Consider hiring a detective agency

Detective agencies are no longer fantasies restricted to films and serials. It is real and very much in working condition. Today, there are around 15,000 detective agencies across India, conducting an average of 50-100 investigations in a month. Recently, there has been a rise in pre-matrimonial investigations to check suitor’s background in online cases where families are less involved.

An owner of a Mumbai-based Veteran Investigations agency that has been carrying out “pre-matrimonial” checks for more than 40 years mentions, “The vast majority of enquiries come from parents who want to assess the character of their future son-in-law.” During such investigations, personal habits to business assets, character to past-flings, everything is carefully scrutinized by the agencies. This has been proving to be the best and the most reliable way to get through with the background research.

Social networking – brings the most benefit

Social networking helps a lot in the investigation process today. Since, people share their images, videos and thoughts on them; you may easily get a closure on their personality and acquire a lot of detail on the person. You may easily have a look on their friend list on Facebook and check if you have any mutual friends. If yes! Bingo! They can become a source for providing reliable information. And if any images and other details are open for public viewing then you can make the most of it. Pictures speak a lot about a person’s characteristics, their hobbies and lifestyles. It will help you understand your compatibility with the other person.

Use the Internet on your benefit

If you want to check a person’s online footprints, all you need is to type their name on Google or just their email id. You may easily check the websites they are active on and the kind of comments they have posted. Not only social networking but also other websites can also provide a host of information about the individual.

Different social circles

The world is in our hands. So, if you want to get to the core of anyone, you are sure to find information about the person in one way or the other. Find these people and talk about the prospective match. You may end up in getting insight details about the other person’s family, neighbors or even residential security guards.

Various Inputs from the workplace

Well, yes, it sounds intrusive! But a person’s workplace is a reliable source to extract information about them. Try making general enquiries to check on their relevant details like designation, behavior etc.

Some crazy and wackiest ways:

Well if you are the ‘Gen-Next’ you probably might find the above suggestions boring. Hang on! We have some whacky tricks for you too.

Caution: The points below are subjected to risk and are not guaranteed. Try them at your own call

Sweet Trap: This idea is termed as sweet trap because of the way it has to be implanted. The plan goes this way: Create a fake social networking profile. Send a friend request to the girl/guy whom you want to enquire about. Wait and see if the person will accept a stranger’s friend request or not. If they did, use it as a platform to extract as much information as you can. Who can stop you now! Flirt as much as you can and their responses will get you the idea of on the kind of personality he/she holds.

Character check: This is the perfect character check for your match. But perform this only if you have met the person once or twice. Ask him/her out, probably to clubbing or dinner. Take a few friends along. Ask them to flirt with your ‘prospective’ life partner well in advance. See how they react in such situations. Well, we do not think that after this, you will have any doubts left on your mind about the person’s character.

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