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Start your preparation with the Best Wedding Invitation Wordings

Deciding on the prefect wording on your wedding invitation may prove to be tricky. Though the conventional etiquette dictates that who ever is paying for or is hosting the wedding, should be mentioned first and then the invitees. However, there is no hard and fast rule on this. It completely depends upon your circumstance and family situation.

Our invitations at EventManagementIndia, allows complete flexibility on our part to help you create your unique wording with our fully editable wording templates. Use our online ordering system and editing tool and be sure that your personal wedding stationery wording is exactly as you had desired.

Indian Wedding invitation verses is considered to be the standardized signature on your wedding stationary. The more beautiful your verses are, the more emotions and feelings you will be able to evoke. Choose each word very wisely because they will represent the love and commitment you share. Below are a few examples to make to understand the same.

We encourage you to modify these samples in such a way that it blends with your personality and style. Any verse you settle on will be perfect if it from the heart and indicative of your feelings and beliefs.

EventManagementIndia Invitations has not exhaustively researched any potential copyright infringements with these examples. If you have any concerns, please see our copyright policy.

Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. Girl & Dr. John Smith
call for the contentment of your companyat the marriage ofMysi Girl & Craig

Boyon Saturday, the eleventh of July, two-thousand & nine at half-past five in the evening

Dress as you wish, dine as you like, dance as you please

further details & a few cute photos at wedding website
[RSVP postcard wording:]

Please join us for dinner, dancing & dalliance!

Kindly RSVP by date
1. attending: ______

name(s): ______________


Please choose one:

__ accept with pleasure
__ decline with regret
__ accept with regret
__ decline with pleasure


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